YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 7 (CHAPTER 358)

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20 Days Until Rest And the Uncertain End  

Zeydar yawned as he stepped into the plane. Officially he was to leave on the same flight as all the others, not that it mattered. He and Evester would be back that night to check up on the project and everything else. Him taking the plane was purely for images and nothing else. He could have gone through the teleportation circles with the other Superiors, but Estashia had asked him to take the plane. The fact was that there were many others who still had to be transferred out of the city grounds, but officially the Tower and Cloudcity were empty.

Avalain and the launch site had space for all the people, but it was not the best situation for any of them. However, thanks to the lack of fighting, the amount of people they’d been able to get out into space had fit their schedule. Being on schedule was the best they could ask for, when they’d fallen behind, before.

Zeydar was not looking forward to the later magical reconstructions he’d have to do when they got to the launch site. In some ways, he wished he could get them done already. In others, he was thankful that he was being forced to appear for images with the Igilistals. Sleep was something he got little of those days.

“How are you feeling?” Evester asked him, as they took their seats.

“Tired.” Zeydar leaned his head on Evester’s shoulder. 

“I meant magically.”

Zeydar’s skin still itched. His mind still screamed. He still had the nagging feeling in the back of his chest that he had not recuperated enough and needed to expel his toxic magic again before gathering more. Daily checks by Phil and Shawn were not enough, that both of them were following him at all times. There had been three Superiors in the last week, acting on their ‘own accord’ to try to slip Zeydar dreams. Despite the comments and the apparent solidarity, by giving the Superiors their freedom, he’d opened himself up for their attacks.

And he scared them.

Some days it was harder to breathe than others. All days he wanted the dreams again to take the edge off of everything. It was, however, not something he could allow himself. And even if he wanted to, the others would hold him accountable.

He was getting better. Much of his reaction to his magic and his body was from the fact that he had not felt either in years. With each passing day, and each spell cast, he knew more and felt far better. He did not want to worry Evester, who was acting as diplomat and scientist. He’d explain to Evester when they were in space but not a day before. Not when there was so much left to do, and the world could not have them both secluding themselves again.

“Good. I’m back to full power.” Zeydar poked Evester’s side. “I could take down a whole army if you let me.”

“Don’t you dare,” Evester whispered back into his hair. 

“I’ll take you with me, so you know where I am.”

Evester wrapped his arm around Zeydar, and pulled him tightly. “Hush.”

Zeydar laughed, and leaned fully against Evester. “How long will this flight be?”

“Sixteen hours.”

“Can I sleep the whole time?”

“Do you want to?”

“I’d rather sleep than think.”

“So you aren’t recovered.”

“Not fully.” Although only Evester would ever hear him say the words, it was the most he’d say. “I will be.”

“Don’t push yourself.”

“I have only you to care for now.”

“No more epic battles?”

“Not unless the rest of the world shows up to be incompetent. Besides the cease fire should last for the next few days.”

Zeydar hoped at least. He knew that Maverin had not rerun the Project for the current status of the Uncertain End, considering that he was too focused on updating it for their new home and the space travel. The Project had to navigate them, in real time, through space. Maverin had much bigger things on his plate. If the Aralax attacked again, Zeydar would wipe them out. He was their last line of defense and he could do it. He had to be able to do it. 

“Sleep.” Evester placed his hand over Zeydar’s eyes. “It’ll be a while.”

“These seats are un—“ As Zeydar said the word, Evester shifted, so that Zeydar was laying on him completely. “—comfortable.”

“Sleep.” Evester said. As his chest rose and fell, Zeydar felt himself being pulled in closer. Closing his eyes, he rested his mind and let himself drift away. There was no reason to focus on possibilities, not yet. He’d adapt in the moment if necessary. For now, he needed the rest that both of them so desperately craved. Once they were in space, they’d be able to relax. There would be little else that either of them would be able to do.

His job would be done then.

Sixteen hours for fifteen more days? He could do that. He could save them all, and then he wouldn’t need to anymore.

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