YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 6 (CHAPTER 357)

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24 Days Until Reluctance And the Uncertain End  

Evester was certain that if he had to walk across the room one more time, his foot prints would be implanted into the tiles. He’d walked between computer and project back and forth, checking details, checking connections, running things for Uly and Maverin, more than a hundred times. He was slowly starting to feel as if, his footsteps might not appear, but a trail had to. Back and forth, back and forth. Listening to voices, asking him to check this and that and this again and that again.

Evester had a headache as it was, considering the other things he had to do that day. Walking back and forth had not been on his list of exercises for the day. Nor had it been one of his expectations for the afternoon. All the same, he had walked back and forth so many times, that he had already worked up a sweat.

“Are you ready?” Heia called from the doorway.

Her voice was a breath of fresh air, followed by the sound of Maverin complaining.

“Almost.” Evester was happy for the reprieve, but his work with his mother was not going to be easy. Evester was not a politician, Kim was better. They were to help with the resources, and changes that the circles were facing as the X’s were sent up into space. It was all talking and hearing grievances. It was going to be terrible, and a waste of his time. It would be, at best, a break from his yapping father. Nice enough, he supposed. He, however, wanted to leave before he sweat through his shirt. Listening to complaints as he felt sticky? No.

“We need to go.” Heia warned him.

“Yes, Yes.” Evester looked back to Maverin at the computer. “Good?”

“Good enough.” Maverin clicked his tongue, “Be back quickly?”

“Take that up with my mother.” Evester grabbed his jacket and raced over to Heia, whispering under his breath. “Hurry, leave before he says something else.”

Heia laughed as they raced away from the room, and down the hall. The hall lights were less bright than before. Most of the lights had been turned off to conserve energy. Resources were constantly being circled about the Tower and her outside Lowercity, that was being emptied daily, as survivors were sent to the launch site and then up into space.

“Have you really rested?” Heia asked him, suddenly.

“Not as much as I’d like.” Evester placed his arms behind his head as he looked up. “They’ve settled in a bit.”

He figured that no one would be surprised or annoyed by his dark circles. Images were in shambles. Survival was all that mattered. The name of Igilistal no longer glittered in gold, but it needed to remain powerful enough until the ships left. Twenty-four days until the Uncertain End. They could make it.

“Europa working her magic?” Heia asked.

“Graceon had it under control, but yes.” His sister had assisted in getting everyone settled. Sleep cycles were happening faster than they were before. There were limited resources on the ship for those who were awake.

“Not much longer now.”

Evester sighed long. They were to leave the city soon. Zeydar and his stars, had set up the cities around Avalain and the launch site, to accommodate all those living at Ovaria. With the natural disasters wrecking the other cities, Zeydar had implored leaders to consider the ramifications if another Tower fell. He and the other Stars had moved the wreckage of other Towers to protect the final two locations.

Once the two final strong holds were finished, all people would be mass evacuated from Ovaria. The city was scheduled to be cleared out within the week.

Evester ran his fingers along the panels of his home, staring at the familiar walls that he’d grown up with. There were histories of laughter and sob stories in the halls, late night planning, and decades of stories he’d never known. He and Zeydar would return often enough to check on the project, but within a fortnight they’d be up in space and he’d never see his home again.

He wished he could commit it to memory in perfect detail.


“A bit.” He dropped his hand. “You?”

“I think I want to sleep under the stars just once, before we leave.”

“The stars?”

“Yes, the actual stars. On the Lowerland, with the wind on our face, just one last time.” 

Evester had not thought about the fact that where they were going that the stars would look different. They were to be worlds away. “We should.”

“You think so too?”

“We need to, one last time.”

“One last time.” Heia laughed.

“What took you so long?” Kim asked as they rounded the corner.

“My father.” Evester flashed her his best smile. She laughed.

“We should go.” Estashia stood with her white cape and hair pinned up, eyes determined to make the final days seamless as possible. Evester pulled himself together and slid on his jacket, making sure his hair was in place properly, before he stepped out of the house at his mother’s side.

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