YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 5 (CHAPTER 356)

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25 Days Until Grief And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Evester sat looking at the Yaslougve Project computer before looking to Uly’s former work computer. He glanced between the two, staring at the numbers, and then looked back to his laptop where Uly was looking into the camera, as if trying to see what Evester could see.

“Is it running?” Uly asked.

“Yeah.” Evester said for the third time. He looked back again and then sighed. It was running, perfectly, but there was little else that Evester knew. He wasn’t able to fix it if it broke. He wasn’t able to change it. Those on the ship would have to walk him through it, and frankly he did not want to have to deal with that.

“Okay. And…” The computer glitched. Numbers ran across the screen, Uly’s face froze and when he came back, he was smiling. “There we go.”

“Have access?” Evester sat up straighter.

“Yes, finally.” Uly groaned. It had taken a lot longer than expected, for the connection to be made from the CloudCity to the Ship itself.

“We got it?” Maverin asked through the static.

“Give me a second,” Uly said, before the call ended and then a video call came up on Uly’s proper work computer. Evester answered it. He saw Uly and Maverin in the middle of what looked like a special control room. The image was better quality and a larger frame. Uly adjusted a few things and then smiled bright. The control room was filled with holograms and screens of the outside and their journey destination.

“That our home?” Evester tried to examine the images further back, unable.

“You’ve seen the blueprints.” Uly laughed. “Now. What I’m going to need you to do, is let me mirror in.”

Evester accepted it, and Uly began working on his computer, pulling up data and transferring it. “How long will it take?”

“A day at least,” Uly answered. “Then we will need to get to the Project. I now have the address for this computer, can you give it to the Project.”

Evester nodded, and got up, before walking to the Project computer. As the computer continued to run Uly’s numbers, he changed the settings. As Uly told him the information, he typed it into the sending address. Once the numbers were run and everything was done, it would send the results to Uly. He continued to change setting after setting, as Uly requested, and then looked at the print outs that were done.

“I will need those sent to me!” Maverin ordered, as if he hadn’t brought up a printer and paper with him for additional print outs. Evester wished his father worked with digital only but it seemed as if he needed the paper, so Evester did not ask too many questions.

“What does the completion date say?” Uly asked.

“The day before.” The results would be finished being compiled and sent over to Uly on the very last day before the Uncertain End. Based on the predictions that Maverin had completed, there would be massive natural disasters all around the Tower at that point, however, should things work out properly, and Zeydar’s spells held, the Tower would not fall until after the results were sent.

“Good.” Uly nodded, urging Evester to do a few more things and check other windows. 

“I still think our first choice was the correct answer.” Maverin told him.

“I want to be sure.” Uly shook him off. 

“How are the others?” Evester asked.

“Europa is sick,” Uly answered honestly.


“I’ve been better.”

Evester did not doubt that the artificial gravity was strange. He also knew that being in space, and seeing their home from the outside was the end of it. There was no home to return to. They must have known that. Evester had asked what the planet looked like, and both Uly and Maverin had refused to answer. Bad, that was all Evester knew.

“Why don’t you go take care of her? I can take over from here.” Maverin smiled.

“You can’t bring over your copy of the new Project until I am done copying my stuff.” Uly rolled his eyes. He then smiled at Evester. “Love you, talk to you later.” 

Maverin watched him leave and only spoke when Evester figured Uly was gone. “Their wedding will be held before we get to the new world.”


“Your mother and I have discussed it and we think it will be for the best. We plan to do it ten days after the Uncertain End.”

“To give Zeydar time to read the reports and predictions for the new world?” Were they really making a decision of such magnitude — an Igilistal wedding — because Maverin wanted to give Zeydar time to read reports for magic predictions. Magic was not even guaranteed to be a power opportunity in the new world. Although, Evester assumed that if it were the case, it would be good to know. The Stars would not react kindly to losing all their power like that. Not when there had been generations on generations of learning instilled upon them.

“Not only him, but Uly. He needs it to confirm that he is correct, and to finish the programming for the Ships out here.”

“He won’t like that.”

“He probably knows it is coming. We are going to keep this on a need to know basis until it is close. The people that will be at the event, will be a select few. By that point most people will be in cryo-sleep.”

Evester nodded. If his mother and father had decided and Maverin was telling him, it meant Estashia was too busy to do it herself. That meant… “I’ll get the clothes ready then.”

“Thank you.” Maverin then returned to his goofy grin. “Tell your mother that I love her, but I have things to do. I love you both.”

“I love you too.” Evester laughed. “Goodnight dad.”

“Sleep well.” Maverin hung up the call. For a moment Evester leaned back in his chair, thinking of the best wedding clothes. He then got up and left the lab headed towards his bedroom, hoping that Zeydar was there.

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