YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 4 (CHAPTER 355)

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25 Days Until Grief And the Uncertain End (part 2)

“Have they left yet?” Heia asked, sitting next to Kim who watched the launch stream. There were little reporters now. It was objective reports, and objective comments. Most of those who had the job to do it before, were up in space. There was little said, other than the numbers and the request for the next set of people to go into space.

“Not yet,” Kim said taking the sandwich that Heia offered her.


“No. You?”


“Where are the others?”

“Off doing their own thing.” 

Zeydar was at work with Kony with the mages, who were trying to sort out all final procedures before they were loaded up into space. Evester was doing things with his mother who was the only member of the Igilistals to stay on the earth, other than Evester. Heia’s other siblings were working with the volunteer groups and EverDanger to work on the tracking of people and food in and out of the city. 

“I should help Estashia.” Kim started to get up.

“You will later. They tasked you with this, remember?”

No one wanted to watch the launch, especially Estashia who had three of her family members on the ship. Once they were in space, Kim would return to assist her. She and Evester were a far cry from Europa and Endwin, but they would make it work. Heia planned to use the time to learn more about governance. She did not want to fall behind, especially in a field that she was new in learning. She had to catch up and get ahead, or else the new home would be at risk for manipulation by those that she did not want being in charge.

“What are you thinking about?” Kim asked her.

“The launch. The new world. Many things.”

While she thought of the project and the predictions that were not done, she mostly thought of the new world and the politics that would be at play. She thought of their planet, that they did not know. She thought of the children who were yet to be born, that needed to be protected. She would do it for all of them.

“Do you think it will be cold?”

“When we are put to sleep?” Kim clarified.


“For a moment, but when we wake we’ll be in the new world.”

“Does that scare you?”

“There are many things that probably should scare me and do not. Besides the process has a near one hundred percent success rate. It’s a better number than some of the EverDanger missions.”

Heia laughed. “I suppose.”

“What do you think it will be like?”

“It will be perfect, because it will be our new world.” Kim kissed her cheek when the ship took off towards space. Both sat forward as they watched, and listened to the report. When the ship breached the atmosphere, Heia was able to breathe.

“Well, we should get to work.” Kim said turning off the recording. Heia nodded, finished her sandwich and followed her out.

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