YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 3 (CHAPTER 354)

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25 Days Until Grief And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar sat in the hall as all the other Superiors filtered in. One by one, every Superior in the world graced the room with their appearance. There were no screens, no call ins. Every single one of them made their way in and took a seat before him. They had their hoods removed, ample chairs, and sullen eyes from being worked to the bone. In the five days since the fighting, they had regained their strength, but they knew that Zeydar was going to ask them of the impossible again.

Zeydar, himself, felt far better. He no longer had the bags under his eyes and he felt leaps better than he had when he woke up. The sun no longer burned him at the slightest moment of being under its rays. The air didn’t pound against his skull. Best, he didn’t have too big an urge for sweet dreams — something he’d ensured twice, would not be on the ship in any part. Maverin had ensured him that it would not be.

“That’s everyone,” Majorie said from next to him as she took a census.

“That’s less than I expected,” Kony whispered. 

Zeydar had agreed, when he first learned all their numbers. He had expected thousands, but instead there was close to three thousand of them, all of varying ages. In the fighting, he’d had them moving about so often that no one had been able to get an accurate headcount, but Zeydar had known thanks to the tablet. Seeing them all, let Zeydar know that they were all there, and it was all he had to work with.

While it had not been an actual decision, Zeydar’s lack of regard for the hood, along with Kony and Majorie, had made its way through them all. He had asked for them all to reveal their faces, before they’d arrived, but instead they came without the hoods. It was, perhaps, the first time that they were able to see the other’s faces in the room too.

For the first time in his life, Zeydar saw the Superiors as something human. They were not figures masked in shadows, covered from all eyes, haughty, and lofty. They did not exist outside of the world order, they were, instead, people. They were people just like him. For the first time, Zeydar knew that they saw each other as humans as well. Their order had been so dedicated to being above the world that they’d forgot their own roots.

Zeydar planned to fix that.

“I do not plan on getting rid of the uniform,” Zeydar began. “Instead, I plan to expand it to all of the mages. Different elements will wear different colors and the Superiors will continue to wear black.”

“Why?” Kony asked.

“Because the uniform was never the problem.” It was just the people wearing it. Zeydar then stood and addressed everyone, “Welcome. This meeting today will not be short. We have much to discuss, as well as the formal restructuring out the Stars. However before we begin—“ Zeydar bowed to them, “I apologize for using your magic without your full consent.”

There was a mummer that went through the crowd. 

“I know you will have felt it.” He looked to them all. Those who had known what he was planning, had seen him do it. Others had been protecting other Towers and locations and only felt it. “I used it in order to save humanity, but even them that is no reason to have done so without your permission. I promise to you, that I will never do so again without your consent.”

He then sat down. 

“You will have gotten the list of new law, contracts, and decisions for our people, and I will say that yes, you will be free from the contract. For the most part, that is.” He scanned over the crowd, “should one of us act against the better interest of the contract you will all sign today, then the bond will be enacted upon you.”

The contract would have a new set of bylaws. There would be new regulations in how they were structured and operated. Zeydar had created magical use clauses, that were drawn up to lay out the stipulations, considerations, and conditions that would need to be made before one could draw on all the magic as he had. 

There were more plans for the mages, before they left and after. it included how they would use their magic to support the world going forward. They could not be an order like they had been, lofty and haughty. They were going to assist the world. Magic was made to save and protect humanity, not to be used by the rich and powerful.

“For the first time, we will run this as an organization, as a set of people. We are not one. We have never been one, outside of force and fear.” Zeydar looked to Majorie and Kony before speaking again. “The time for fear is over.”

He then tapped at Kony and Kony stood. “We will begin discussion on the contract before you. After that we will have a brief recess, before you will all come up to sign the contract atop the stone that bonds us. Tomorrow, we will discuss the restructuring of the Stars and the curriculum. The following day we will discuss the new world and our plans for it, followed by the necessary things that must be done before we leave.”

“Are there any questions?” Zeydar asked.

No one rose their hand.

“Then, let’s begin.”

The path to a new era of stars had opened.

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