YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 2 (CHAPTER 353)

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26 Days Until Ties And the Uncertain End 

Heia ran her fingers through Layla’s hair. As she braided it, she thought good thoughts and wished for her sister’s protection, happiness, and peace. As Heia did Layla’s hair, Layla did Trace’s and Trace did Karla’s hair who did Kori’s hair. When they were kids, their mother used to sit them together from oldest to youngest, have them work in a chain. Her mother had always said that it was a direct connection between her and them, that they had to send the good feelings and hopes forward. Their hair connected them together. They were sisters, and no one would ever be able to change that. 

For years they had squirmed and had issues with how long a style would take or the sensitivity of their heads. In time that changed, and when a specific style was to take time, they’d help each other out. The idea was about getting them to love and support each other, and while it had been a long time since they’d done it last, Heia was happy to do it. It had been forever since she and her sisters were on the same page, let alone not biting at each other’s throats.

Heia’s brothers were off doing something of their own, some tradition that their father had taught them years ago that she was not privy to. She hoped that Kony was able to reconnect to his roots. He’d been acting a lot like a star, and working for Zeydar nonstop. While Heia knew that her childish foolish brother would never return, she hoped that he would at least know that they supported him. She hoped that for a small moment he could be a kid again.

“I’m scared.” Layla admitted, late into the hair session. They were leaving the next day. They’d bee assigned their ships, not that the ships were completed. Layla and Andre were to go onto one of the ships that was still being completed and Endwin was to report to the last one. In the mean time, they all were to be housed on the flagship, where the primary project would be housed.

Uly had explained that all of the Ships would have the project installed, but that they were to communicate with each other and the Flagship was to be the pivotal ship that all the others followed and listened to. If something happened to it, there would be protocols down the chain for the structure of power to change. Without a human crew, Heia was apprehensive. She knew that they had spent time on the programming of the ships and that the Project was going to assist, but the idea of leaving everything to data scared her.

Not that she’d admit it. She was supposed to be the confident one, in this regard.

“You’ll be okay.” Trace said reaching back to touch Layla’s hands. “You’re smart. You won’t get trapped or fooled.”

“I’m worried about you all.”

“We’ll be okay.” Kori chirped from where she sat.

“Stop moving Kori.” Karla laughed. “Okay done.”

Kori was the first done, up on her feet and showcasing the style that Karla had picked out for her. Each of them had a different style, something that suited them decided by the one doing their hair. Trace was finished second, which left Karla and Layla’s hair. Kori then began to help Heia with Layla’s box braids as Trace and Layla worked on Trace’s hair.

“We will be safe,” Heia whispered to Layla, rubbing her shoulders a bit.

“I know you’ll be okay. I can’t help but worry.”

“It will be less than half a month. We were apart for far longer when we traveled to find Maverin.” Trace offered.

“We won’t be on the same ships.” Karla corrected. “So we will still be separate.”

“Yes, but we’ll be safe in space, as opposed to this dying planet.” Trace corrected herself.

The natural disasters had picked up in pace. Ovaria was safe enough, but there was no guarantee that it would be forever. The Launch site was the only guaranteed place of saftey, and even then, that was debatable as they approached the final days.

“I’m going to miss you” Layla sighed.

“We will see you soon enough.” Trace said finishing Karla’s hair and turned to Layla. Layla and Karla began to assist Heia and Kori on the braids. They had been working for hours, and with her sister’s, they were able to get through Layla’s hair quickly. They finished her hair when the boys came back into the room. The siblings looked at each other, each wary of what was to happen the next day.

“We are to fly out in a few hours.” Andre warned Layla.

“I’m packed.” She nodded.

“Why are you all acting so gloomy?” Kony sighed. 

“Because Layla and Andre are always sentimental,” Robee answered. He then flashed a smile to Layla. “We did not survive this whole time to get to the end and fail.”

“Don’t jinx it.” Andre knocked on the table near him. 

“We’ve broken apart and come back together multiple times. This time is no different.” Trace agreed with Robee. “Just a little sleep in a few ships and then we’ll be at our new home.”

“No.” Heia shook her head. They all looked at her. There was a long moment of silence in the room as Heia tried to articulate her words that came from her knee-jerk reaction to Trace’s words. “This time, we know what’s to come. For the Catastrophe we did not. For the Night of Destruction we had no clue. With Evester we had an idea but it was a rough sketch. This? This we know.” Heia placed her hand on Layla’s shoulders. “You go up there, and begin working, begin making people trusting you. So that when we get to the new world, we will be able to make sure that the peace we have worked so hard for, is not a waste.”

Layla hugged her. “I love you.”

“I love you,” Heia repeated, holding her tightly for a moment before they all settled down to watch one last movie, the movie their parents had watched on their first date. 

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