YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 1 (CHAPTER 352)

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27 Days Until Pressure And the Uncertain End 

Zeydar looked far better than he had days prior and by the time that Evester finally let him leave the room, he was able to walk with the same saunter he’d had before the fight. Zeydar, however, did not feel good. On the contrary, he said that his head was pounding, that his body was aching, and that he felt as if he’d die at any moment. However, he’d been secluded for multiple days. Zeydar needed to be seen and he needed to take over the Stars again. They had a species to evacuate. Evester could not keep him confined for any longer.

When Evester led Zeydar into the dining room for breakfast, all eyes were on him and the chatter stopped. There was a long moment where Evester wished to take Zeydar away, but knew he could not go back on his own decision either. Evester took his seat with Zeydar at his side.

“Here.” Kony passed them food. “You should still not eat fatty things.”

“I’ll be okay Kony.” Zeydar laughed, taking the bowl of soup, along with some toast. Evester started layer fruit onto a plate, all ones that were soft on the stomach.

“You look good.” Heia glanced from Evester to Zeydar and back to Evester. She rose an eye brown towards him in question. Evester gave no indication that he noticed. Other than Kony, he’d kept them all in the dark. He had not wanted Zeydar to be bothered, and it was clear that Zeydar was better off than he should have been for someone who just woke up.

“I feel better. Thank you.” Zeydar started to eat.

Zeydar still had dark circles under his eyes and his skin still sparkled. The air no longer shimmered and that was what mattered. When Evester had woken up to see Zeydar staring out to the daylight and the room clear of magic, Evester had known that it was the day that Zeydar would reemerge. Zeydar was not wincing from the sound, but Evester knew that there was a chance things were still too loud — even as most people whispered and made their movement as minimal as possible.

“I’m still sensitive to lights and sounds, that will take time to acclimate to again,” Zeydar admitted.

“But you’re better.” Uly sighed in relief. “That’s fantastic.”

“Evester said that you will be going up to space soon?” Zeydar turned to Uly, no doubt trying to get the attention off himself.

“In two days,” Uly answered. Evester began eating as Zeydar reached for his free hand under the table. Evester gave it willingly. Zeydar squeezed tight. Already overwhelmed? Evester shot him a look but Zeydar continued to smile. If Zeydar were overwhelmed, he was processing and working his way though it.

“I will need to hold a meeting with the Superiors in that time,” Zeydar said slowly.

“For additional defenses?” Maverin clarified.

“Yes. In the event my ploy did not work, it would be for the best.” Zeydar nodded, as he dipped his toast in his soup. “I also need to update them regarding all things.”

There was a high chance that it had worked out. In the two days that Zeydar was locked into his room, there had been no attacks. Whether that was on their side or not, it meant that the evacuations could run around the clock, and they’d redoubled their efforts with it in mind.

“Star Campus has been mostly emptied in terms of archives.” Kony informed him. “Although without Majorie and May, there is only so much I can do.”

Zeydar dropped his bread into his soup. “They’re not back?”

“Majorie has been but May decided to stay behind in her cities with the other mages there, to reinforce their command and your law,” Kony answered.

“I should get her,” Zeydar said.

“No.” Evester tugged at him. “No magic until you are completely better.”

“That will take years.” Zeydar weakly joked before nodding. “I won’t.”

“May’ll fly back here when Uly and the others leave.” Shawn sighed from where he sat. There was not a whole lot that they had left to do, but Evester knew that with his family disappearing to space, he’d have to help his mother with governance more. 

“We will have one last ship for any stragglers, and the last of the crews. We are going to be sending out our drones and teams to search the land one last time for any survivors we missed,” Uly continued to speak on the logistics of the move, and how they were on schedule to have everyone in space by the ten day mark.

Evester glanced to Zeydar who was humming to himself. He wondered if, for a moment, Zeydar had a way of searching for people one last time. He then decided that even if Zeydar had the skill, that he would not let Zeydar do it. When Zeydar glanced to him, Evester also knew that he would not be able to stop Zeydar if Zeydar really wanted it.

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