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Welcoming The Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia sat with her siblings, as Kony patched up the wounds of the others, despite looking the worst out of all of them. Layla did not take her eyes off of him, as he moved about. He was tired. Even his forced sleep had not been enough. He had not gone back to see Zeydar yet, from what Heia knew. He was barred from the room until Majorie found his magic suitable to help. He did, however, have the tablet again. It was held by Karla.

The tablet itself, while it did not need to be held by anyone, was under Majorie and Kony’s careful watch. When Zeydar was awake, he could control the tablet with a single thought. Without him conscious, there was contention. Kony said that Zeydar still held control over the tablet, but that if someone else touched it and tried to take control, there was a chance that they would succeed.

No one wanted that.

“Stop hovering.” Trace smacked Kony’s hands away. “I’ve already changed my bandages.”

“I don’t trust Robee to do it.” Kony complained as he checked her anyway.

“You haven’t recovered yet, rest.” Karla pulled him to sit. She handed the tablet to him again and he curled around it. Kori put her hand on Kony’s head. He was more lanky as Robee, but more firm than Andre. He had grown a lot in the time in the city. Kony had looked like a warrior, a general. He had controlled the armies and Superiors without fear. He commanded respect, and was elevated to a point where he looked more imposing than any of the others. He was, however, sixteen. As he sat with his sisters, looking vulnerable, Heia could see just how much pressure he was under. Karla whispered to him as Kori protected him, letting him lean on her for support.

He was just a kid, as Karla and Kori were. But all of them had shown their worth. Karla had been a great tactician, while Kori had worked at the front leading the charge and saving lives as they fought. Kori had tens of awards that were to be given to her, should Layla accept, while Karla had been pulled into the fold of military planning for the new world, with Crass as her guardian and voice for EverDanger. Everyone had too much to do, but the fact that Karla was being asked, was a testament to her skill.

The three were, however, just kids. They had lost their childhood to the Catastrophe. Lost their parents before fifteen. Lost their innocence by the Night of Oblivion, where they had to kill and accept that they could be killed. The three were strong, but even they were beginning to show signs of breaking. Seeing them made Heia wish that she could protect them. She doubted that they would ever accept it. They’d grown up too fast, but there was a dedication in them to make sure no other kids had to face the same.

For a moment the room was silent.

“Any news from Zeydar?” Layla finally asked.

“No.” Heia and Kony said at once.

Kori laughed to herself. “Why did you call this family meeting Layla?”

“We have the opportunity to go up,” She answered. “We aren’t… We are x’s and we get to go first.”

Heia blinked twice. It had not occurred to her. They were X’s. They could go up to space first. It meant that they’d have to help with the control in space, as they would not be put to sleep, but they could get off the failing planet. The natural disasters were going to get worse. The city was going to get even more over crowded as the failing nine Towers were moved to the three strong holds. They could get to where it was safe.

Heia glanced to her siblings, all who were as caught off guard as Heia felt. Kori sat with her arms contemplating as Karla looked at Kony. Kony had his eyes squeezed shut. Trace and Robee shared a look and Andre was looking at Heia. He’d already made his decision.

“No.” Trace shook her head. “We’re EverDanger. We stay.”

“But Andre and Layla are going to go.” Karla directed them to look at Layla once more.

“You are?” Robee asked.

“Europa and Endwin are going up for management purposes and we are going to assist.” Layla nodded.

“Will you go to sleep early?” Kori asked.

“No, we should only when you are all safe.” Andre shook his head. “It’s for management purposes.”

“You want us to go.” Heia whispered. She had to admit she wanted to go into space where it was safe, thinking about it made her feel calm but also complacent. Up there she would not be able to help others or assist more. “I’m staying and helping at the launch sight with Shawn, May, and Kim.”

“I know.” Layla nodded, for once not disregarding her choice. Or perhaps she had done that for a while and it was only the first time that Heia noticed.

“So this could be the last time we’re together for a long time.” Kony whispered. “Right?”

“We will leave in five days.” Layla smiled a soft smile. “I’d very much like it, if we could take that time to be a family again. Perhaps we could watch some movies.”

“As long as you aren’t cooking.” Robee said joking with a gruff voice.

“Agree.” Trace nodded and Heia smiled back at Layla. She too agreed.

“I’m not that bad!” Layla protested.

“You are the worst.” Andre laughed, “We love you anyway.”

“You are not helping.”

“I’m merely a bystander. I do what is asked and support when necessary.” He teased.

Layla rolled her eyes. “Sure. A bystander.”

“Crass will take care of us. You won’t have to worry.” Karla told them both. “Rayda too. I know you are still worried.”

Andre looked to Karla and nodded. “I know… I trust him.”

Heia was surprised to hear it. Last she’d heard, her brother had been apprehensive to leave Karla with Crass. Crass, however, had protected Karla like a brother. Family. EverDanger was their family too, and they were all EverDanger.

“Yes. We should hang out.” Heia nodded.

EverDanger meant that they needed to trust each other. EverDanger meant forever, and while Heia sometimes couldn’t stand her siblings… she would not trade them for anything.

One by one the family began to schedule out their limited time together, relaxed with no trace or fear of the war. The end of the world was upon the, but for the first time since the Catastrophe, it felt as if they had returned to some time before, and Heia liked that. She did not want it to end.

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