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Welcoming The Uncertain End  (part 1) 

Evester ran his fingers over Zeydar’s head, one more time. Zeydar slept soundly on Evester’s bed, hooked up to an IV. He looked better, but not by much. In the few hours, there had been a change in his breathing not that Evester felt comfortable leaving him for long. Between Kony feeding Zeydar magic and the Superior that had been sent to heal Zeydar, Zeydar was looking better. The Healing Superior had been able to fix the majority of his internal injuries and swore that the next one would be able to heal him of all his external ones. Magic wise, the only one who seemed to make any headway was Kony, who too needed rest.

Kony had not wanted to be separated for long, but he’d been knocked out by Kori and Karla. There was little he could do when he did not have the amount of magic necessary to replenish Zeydar in full. Kony too, needed rest and he’d only be able to help Zeydar when he was healthy.

As Evester stepped out of his bedroom, he licked his lips. The air tasted bitter and almost sour. In his bedroom it was almost sickeningly sweet. He had been able to feel the magic as it dusted his skin. In the the fluorescents of the hall he was able to see it, lightly sparkling over his skin. A new healer Superior walked past Evester into the magic saturated room with Majorie.

Majorie held the tablet for the superiors near her chest, where Kony and Zeydar could not. He knew that she wanted to keep the Superiors to secrecy regarding Zeydar’s condition, and Evester had to believe that she was on their side. She did, at least, have the look of a mother who wanted to protect her son. Evester had to believe that was worth something.

Evester walked into the living room where he found the others, packing things away. Evacuations into space had begun again. Uly and Maverin stood talking over plans for irrigation and terraforming the new planet. Europa and Endwin spoke with Estashia on governance. Final disposal of the Aralax outside the strong holds was still underway. The Aralax that had not been attached to a specific King had not moved, and while the forces had not attacked them, the sun had not destroyed them all. 

“How are you feeling?” Kim asked, handing him soup.

“You smell.” Heia’s nose twitched.

“I have to shower again. I’ll use Endwin’s room later.” Evester sighed. “Sorry.”

There was little that Evester could do about it. If he took a shower in his own room, the water would turn to ice or worse. There was no way to get clean and stay clean in his room.

Heia ran her finger along his cheek, pulling back to look at it. “Is he okay?”

“It feels like syrup in the room, if color could be saturated and tangible, I imagine it would look like in there.” Evester had kept the lights off in the room, save when he needed to find something and he turned on a flashlight. The world had warped and changed consistently around him, glowing, shifting, changing colors. It was more disorienting, so Evester had decided to stop trying to do anything but sleep and watch Zeydar.

“He deserves the rest.” Kim sighed. “We would have lost far more if not for him.”

The numbers had been calculated and Zeydar had single handedly been the reason they had survived the night. Without him pushing forward and evolving his magic with the assistance of Maverin, they would have been massacred. While there was no proof that they all would have died, Evester knew better than to tempt fate in that way. The nine Towers that were evacuated would have been destroyed. Zeydar himself, while he had not been to all the Towers, had eliminated the majority of the forces. Maverin had further explained that if Zeydar had acted in the way he usually did, protecting a city and teleporting to the others to defend them, he would not have been able to keep it up. They had taken his magic for granted, and Zeydar had known that.

All the same, he’d done the impossible.

“Don’t forget to sleep.” Kim warned Evester.

“I won’t.” Evester shook his head.

“New predictions for full evacuation into space,” Shawn said as he approached, showing them the documents. Evester scanned over it. What? He read over the documents again, before looking to Uly and Maverin. He excused himself and walked to Uly.

“We aren’t sure that magic will work on the new world,” Uly spoke in a hushed voice.

“No, but if anyone can figure it out, it will be Zeydar,” Maverin answered.

“I won’t have the detailed report and predictions until the last day,” Uly reminded him.

“I know.” Maverin sighed. “I’m just saying that we don’t go under for twenty days — no, ten. Five. Just enough time for me to read the whole report make calculations and for Zeydar to begin pondering the conditions and numbers I give him. If he can work on the theory now, by the time we get there he won’t be blind sided.”

“We already will be.” Uly looked to Evester. “How is he?”

“Okay.” Evester glanced between them. “You do realize that I won’t let you use him as a tool, right? Father.”

The reports for the travel had been pushed back and based on the conversation, Evester supposed they’d push it back further. All so that Zeydar could read over the reports that Uly had on the final planet decision. They were going to get into space early, as was stated, but the order had been changed. Maverin and Uly were going up early, as were others, to assist with the predicted over population on the ships as they waited for the last ones to be completed.

“I won’t.” Maverin gave Evester a half smile.

“Like you didn’t use me?” Evester cocked his head and his father awkwardly laughed. Evester shook his head and then looked at Uly again. “How are the predictions going?”

“If we leave the project running here, I will be able to send the final results to the ship,” Uly answered. “It wasn’t desired, but it is necessary, it seems.” So Uly did have to go into space early. Something was up and Maverin and Uly were hiding something. Or… perhaps it was just Maverin and Uly was trusting Maverin blindly. It was not that Evester did not trust his father, after all his father had not been wrong once. The issue was that he didn’t like his father keeping information from them, and it was clear that if Maverin needed Uly in space early, that something had changed.

“We need to get off the planet five days earlier.” Uly offered as an answer. Evester eyed his father, unsure if that were the case, or if his father did not fully trust the cease fire. In which case… if everyone was in space earlier, save the majority of EverDanger… There were Superior space shuttles that could transport them along with the Superiors. If they had to abandon the remaining populating, they could do it. It required the cooperation of Zeydar. Evester also supposed that his father did not trust Zeydar to abandon humanity, so he was possibly taking precautions with Uly, who he needed for the final calculations.

“I don’t trust you.” Evester told his father.

“Don’t. The new Project is under construction now with updated programing.” Maverin acted as if Evester’s lack of trust was nothing new. “It will get us through space, and needs a few more tweaks before it is ready.”

“You both go up to complete that soon?” Evester clarified.

“In the first group.” Uly nodded. “With Europa.”

“Yes. To protect them both,” Maverin answered. “You are smarter than to ask round-a-bout questions.”

“Are you doing this because you don’t believe in Zeydar’s ceasefire?”

“I don’t trust that there will not be delays. We are acting faster, and with twenty-four hour evacuations off the planet, there is a chance we can get everyone to space before the Queen is mature. People are, however greedy, and I need to be proactive. You understand.”

“Am I to stay here until the last moment then?” Evester asked.

“In Ovaria?”


“No. When everyone evacuates here, you go with them. Zeydar will be able to transport you back and forth each day to check.” Uly answered. “Zeydar already agreed.”

Evester rolled his eyes. “He’s in no position to use magic.”

“No. Not for another few days at least, but then you will reinforce the lab.” Maverin smiled at him. Evester rolled his eyes again. He then walked away. Finishing his soup as he walked, Evester headed towards his brother’s room where he planned to shower before returning Zeydar’s side.

The shower itself was nice, warm, and he was able to get all of the muck off of him. No amount of soap would ever get the smell off his body completely, but he felt better when he could see his face properly. His hair shimmered a little from where the magic continued to cling. Snatching his brother’s clothes, Evester changed and headed back to Zeydar in time to see Majorie and the healing Superior leaving the room.

Majorie nodded to him. “He is fully healed of all injuries but the magic… That will be on him.”

“Thank you.” Evester nodded to her. “Keep this secret.”

“We will.” She said before walking off with the Superior healer who looked worse for wear. Evester once more stepped in, the air condensing around him and sticking to his skin. At least he’d felt clean for a moment. Zeydar breathed even breaths, as labored as before. When Evester’s head hit the pillow next to Zeydar, Zeydar rolled over to lay atop of Evester and his breathing changed again. Calm once more, Evester closed his eyes and listened to a book that drifted over the speakers of his room almost too soft to hear.

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