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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar’s veins were burning, but not in a painful way. It was a warm heat that pushed him forward, followed by a frigid cool as he changed to ice magic. The air of the world breathed through him as the magic poured in and out of him in equal quantities. Spinning his Staff, Zeydar listened to the reports, and focused on this chants.

If he went after the Queen, who knew how long it would take for a new Queen to take over. If there was a Queen. Zeydar was almost certain he’d be able to track their whole existence chain if he wanted to. The issue was that there were so many of them, and after his first contact with the web, it had been changed. New power structures were in place. Zeydar was not surprised by the numbers and changes. If the Aralax had been bidding their time reproducing for this night, and their all out attack, it was reasonable.

He knew that it did not take much time for their soldiers to reconnect, which made him believe that they had to have become far more practical in their soldiering or a new unit was formed, that could control higher numbers. The flying units were frustrating and faster than they should have been, but not all the units flew, which was to his benefit.

Zeydar shot out another light spell annihilating the field around him for miles. He sent the light around the whole of the Tower, lighting up the entire world as if it were the day. Huffing out, Zeydar placed one hand on his knee. He pulled at magic, letting it fill him back up. He’d long grown used to the feeling to expanding himself, that now it was like a tickling rather than a brittle pain. 

He knew his magic more than he had before. Things that he was certain he had not been able to do before, he was able to do then. He knew his magic better than he felt he’d ever be able to understand it with traditional teaching. He was one with the world and the world was one with him. He would only be able to force the replenishing a few more times. With each time it took less out of him, and he knew that he was still not at the limit of what he could do. The spells he was creating and practicing were growing more powerful, better controlled, and more precise with their magic consumption each time he used them.

Standing up straight, Zeydar focused on the sky above, listening.

“The last planes are leaving Mayrania.” Uly reported.

“We are holding out.” Kony responded as Shawn continued to give out orders.

“How are you Zeydar?” Kim asked him.


Ovaria had been under seige for hours, and since he’d been at Utoia, he’d dealt with more natural disasters than attacks. The issue with Ovaria being under darkness along with Utoia was that the Aralax were not sure where Zeydar was. They knew Ovaria was his usual place of fighting, but no matter how much he tried to show them he was in Utoia, he knew that the distance between the cities could not be transversed in a single night.

He wanted nothing more than to get to them, but he had to protect Utoia. He could do it. Caynosia would be evacuated long before dark, and then Reytaria. All he had to do was defend Reytaria and Utoia. He could go between the tow cities, and with all the Superiors at Reytaria, there was little worry he had for them. Then he’d get them all to Utoia and evacuate Utoia. However, he knew that he would not be able to last all of that time. Until Reytaria was evacuated and all forces could finish defending Utoia for him? Yes. Longer than that? No.

Which left one other option.

Zeydar continued to stare into the sky and thought of Tyler. He thought of when he was a child and had asked a thousand questions. He thought of magical history and magical theory. He then looked to the Aralax bodies around him. Unclenching his body and relaxing his muscles, Zeydar held out his Staff to the bodies. It was time.

Sending out his magic, Zeydar selected each one of the commander bodies, every single high ranked Aralax with power, and pulled them towards himself. 

“Maverin.” Zeydar called out. “Your research suggests two levels above the white bands, correct?”

“Yes. Including the queen. Why?” 

Zeydar had read over all of Maverin’s research regarding the Aralax. There was not much that could be done in terms of using it. They knew who to target and the best way to destroy their bodies but there was little that could do when he could not find the higher commanders. “I’m going to end this war.”

Based on tracking theory, Zeydar knew that he was able to find people through magic. Using the bodies as his tests, he sent his magic into them, acclimating to the bodies and then finding the best way to search past them. The theory was that if he could find the magical distinction between the types of Aralax, he’d be able to send out a targeted wave of magic light towards the specific Aralax alone. He would then be able to pause their armies. 

With approximately twenty minutes to experiment, Zeydar got to work applying every theory of magic he had and technique he knew. He was able to map their positioning before him in the sky, like stars on a map. He was able to see the Aralax headed his way. There were less numbers than he expected, but he would have one last wave to test before he had to put it to use. 

With one more shaky breath, Zeydar glared at the bodies and thought of nothing but magic.

When the Aralax arrived, Zeydar single mindedly killed as he acclimated to the living bodies, before he channeled all his magic into a single shot targeting a specific target. The moment it landed, it took more magic out of him than planned but all of the Aralax froze. 

“Did you succeed?” Maverin asked.

“Yes. I found the Kings.” Zeydar breathed out, smiling at all the bodies on the horizon that were frozen. That would certainly get the attention of the Queen and her minions. Zeydar then expanded the remainder of the light he shot through the connection to destroy all those under the command of the King he’d killed. The Aralax bodies began to sizzle and burn and Zeydar’s immediate next thought was a name.

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