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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia clenched her arms beneath her nails. By Zeydar’s orders, the Superiors had succeeded and two of the failing nine Tower had been evacuated in five hours. From what Heia understood, the teleportation circle acted as a continuous open gate. People stepped in and immediately stepped out in the either Ovaria or at the launch site. There was no waiting, only a continuous wave of people, as the mages worked their way through the Tower and got people out. Knowing that there was a chance they’d have to flee, people left quickly. They knew that the end was coming and most people had their things packed for weeks. When the mages and Superiors left the circle, it was disconnected and immediately the Superiors had to rest and replenish their reserves.

Kony explained that it would take a good amount of time for them to help themselves. The continuous use of the teleportation spell had drained them all substantially, and if they were going to attempt to get to the last three cities, they needed to take as much rest and nutrient supplements as they could. Karla and Kori had assisted Kony in handing out the supplements and magic supplements that were designed to assist in regaining and regathering magic. Most of the Superiors had turned to meditation to gather their magic back.

In those five hours, Zeydar had fought on his own to defend Avalonia. Heia had gotten quick glimpses at the feed, looking at the other Towers that were defending themselves from the natural disasters and the fighting. The Tower defenses had worked as they should, but even then a good number of the “okay” Towers, were looking as if they may begin to fail as well. It wasn’t as if they had under estimated the fighting or the natural disasters, but the attacks were working against the Towers. The attacks might end but the Natural disasters would not. Even if the Towers survived the night, there was a chance they would not survive another round of attacks.

Twilight was fast approaching Ovaria and there had already been two minor earth quakes.

“Ready?” Kim handed her tea.

“No.” Heia watched the drone footage as the Aralax assaulted the empty Tower, setting it ablaze. There were millions of them, ravaging against the cities, swarming. “What if we missed someone?”

“You can’t think like that.” Kim warned her. “The mages did a thorough job. We have to believe in them.”

Heia knew that they had to, but after months, years, her whole life, of not trusting them… She found it hard to do so. All she could do was watch the back of Zeydar.

“No, not like that.” Robee chastised.

“I’m doing it right, shut up.” Trace hissed back.

Heia rubbed her temples not wanting to know what their mess was about. 

“We are almost ready.” Kori called out. Without Zeydar, they had to protect their Tower without him. While their forces were not as powerful as the other two strong holds, they had the Tower reinforcing their walls. Ovaria was the only city in its timezone which gave the Superiors a bit more time before they had to go to the last three failing towers. Even with the refocused evacuation efforts, it would take time for them to get to their cities and for the planes to redirect.

The issue was it would take far more than three hours for the plane evacuated Towers to be finished. There had been issues with evacuations regarding people and waves of panic, due to the disasters shaking the Towers. They were far behind. And in three hours, Ovaria would be in the dark, which meant that they had to send all their planes to either Avalain or the launch site. Once darkness hit the launch site and the planes would have to shut down in fear of the flying Aralax.  

“We will be okay.” Kim repeated to her.

“Will we?” Heia looked to the sun in the sky. 

“All forces, get to your stations!” Shawn’s voice came over the intercom. 

“Uly, if you refocused all the efforts of evacuation planes to one of the two cities, could you evacuate it in the three hour time frame?”

“What?” Uly coughed.

“You’re supposed to stay focused.” Heia reminded Zeydar watching as he threw his magic at the Aralax, cutting down his path to the commander to kill the commander with ease. With targeted approach, Heia knew that Zeydar was finding the attack easy. Unfortunately with each kill, there was a higher Aralax in power to take control. Within moments the Aralax would continue the fight with the waves, forcing him to use his wave of magic. 

“Yes.” Zeydar laughed. “I am. I’m asking, because I know rerouting the planes will be difficult, especially when some cities are not done. If we focus on two, it could easily be done before Ovaria is in darkness, and then the planes can focus fully only the remaining city. I suggest Utoia.”

“Utoia? Utoia falls to sunset after Ovaria.” Uly disagreed. “We are predicting a massive earthquake there. We can’t risk it.”

“There are four hours and ten minutes until Utoia has sunset. I know. However, I’m going to get a bit reckless. Can you trust me?”

There was a long silence.

“What do you want me to do?” Uly asked.

“All planes to Waglia and Istalia. Leave Utoia. Evacuate those two.”

“And Utoia?”

“Once done with those two cities, immediately send all the planes here to Avalonia. Move all the people from here to the other surviving Towers that are in the light. It will be tight for space in the Towers, but Avalonia will not survive. Do we have the fuel?”

“Yes. But what about Utoia?” Uly repeated.

“Excellent. Keep the planes moving and fill up when necessary. Majorie.”

“Yes?” Kony asked.

“No. Majorie.”

“Yes?” She answered.

“Get all of the available Superiors to Mayrania before sunset at Ovaria in two hours and thirty seven minutes. Activate the circles and get everyone out. Then go to Caynosia. Rotate Superiors if necessary, but get it done before they have sunset; that should be in nine hours and sixteen hours. Reytaria has sunset in fourteen hours. Once you are done with those two, immediately split the forces between Reytaria and Utoia and double down on evacuations of both. Put priority on Reytaria, and once Reytaria is done, all focus goes to Utoia. This should take no more than sixteen hours. Roughly. I don’t have time to calculate it exactly. You should be able to complete it within that time.”

Heia listened to the orders looking at Uly who was trying to speak and unable.

“You can’t fight through the night again.” Evester spoke slow, the thought dawning on Heia in that moment. If no one was there to defend Utoia then that left one person.

“I won’t.” Zeydar chuckled. “I’ll rest. Once Reytaria is evacuated, we will send all the Superiors available to Utoia to evacuate them before the natural disasters destroy the Tower.”

“Ah.” Uly said, with a pleased tone. “I see what you are doing.”

Heia looked to Kim confused, Kim too looked concerned by what Zeydar was planning.

“Explain.” Evester asked.

“If we can clear out Waglia and Istalia before sunset, we can send all our resources to Avalonia. This means that Mayrania, Caynosia, and Reytaria are all that’s left. With the Superiors focusing their effort on Mayrania first and then on Caynosia, we will then have cleared out two more before sunset. Then they can send all of their resources back to Reytaria, without fear that we may lose Caynosia. If we do it this way, we would be able to completely evacuate Reytaria and Utoia far before the night is over.” Maverin answered. “Additionally, by rotating and focusing on one city at a time, the Superiors can replenish themselves.”

“We can then send all of our resources, mages and planes, to Utoia, and evacuate her before the day is over.” Uly said and then clicked away. 

“The numbers will work better, and this way will be faster. We were already able to save the two cities faster, because of Zeydar defending Avalonia all night. If we can change the planes now now, then we can clear both Waglia and Istalia in four hours, six at max. Just in time before their sunsets.”

“Taking this into account, what about Utoia and Reytaria?” Kim asked.

“Reytaria had the least amount of people to begin with.” Maverin sighed. “It will be a quick evacuation, but if all of the Superiors are there, along with any other additional forces, that would make it so that Zeydar would not have to worry about it. He’d only need to defend Utoia. If it works most efficiently, Zeydar will only have to fight for another nine hours.”

“But Reytaria we won’t be able to get everyone evacuated. The Tower can’t resist a fight and the natural disasters headed its way.”

“No.” Zeydar agreed. “That’s why I’m going to do something reckless.” He then disconnected.

It was then that the drones around Zeydar flashed white in light, buzzed, and went blank. Every single camera around him blanked out. 

“What happened?” Kim shouted. “Zeydar! Zeydar!”

Heia watched as the Aralax in the other screens all froze and looked in a single direction all at once. No matter the camera, all the Aralax were staring off all in the same direction and Heia knew that they were looking in the direction of Avalonia. When the camera came back on, there were thousands of dead bodies around the Tower. 

“Zeydar!” Kim repeated. 

The Aralax that continued to stand did not move. Those on the ground were not covered in ice nor fire. It was as if they had simply toppled over and their bodies were sizzling.

“Sorry about this.” Zeydar’s voice came from behind Heia. Spinning she turned in time to see Zeydar, take Kony and disappear. 

“Kony! Where are you?” Heia asked.

“Uh.” Kony repeated. “Zeydar left again. Oh. You’re… We’re at Reytaria, Heia.”

“What? We?” Heia repeated. 

“Uh… So… I’m with the Superiors here.” Kony laughed. “Sorry, I’m going to need to take care of this for Zeydar— Shawn?”

“Yeah.” Shawn’s voice came over the intercom. “Me, Crass, and Karla are here.”

Heia’s heart sank. How? When? What was Zeydar doing?

“Why?” Kori asked.

“Because they’re the best team to keep the Superiors in control.” May answered. 

“Okay.” Zeydar huffed out. “I will transport all the Superiors to Reytaria from the Towers in the light, as soon as daylight arrives.”

“Where the hell are you?” Heia yelled.

“Back at Avalonia. I think a large attack is headed my way. Chances are, they will redouble their efforts my way because of what I just did.” Zeydar laughed again.

Heia looked back to the screens searching for him.

“What did you do?” Evester asked.

“Used light against them. As it is right now, I probably can’t use magic for the next hour, but I think it will take at least that time for them to come at me again.”

Heia stopped breathing. She found Zeydar sitting atop a few bodies, breathing heavily.

“Once I move everyone, I will then move on to Utoia. Kony, Shawn, Crass, Karla, I’m trusting you to lead the defenses and preparations there.”

“Zeydar.” Evester whispered.

“I told you, it would be reckless. But I also swore to you that I’ll protect you all.” 

As Zeydar stood up the air around him began to shimmer and spiral around him. It was almost turning crystalline as it flew towards him. As Heia released her breath, she came face to face with magic in a way she’d never seen before. 

“I plan to do that.” Zeydar looked up to the drone, his eyes blazing white. 

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