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30 Days Until Carnage And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Evester pushed Zeydar’s hair back with gel. He looked ferocious, dressed in all black and his defense vest already prepared. May spoke with Kim over their communicators, speaking about the three strong holds and the eighteen other Towers. The Towers had turned on their full defenses despite it still being the day. The natural disasters had already begun to shake the world, and most of the Towers that were near them were facing unprecedented dangers. Ovaria had been reinforced and the Tower defense linked to the wall that Zeydar had made. He’d done it in three hours where researchers and mages had been working on it for days — understandable since, Zeydar knew the defenses better than anyone.

The majority of the military was split between the other two strong holds, with units at the Towers and the smallest defense at Ovaria. Evester was mostly worried about the fight because there were even more people on the planet than predicted. Due to issues that Graceon had faced in space, many of the ships that should have sent people up, had never left. This meant that in order to avoid overfilling the strong holds, they had kept people in other locations. By the time they were able to send people up, the damage had been done.

Natural disasters, Aralax attack, panic? It could all be their downfall. There were twenty-one cities to protect, many of which, were in far worse states due to the natural disasters, than predicted. There was a possibility of nine of the Towers falling.

“I’ll be fine.” Zeydar grabbed Evester’s hand. “I promise.”

Evester glared at Zeydar. 

“I’ve reallocated Superiors to each location.”

The three cities that Zeydar had been able to reinforce would be fine, Evester suspected. It was the other eighteen that needed protecting in a way that only the Superiors and Zeydar could give. Zeydar had already sent his Superiors from Ovaria to the other Towers. He did not expose their numbers but there were more than ten and less than a hundred at each Tower. Zeydar, however, was not going to be stationed at one. He was to act as reinforcement to obliterate what was necessary.

“All of the Superiors are ready, communications are open.” Kony said holding the tablet. There was more to it than Zeydar was letting on, and Evester did not press him further.

“Exactly.” Zeydar held out his free hand to Kony. “I will simply be moving between the nine that are facing the most difficulties and only when things begin to become overwhelming.”

Evester did not believe him for a second. There was also the Aralax issue. “They are going to be going after you. You know that.”

“I do.”

Evester knew he was not going to be able to go with Zeydar to assist him, which perhaps made it all worse. He wanted nothing more than to assist Zeydar with the task. He was stuck at Ovaria with the military defending the wall from what was proposed to be the worst of the attacks. The Aralax knew that Zeydar was at the Tower, they were going to try to destroy him with everything that they had.

“Be safe.” Evester hugged him again.

“I will be on the intercom at all times, outside of when I am teleporting.”

“I know.”

“Evester.” Zeydar leaned closer to Evester. “Keep an eye on my camera, if you must.”

Evester grimaced. The launch sites were continuously sending people up, and evacuations had been turned to the nine towers that were struggling. There were, unfortunately, a certain number of planes. Even with the flights happening round the clock. It would take hours for them to cut the cities down from nine to five. The three strong holds would be further over crowded, although it seemed as if Zeydar had prepared for it, with the additional housing he had made and the extra space he’d prepared.  

It was not too long before sun set on the first of the remaining twenty-one cities. Evester wanted to ask Zeydar what it was that he was keeping from Evester. He wanted to be certain that Zeydar would not abandon himself to save them all. He wanted to know, but he also figured that if Zeydar had not told him, it had little to do with trust and more to do with certainty. Zeydar had a hard time operating with a margin of error.

“We will be able to evacuate everyone from the city in three hours, if you can hold back the attack.” Uly spoke then, over the connection despite being in the same room as the majority of EverDanger. Only May was missing, as she was at the launch site, but the others were all there and ready to fight.

“I can do that.” Zeydar did not drop Evester’s gaze. “And the other cities?”

“If we can work fast? We should be able to do more.”

“What about teleportation?” Trace asked. “Can’t the Superiors help transport people or something? They can do it, right?”

“In order to do that—“ Zeydar started and then blinked twice. It was as he became flustered that Evester understood what it was that Zeydar was trying to do. It had to do with teleportation. With the Superiors?

“No.” Kony cut in. “The mass transport is not possible for an individual. It requires you to have more than a hundred Superiors helping.”

A hundred Superiors? Evester locked eyes with Zeydar and knew then. Zeydar had never given the numbers, because he wanted it to seem fair. He wanted it to seem as if they were treating all cities equal, but Evester had a feeling that the failing Towers had the numbers for the spell.

Zeydar shook his head to Evester, telling him to stay silent. He then smiled and spoke to Uly. “If I drained their magic. I could do it. It would leave them defenseless until they are able to recover, but it could be done.” 

“Yes, but you wouldn’t be able to do it consistently, and it would require your complete focus.” Kony disagreed, stating it as an objective fact. Evester knew then that Kony and Zeydar had the conversation before.

“I only have to do it once.”

“Transport requires touch Zeydar. And mass teleportation requires a full circle and consistent feedback. You can’t do it alone.”

But the other mages would be able to do it. That was the implication that Zeydar was trying to make clear.

“If we rerouted our efforts to another place outside of the sunset zone, would we possibly be able to get the nine Towers evacuated?”

“Ignoring the first city to fall? Possibly.” Uly said. “I’d have to do the numbers. I’m not sure we have the planes.”

“What about three?”

“Three?” Uly gaped at him, and then looked between him and the others. “You can’t…”

“May, can you hear me?” Zeydar spoke to the headset.


“Keep fighting no matter what okay?”

“…” There was silence for a second. “Don’t kill yourself.”

“What are you thinking?” Majorie asked. “We only have the Superiors situated at two.”

“Get them working. We can evacuate the two Towers on our own, and then send all the planes to the next three to hit the sunset zone. Once we’ve evacuated the two, make your way to the last three Towers to assist.”

“You are having the Superiors evacuate people?” Uly gasped. “The plan was to have them fight.”

“The Towers are reinforced. They will have to defend against natural disasters, and the few I sent to the other nine cities will do just that. Those at the nine failing Towers have been instructed to evacuate the citizens and to assist with evacuations.”

“Can they keep it up?” Uly asked.

“We already made the magic circles.” Majorie answered. “We’ve been preparing for this, and while it will be difficult, yes. We can do it.”

Zeydar pointed to the maps of the three strong holds. “Our mages of the first level, who are unable to fight, will be assisting with making sure that all people who cross the threshold of the circles, will be moved to the city. Our second level mages are currently working on moving people from their homes with evacuation.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Uly snapped.

“Until this moment I wasn’t sure how I would feel and I was willing to call back the action if necessary.” Zeydar offered a sad smile. “Maverin knew, Estashia agreed. I told the X leaders. All of the leaders knew that this was a possibility.”

Evester watched as Uly’s face paled. He had obviously not been told but it seemed as if Europa had been.

“I didn’t want you operating under the impression that I’d be able to maintain control. The leaders already don’t trust me, but you all do. If I failed…” Zeydar bowed. “I apologize. But, I’m now certain of success. It will take me time to accept the possibility of failure, but not with this. It’s now time for the Mages to make up for their actions from before.” He stood up straight.

“What are you going to do about Avalonia?” Majorie asked.

“I’m going to make an impossibility possible.” Zeydar only then looked back to Evester, kissed him and then let go of his hand. With another movement he rolled back his shoulders, checked his watch, and then before them all, he vanished. Evester sighed and then pulled himself together. There was a long moment of silence before Uly demanded answers from Kony and Majorie who began to explain theories and explanations on what was happening. Evester looked at the screens. They had eight hours before they would be tasked with fighting through the night and there were already reports of the towers being evacuated by the Superiors.

In the drone footage, Evester saw Zeydar appear outside the Avalonia Tower. EverDanger began to get ready to deploy. Uly started giving out orders to reroute the evacuation planes. Zeydar stood and stopped a wall of waves headed their way, alone in the sea, like a sturdy mountain. But even mountains crumbled and Evester hoped that Zeydar had the magic to sustain himself.

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