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33 Days Until Fear And the Uncertain End   

Heia sat looking through all the records of the new inhabitants and the status of the makeshift cities outside of the inner Tower. The issue with the surrounding the Tower with another city was that it rendered the Tower’s defenses unusable. Micha Rayblay was working around the clock to change the direction and link the defenses to the new wall that Zeydar had made. From what Heia knew, there was little progress as Zeydar had not assisted with any of it. The mage scholars were busting their asses to try to figure out a solution since Zeydar apparently said it was an easy fix. They’d yet to find one.

“People are furious.” Kim laughed collapsing beside her. “Houses here in the city are packed, but for Circles to have to live on the ground instead of in the Tower?” 

Heia found it humorous that the Circles were willing to even live in the Tower to begin with. Their clouds had been destroyed, and the few Towers and Cloudcities that had been fully evacuated had been destroyed by Zeydar for parts. There was nowhere else to go, and from what Heia last heard, the Superiors were moving even more people out of the Towers and cities to assist with evacuation. They would be able to get the thirty-nine cities down to twenty-one, but it would be tight packed and insufferable.

“Has the freezing process worked?” Heia changed the conversation.

“From what Graceon told Endwin this morning, everything is in order.” Kim answered, kissing the back of Heia’s neck. “Worried?”

“Zeydar has only just begun work on the third layer of the shield here.” There were little who were helping him. Most were working on the cities, building even more homes than were necessary. It was almost as if Zeydar planned to abandon even more cities, than the eighteen that were agreed.

“It will be okay.”

“I don’t believe that.” Something told Heia that Zeydar was planning even more than he said, not that anyone knew what that was.

“I promise you.” Kim told her. “We are going to be okay.”

However Heia had seen the numbers and heard Maverin’s ravings. The attack was the last all out assault by the Aralax. It was what they had been working for since the day that Evester had found her in LakeLost. If they lost that night… There were evacuation plans in place for some people but not all. Uly and Europa were to be on standby, ready to go into space at a moment’s notice, if necessary. The rest of them be damned, Uly had to survive. 

“I’m scared.” Heia said honestly. 

If the Project was right, then the Catastrophe, the Night of Destruction, all of that horror, would look like child’s play. Was that why Zeydar was acting as if the other cities would have to be abandoned as well? Was that why the mages were in rotation practicing and expanding their magic skills and why students were working at full capacity? There was something that Zeydar knew that he was not telling anyone.

“I am too.” Kim whispered.

“We’ll be okay?”

“We’ll be together, and we have Zeydar.”

“Will he make it? He’s been using magic nonstop…” What if he ran out of energy? What if he ran out of magic?

“And then Evester is going to wrap him up in a blanket and lock him in a dark room for a whole day so that he can rest.”

Heia hoped that would be enough. “I’m still scared.”

“I think we will be for a long time.” Kim whispered. “This is only the beginning.”

Heia thought to the night where Uly got drunk. Kim had been right. It was the last day he’d ever be able to be happy and carefree again. It was the last time that any of them would ever be able to be care free again and Heia saw that. She knew it then. There was no turning back. 

Heia closed her eyes and leaned back against Kim. She had to take advantage of the little moments, then. The little moments were all they had left.

With her free hand she began to trace Kim’s waist. The woman laughed and kissed her cheek. Heia opened her eyes, putting the notes and worries away for a little bit.

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