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35 Days Until Protection And the Uncertain End   

Zeydar stood wiping the sweat from his face, as he watched the towering wall solidify and cool. A few more hours of work and he’d be able to make his double checks on all the walls and begin working on the third level of reinforcement. Signaling to the Superiors with him to take a break, they dispersed in seconds. They hated being around him and the feeling was mutual. The moment they were gone, Zeydar started calculating the amount of metal needed, magic, and where he’d get the parts.

Perhaps it would be better to use mass teleportation to assist with the evacuations of the two towers that were being discarded for the launch site and the X city Avalain. He could use their metal, specifically because it had not been wrecked in natural disasters, and it would work well for the third level reinforcement. It would, however, be more difficult to dissemble. Well… he could destroy it himself, but he wanted to save his magic for other necessary evacuations, in the event that things got behind. He also could use the Superior safety measures meant for destroying the Tower.

It seemed like a more viable option.

“How’s it going?” Someone call out to him.

Turning, Zeydar found himself face to face with Alan Penn. He glanced about, uncertain whether or not it was a set up. There were many objections to his actions and questions about the legitimacy of his makeshift cities he’d made inside the walls of the defenses that he had created. If this were a setup, it was not well done. Spinning the Staff in his hands, he faced the man in full. “How can I help you?”

The man slowly examined Zeydar, making Zeydar feel like a specimen on display. He hated the sort of slow looks that this man gave, the most. “How long do you think this will take?”

“I will need to readjust myself and rest in a bit.” Zeydar answered honestly. “However, not too much longer. I will be able to start on third level reinforcements by tonight.” 

“So soon?”

“I have to work quickly.” And it was a good way for him to exert control and practice with his powers, outside of fighting. It took more time to use the Staff and to say the spells aloud, but his output was far greater, and far more controlled than it had ever been. It was allowing him time to apply theories and to further expand his knowledge of his own skill. It was valuable time, although if he were acting more reckless, he probably would have been done already.

The walls did not need to hold forever, just a single night. Zeydar, on the other hand, wanted to make sure that he did not have to worry about them.

“You will send your mages to us soon?” The man asked.

“They will begin to set up and take command of their posts tonight. May will be the leading commander at the launch site.” With a few other Superiors that Zeydar trusted to lead. Majorie would control Avalain. Heia’s soldiers were already at their cities, taking command of the militaries and reinforcing security. Everyone was prepared for the end war, save the fact that they still had twelve cities to fully evacuate. “Have you gotten the volunteers?”

“Most soldiers have decided to fight, as you know. And we have gotten an large support of others to join the reserves.”

“What?” Zeydar found that hard to believe.

The man laughed. “You don’t believe me.”

Zeydar grimaced. 

“They want to stay to protect who they care about. Your friend Shawn did that very thing. The difference is, this time they see that we can win and that there is an end in sight. Since Heia was able to cut down on the casualties with her hybrid teams, moral has been at an all time high.”

“And you are here because…”

“I want to talk toy you.”


“What you plan to do after we land in the new world. From what I have seen there is no reason for you to follow behind Estashia Igilistal—“

“I won’t.”

Evester and Zeydar were going to do what they wanted. While the gold book could not be rejected in full, it was being rejected by the both of them. They wanted freedom to choose, even if that meant tragedy for their relationship. Zeydar hoped that one day the Igilistal teachings would disappear from Evester’s actions.

“Even with her son Evester?”

“Especially because Evester refuses to do what the Igilistal’s want.” Hypocritical in a way, as Evester also only ever did what they wanted, but Zeydar did not say that. “Why?”

“We should—“

“We will do what is best for humanity as a whole and I won’t let anyone come in the way of that.” Zeydar understood where the conversation was going, and he was already tired of it. “Now. I have things I have to do.”

Without saying the spell, Zeydar threw up his checks and confirmed that the city wall was structurally sound, with the proper magic layers. He gave one last glare to Alan Penn, and turned back, saying the spell to disappear and head on to do final checks on the other side. 

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