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36 Days Until Bygones And the Uncertain End 

Evester’s body still had lingering aches and if it weren’t for the fact that Zeydar had other things to do, Evester would have wanted to lay in bed all day. Zeydar, however, had coaxed Evester out of bed. Evester knew that Zeydar was still worried about him — granted Evester was worried about himself after what the Stars had done, but he trusted Zeydar when Zeydar said that the residual magic and drugs were gone — and thus Evester had gotten up. Evester was mostly worried about Zeydar who had gotten into contact with whiteshade again — albeit against his will. Doctors had checked him and said he was clean, but Shawn and Phil had doubled down on their efforts to watch Zeydar when Evester could not.

Evester would never forgive Superior Anthony for the near lapse that the man had fully intended. Unfortunately, his mother was in charge of Superior Anthony and Evester was placed with Endwin, Andre, and Graceon reviewing information for the supposed end battle in six days. Maverin had been raving that as long as the unpredictable variable worked in their favor that it would be the end of their fighting — not that he knew what the variable was. He was however certain that the variable would work in their favor.

Evester never understood his father.

“The barriers will hold?” Graceon asked placing down photographs that were taken of Zeydar and his mages building the barriers around the three strong holds of the final twenty-one cities. Using the remains and scraps from Towers that had collapsed, Zeydar had created walls, towering high above new residential districts that too were warped and created into form by his magic. In four days, Zeydar and his mages had crafted an entire city worth of structures that would be able to support the eighteen cities that they had to separate amongst the three strong holds. There had been doubts about the act, and his use of the Superiors to transport the destroyed Towers. Others had complained that it was a desecration to the resting place of so many dead. Zeydar had done it anyway. He had yet completed the one around the launch facility.

“Yes,” Evester answered. Looking at the pictures, Evester knew that the monstrous shape would not fall easily.

“You say that because he’s your partner.” Graceon rolled his eyes and looked at Endwin. “What do you think?”

“We have to believe in Zeydar.” Endwin laughed. “I believe that he will be able to do it. You get the public sentiment to agree with us. Evacuations of the eighteen weaker cities has already begun.”

“In six days? I would be better to put as many people into all of the—“

“The Towers can fall.” Evester reminded him. “Zeydar is doing what he thinks is best for defense and my father and Uly agree. We should not disagree with them.” 

Evester did not completely understand why it was that Zeydar was trying to cut the cities down to twenty-one, but he would defend Zeydar. If Zeydar thought it was for the best, then Evester would agree.

Graceon rolled his eyes. He looked back to the files. “It will be work to convince the Circles, let alone the Xs. The Stars have agreed right? Can we have them talk about the safety of the structures?”

“Yes.” Majorie could speak about it and try to convince the world of their skill. They were freely assisting now, and everyone could see that. Not that Evester was sure that Zeydar was giving them a choice. The Stars had magic, meant to protect the rest of society. They could not be the first to flee, but Evester did not trust them to watch his back.

“You don’t seem certain.” Graceon picked up.

“Zeydar will keep them in line.” Andre said then handing another thing to Endwin.

“Yes.” Endwin placed the new papers down. “These are the designs for the communities that we wish to place immediately upon landing. As you can see, their designs are dependent on the control and cooperation of the Stars.”

Graceon looked over the plans. “This is also wholly dependent on the sustainability and breathability of the planet.”

“We have to cooperate with the life that already exists there.” Endwin sighed, “Although, per Uly’s suggestions, life will be at a state of existence, but not necessarily consciousness.”

Evester nodded. On the table were listings of names and which of the twenty-one ships they would be placed into in space, names were crossed out and moved around. Officials and big name leaders were being assigned to ships in a way that separated them and put them all in an equal position of power. EverDanger had yet to be assigned.

“Does that not bother you? Things could change between now and then. What if life does evolve and we then become the invaders?” Graceon asked.

“We have to trust Uly, that we won’t do that.” Evester said, although he was not sure that people would look fondly at another turn around. Either they took the planet or not. Humans were selfish. He had to believe Uly when Uly said that there would not be life. He’d rather not be the enemy.

“I’ll take your word for it then.” Graceon returned his focus to the papers at hand. “When does the freezing begin?”

“Soon. The ships that are done are already at capacity without it.” Endwin sighed. “Within the next few hours the beginning rounds of cyrostasis will begin.”

Thousands of people would be frozen, opening up the space for new people to live and stay until they acclimated and were able to be frozen as well.

“Which is why you need me up there.” Graceon leaned back. He and some of the other allied families were to be sent up to control the situation and get people into the cryopods. No one was happy about it. Evester knew that fear was running rampant from the few reports he’d seen in Endwin’s reports, and order was needed. “I’ll do what is necessary.”

Once Graceon helped settle the minds of the Circles and the world regarding the Stars and their makeshift cities, he’d be up into space and help the others who had already arrived, with management and order. They were trusting Graceon a lot, for someone who had no direct tie to EverDanger.

“Control the ships.” Endwin ordered.

“That’s what I said.” Graceon smiled, and then stood up. “My flight leaves shortly, and I have a series of press conferences and interviews to complete before then, so I must take my leave. Keep me in contact with whatever orders you need next.” He then looked at Evester. “Until we meet again.” He then bowed to Endwin. “May the Heir keep her wits about her and the Queen guide us all.”

Evester nodded and Graceon left the room. There was a long silence before Easter looked at Endwin. Endwin stacked up his papers. It was his sign that they were done talking for the time period. When Endwin and Andre left, Evester was left melting into his chair from the stress.

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