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37 Days Until Certainty And the Uncertain End 

Heia walked with Kim and May through the Mages who were training, based on what Heia had taught months ago. Hundreds of mages had gathered. All Mages who were capable, three stars or above, learned the techniques as those with magic below were being tasked with aiding the reinforcements of the three strong holds. Thousands of stars had been dropped from their studies and forced into the battle within three days. 

There were those giving their magic, when necessary, to assist with the teleportation of civilians to the cities, and others who were helping with making new walls outside of the Ovaria, Avalain, and the launch site. Those nelow rank three were helping with the creation of homes for the displaced civilians, and helping with registration. The mages were helping in full, for the first time ever.

Heia heard whispers in passing of those who knew of Zeydar taking over as the Patriarch. There were those who were disgruntled by the news, but most did not react. Superiors had moved all the texts of their physical libraries into crates. The halls were emptied and held for supplies from the other cities, for food and the likes. People were moving at all times to assist, and no one was able to be lazy.

“They look angry.” Kim laughed.

“They are angry.” May answered. “But they will not be for long.”

“What makes you say that?” Heia asked. “They hate that Zeydar took over.”

“They hate him because he was made into a pariah. However.” May pointed over to a few set of students who were working harder. “There are those who know that Zeydar is the best amongst us.”

“Will this work?”

“Zeydar believe that it will.” Kim sighed. “We have little time.”

The idea of moving eighteen cities to three locations and reinforcing only twenty-one places, was beyond comprehension. There were millions of people that were at risk, and Heia did not know how Zeydar was planning to defend the larger cities in the way he planned. Yes, the military would be reinforced, but the Tower could not support all the people if the wall failed.

“Enough time to get them ready to fight. Zeydar has broken the block on what the military mages have done. They’ll see the videos. They hear us now speaking of what they have done, and they will be curious.” May laughed. “And then they will see the videos of what Zeydar has done. They will believe him like we do.”

Heia saw Shawn working with Kony, showing some of the other Stars, how to use holoblades. Her brother’s voice had changed to a deeper one, commanding. She watched as he laughed and joked with other students. 

“He does not command himself like a Superior.” May sighed. From what Heia understood, her brother had failed the tests. However Zeydar had not rebuked him and said he needed more training. Instead, he was an enigma as Zeydar was. She had faith that in time her brother would know enough to be a Superior in full, however for now she knew that Zeydar needed his help.

“Does he need to?” Heia asked.

“No.” May laughed. “Him acting this way is exactly the way that Zeydar has acted.”

There was a chorus of laughter from near Kony, who then shouted at them to get to work. He then flashed another smile, and they laughed again, headed off to work.

If only the Mages had stood beside them from the beginning, as the Project had intended. Perhaps things would not have gotten to where they were. However, there was little time for her to think of what was. Not when she needed to think of what was to come. 

“Not much time now.” Kim said looking up to the sky dome. 

“We will win this fight.”

“That was never in question.”

They would win. They would survive. What came after was the set of choices that they had made. 

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