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38 Days Until Sentimentality And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar sat amongst the group, looking over the plans and the maps that Uly had made. He then looked at the reports that Maverin had given him. There was a note from Maverin in them that said he needed to read them all. They were his detailed notes on the Aralax, their bodies, and their social structure. As the others talked, Zeydar read quickly, placing it all into his memory. 

“We will see the attacks in all these places.” Uly explained against the holograms.

“We must evacuate these Towers in full.” Maverin pointed to Towers and then to LowerLand cities. “And these cities.”

“I have applied the evacuation numbers, now that we have started evacuations early, things have changed.” Uly then changed the hologram. “If we can do it in time, these will be the twenty-one x cities and eighteen towers left we will have to defend. It will be tight.”

“What do you mean?” Estashia asked. “We can succeed with all the others?”

“This is the ideal, moving at our fastest, along with the understanding that the evacuations are moved in and orderly manner, without pushing and rush. There is a large chance we will be left with more cities. We have had some setbacks with some of the movements of people and things are a bit of a problem.”

“How large is this army?” Zeydar asked looking at the maps.

Uly brought up another projection. “Their final assault on us. If the Project holds, then… This is the last one.”

“Pushed up by other events.” Maverin sighed. “They will let us die to our own devices.”

“And will attack our major strong holds.”

“Can we move everyone between twenty-one locations?” Zeydar asked looking at the numbers and calculating his mages. They had enough fighter power, but most of his Mages were not trained to kill real creatures. Those that were military mages were better off, but even they did not have the training that Heia had been able to give them. He wanted to get it down even further, but he had a feeling that it would not be possible.

“To twenty-one?” Estashia asked. “Do we even have the space?”

“We could, in theory, move all the people to those twenty-one locations, the eighteen Towers and the remaining X cities, but of where would we put everyone?” Europa asked.

“What are the safest places?” Zeydar asked instead.

“The primary launch site, Avalain, and this Tower, Ovaria.” Uly answered. “The Tower Ovaria is the Tower that has taken the least damage in this disaster.” Avalain was Alan Penn’s home city, both above and below ground. It was defensible against most of the natural disasters against it, compared to the majority of other locations.

Zeydar looked over the natural disaster reports. There were more floods, more earthquakes. The world was splitting and the storms were ravaging the coasts. Most of the ideal protected locations would not be safe from the natural disasters. Zeydar thought of the collapsed Towers and the structure of the towers. It would be foolish to believe it possible, no?

“What about three?”

“Three?” Uly whispered, choking on his words. “No. That’s not possible.”

“These numbers are under the intention that everyone in the Towers can retreat into the Towers and those at the Undercities can retreat underground to hide. Only, the natural disasters are going to make all the locations but these three, as danger zones. We can lose millions.”

“There is no place to put everyone.”

“But can we move everyone?” Zeydar asked. He searched for the number of resources. There were planes moving people from the launch site, but not all the planes and transports were being used. He could get the Stars to make homes for the people, temporary shelters for them all, that just had to last thirty days. He could get the Superiors to use teleportation magic to move people in mass if necessary.

“We will not be able to defend them.”

“Leave that to me.” Zeydar thought of the destroyed Towers again. He flexed his muscles pulling at the collective of all the Star magic. He could use their magic and his own to retrieve the parts of the towers and make new defensive shields around the final three locations.

“We can’t get everyone to three locations,” Maverin said solemnly, “But we can cut it to twenty-one. Would that work?”

“Twenty-One?” He could make defenses around twenty-one, but even then the natural disasters… “Possibly, but we should put priority on getting as many people as possible to the three main strong holds, I’ll reinforce everything that I can.”

“What can you do?” Kony asked.

“I can defend all three locations, with walls from previous Towers and magic, should you let me. Drop the fronts down to twenty-one. Combine the militaries.”

The others nodded. There were twenty-one total cities, and three main cities housing the most? That could work. He could make it work. It would not be perfect, but that was fine.

“Send as many of the X’s up first.” Heia demanded then.

“Agreed.” Evester nodded.

“Thirded.” Zeydar nodded. The Stars had done too much to hurt the others and the Circles needed to learn what it would be like to lose their comfort. Besides he needed all their magic, working around the clock to move as many civilians as he could. Zeydar looked at Estashia who seemed to be understanding something else.

“This will push our people.” Estashia warned them. Oh. Right, this could push for issues. Zeydar shook his head.

“So be it. We deserve it.” Kim stated with a nod.

“Alan, what say you?” Estashia asked the projection of the man, and the other X leaders. 

“Are you sure of this?” The man asked her. “Other than the soldiers?”

“Leave those who wish to volunteer. All others will be sent up at the best rate that we have. They have helped enough. My mages can do the rest.” Zeydar said. “Uly, we are ahead of schedule with the completed space ships, yes?”

“Yes. We have more than we expected, ready. But the last nine are not done. We don’t have the resources in space to house everyone.”

“Send them to space, start the cryostasis if necessary, but start mass evacuations now.”

“We need soldiers, no?” Alan Penn repeated.

“You have me.” Zeydar turned to the screens. If they could not fight then he would. The mages would. He would destroy all the Aralax.

All looked to him.

“Then we agree.” Alan nodded.

“And we will agree.” Estashia agreed.

“Then the decision is made. I can guarantee that I shall see to it that the mages hold our defenses.” Zeydar glanced to Kony and May who nodded. He sighed as Uly changed the projection to two planets. Then a date appeared, followed by another number.

“This is our countdown, to when my calculations will be completed.”

“Can you transfer your research to Avalain?” Estashia asked him.

“Yes, but we may risk interference if Zeydar uses a lot of magic.” Uly looked amongst them. “We will have to trust it to run everything on its own without our interference.” Then then took another breath. “We will require it of such.”

Estashia nodded. Zeydar looked between those around him and then leaned back. Uly once more changed the screen, and they looked over the storage numbers and survivors numbers. A few notes on the space ships, made Zeydar curious. Confused a bit, he decided not to bring them up, knowing that it was not the time and that he’d have to ask Maverin about it later. There had to be more fuel, or perhaps they were going to use gravity to their advantage. Otherwise what they had would only get one ship to the new home…

Shaking his head, Zeydar focused on Maverin and Uly. Maverin met his eye and smiled.

Yes. He had more important things to think of than a typo.

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