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38 Days Until Sentimentality And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester rested his chin in the crook of his arm, staring at Zeydar’s sleeping face. Zeydar’s eyes fluttered, and he sighed deeply to himself. Evester never wanted to forget his face. He knew that he had trusted Zeydar but the fear had almost consumed him, thinking that the plan had failed.

“Why are you watching me?” Zeydar asked, his voice low and broken up by the sound of sleep and disuse. When Zeydar opened up his eyes, Evester saw the sleep leave them. Zeydar reached to Evester, placing his hand behind Evester’s neck. “Are you still angry?”

“I am not.” Evester had not been angry since Zeydar had explained what had happened. Zeydar had doubted himself, given in, and he himself was not sure if that were the different types of whiteshade or his own mentality breaking. Hearing about how they had almost broken Zeydar completely, made Evester realize just how much his words had helped. He could not be angry. Just as he knew that Zeydar was not angry about the secrets that Evester had exposed.

Even then, the pain had not subsided.

“Thirty eight days.” Evester said burying his head against Zeydar’s shoulder. Zeydar began to rub soothing circles on his back again.

“We have another set of battles in eight days, what are you worried for the Uncertain End for?” Zeydar chuckled. Evester then sat up abruptly at the sound. As he did, Zeydar propped himself up as well. “Done sulking?”

“I love you.” Evester said with as much sincerity as he could muster. 

“What has gotten you sentimental Evester Igilistal?” Zeydar sat up completely.

“We need to get up.” Evester smiled at him. “I’m consumed enough of your time, Patriarch.”

“I hate that title.” Zeydar said biting his lower lip. “Tyler always told me to despise it. It and every one of them. I’ll make sure that that the system is completely reformed.”

“When the tablet is broken and we are in the new world, then it will not matter. You can get rid of it then.”

“And for now?”

“You and Kony have a people to control, yes?”

“Yes.” Zeydar sighed, looking past Evester into the dark room. “You forgive me?”

“There is nothing to forgive. I should have trusted you. I should ask for your forgiveness.” Evester said reaching out. Zeydar grabbed his arm and flipped Evester to his back. The two shared a few kisses, with laughter, before pulling themselves out of bed. Evester pulled on clothes of purple and gold, laying his hair back with gel. Zeydar dressed in all black, and Evester helped with the buttons. When Zeydar pulled his hood over his head, they left the room, and found Kony in the dining room similarly dressed.

“Ready?” Kony asked.

“Yes.” Zeydar answered, grabbing a few things from the table. 

“We’ll be back tonight.” Shawn said as he stood from the table. 

Evester sat down, watching as Zeydar, Shawn, and Kony left. He sighed and began to eat. Letting Zeydar leave worried him, but now that Zeydar had control over the Superiors, he felt more secure. 

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