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39 Days Until Renewal And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia gaped at her brother who hurried to stay aside next to Phil who had taken a seat. There was a sharp snap of electricity in the room before the figures of five individuals appeared in the center of the room. Shawn and May held a man down on his knees. He was old, and worn, aged more than Heia had seen him last. By Zeydar’s side was Majorie. She stood with her hands behind her back, in handcuffs.

“Estashia, I give you the man and woman who kidnapped Evester and Heia.”

His deep voice rang out and was punctuated by the sound of a falling bowl as Evester leapt up and nearly tackled Zeydar to the ground. Evester hugged him and while Heia was not sure he was crying, she knew could see the fact that Zeydar was caught off guard by the action. 

Heia watched as Zeydar whispered something to him, and then while hugging Evester looked at Estashia. He looked perturbed but then sighed. He continued to hug Evester as he held out his hand with his Staff to the man on the ground.

“Anthony Valarus,” Zeydar said “You can prosecute him for the control of the Stars and the attempted murder of Heia and Evester.”

“What about her?” Heia asked pointing at Majorie.

“This is Majorie Havelus, my mother. She, as most of the other Superiors, was controlled to do what she did.” Zeydar answered. “She should be charged with the kidnapping of Heia and Evester.”

“I will subject myself to whatever punishment you wish to give me.” She got to her knees next to the man on the ground.

“I’d rather use her to help control the Stars.” Zeydar met Heia’s eyes. “When we get to the new home, you can do what you want. I know I will not be kind, but… she was forced to do it by the connection.”

“Is the connection broken?” Estashia asked.

“No.” Zeydar answered. “I have control over it. Everyone has freedom to do what they want, but should they reach out to undermine us, I will stop them, immediately. Once we get to the new planet, I’ll break the tablet for good.” 

Estashia nodded. Evester was shaking and Zeydar’s hand on his back was moving in small circles. Zeydar whispered something to Evester again, and Evester nodded. Evester stood with red eyes but more sturdy than he had in the last few hours. He grabbed Zeydar’s hand.

“What happened to you all?” Kony asked. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“We thought Zeydar died.” Uly answered.

“What?” Zeydar asked. “But I…”

“The pain must have made their memories of what happened clouded.” Majorie said. 

“And then you kept the Star Campus under lock,” Shawn said “Have you all thought we were dead for this long?”

There was a brief silence before Zeydar groaned. “That was so I could take over easily. Even now, I don’t feel good being away from the campus too long.” Zeydar then looked back to Heia. “I wanted to send Majorie back to keep control.”

“Do you trust her?” Heia asked.

“Me? No. She drugged me for years. But, I know her magic and know that she’s been fighting against the control for years, to no avail. I hate her too, but…”

Heia nodded. “Send her back.”

Heia doubted that Evester was going to let Zeydar walk away any time soon. 

“I’ve blocked Anthony’s magic,” Zeydar said. Zeydar then sent Majorie back before looking at Estashia. 

“Then. We shall take him.” Estashia said. She took out her mobile, to make a call. She called back one last time as she left the room, “Welcome home.” 

Shawn and May back off from the man who seemed forced into silence, and then forced into a bubble by magic. Evester then pulled Zeydar away back to Heia, Uly, and Kim. He sat Zeydar down and only when Zeydar sat, did Evester seem to breathe.

“You should eat.” Evester whispered.

“Yes.” Zeydar smiled at him. 

“What did you do?” Evester asked instead of moving.

“Used the tea to crack the glass. There was a spell and whiteshade in that room hindering my powers. I cracked the spell at its weak point and then focused.” Zeydar answered. “I’m sorry it took me longer than I expected.”

There was a lot more to it that he was not saying but he had done it, and ultimately only the result mattered. He’d need help, just as they all would one day, but for now he’d saved them.

Heia leaned her head against Zeydar. “I forgive you.”

Evester then sat, and Uly got up to get them all food. This time when Heia tried to eat, she was able.

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