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39 Days Until Renewal And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester woke to a dark room where everyone was asleep next to him. He stared at Heia who was hugged by Kim. It took a moment for him to register that he was being held as well. For a moment he traced the hand hoping that it was someone else.

“Are you awake?” Uly asked from behind him.

Evester’s eyes immediately watered and he turned over to face Uly. “No word?”

“None yet.” Uly sighed. He placed his hand on Evester’s forehead. “Let’s get you some food.”

“I’m not hungry.” Evester pressed his head against Uly’s shoulder.

“That’s why you need to eat.” Uly rubbed his back. “Come on.” 

Evester followed Uly from the room where others were sleeping to the house that was lit in the mid-afternoon light. His feet felt heavy. His soul did felt chained. In the ballroom his siblings were working. Endwin looked back at him as he entered. Uly sat him down and then went to get food.

“How are you?” Europa asked. 

“Strange.” Evester answered. His sister never asked about him. He had a feeling there was a lot of nevers to be broken that day and no one wanted admit it. No one was able to say a word. There was a chance everything worked and there was a chance that Shawn, May, Kony, Phil, and Zeydar were dead.

“That’s okay.” Endwin nodded.

“What has mom done?” Evester asked.

“Not much. The Star Campus is still under lock,” Endwin answered.

“We are preparing for all out war with the Stars,” Europa said honestly. 

“That won’t happen. Not yet,” Uly said, placing food before Evester.

“What do you need me to do?” Evester asked.

“For now? Nothing. Rest,” Europa answered.

Evester hated the sound of it. He picked at the food, losing complete interest. He thought of how he had exposed every secret that Zeydar had given him, unwillingly. He had tried, tried everything that he could to make sure that Zeydar would not fall to the Dreams, that he missed the idea that Zeydar might sacrifice himself. He knew that Zeydar might sacrifice himself by taking the dreams, but actually destroying himself and fighting instead? It had never crossed his mind.

“Eat,” Uly whispered.

“Fine,” The soup tasted like sand and chalkboard but he swallowed it.

Evester played with the meal for long enough that all the others woke up and joined him. They ate little, and drank less. There was not much conversation other than the slight sound of whispers. There was the sound of keyboards and pens, as Europa and Endwin worked. It was as everyone was sitting on the floor, within the ball room, that Estashia returned to them from her constant meetings.

“Any word?” Europa asked her.

“We got a notice that all was well, and that under common practice for the Superior exams.” Estashia answered sitting down and Evester’s gut turned. “Even with our proof that you were taken, without due cause we can not barge in.”

“What else can we do?” Endwin asked as Evester looked to his wrist, remembering the feeling of Zeydar grabbing him. He should have reach out and grabbed Zeydar. He shouldn’t have let him slip through his fingers. 

“Not much.” The woman answered when there was a sudden crash.

“Sorry. Sorry.” Kony’s voice resonated from down the hall. Evester jumped to his feet.

“Kony?” Kori called out, hesitant. There was a long silence, all pens and keys stopped. Evester watched as everyone turned to the doorway. Kori tried again, louder. “Kony!”

“Ah. Over here.” Kony appeared at the doorway for the ballroom. He was dressed in a Black Superior uniform with a Staff in his hands. “Excellent.”

Evester’s skin crawled at the smile that Kony gave. He stepped inside. With his Staff he directed everyone to the sides of the room. “Move, move. Please and thank you.”

“Kony?” Karla repeated.

“God, Kony.” Phil limped in from behind Kony. “I’m going to be sore for a week.”

“I didn’t know how we would land. Sorry.” Kony laughed. He then stepped into the center of the room. He used his wind magic to move everyone in the room away from the center. He placed his Staff into the center of the room, and knelt down. He began whispering something as Phil smiled at the others.

“What’s with that look for?” Phil asked. His eyes landed on Evester. “Holy hell. What did they do to you both?”

“Where is he?” Evester whispered.

Kony jumped up and raced aside. Evester looked to the center of the room, his heart threatening to leap from his chest. 

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