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39 Days Until Renewal And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia wrapped herself in the blanket tighter, leaning against Kim as she watched the others who hovered around her and Evester. Evester was out cold on the flood, covered by blankets, with Uly at his side. They had sedated him hours ago when he had threatened to get back to the Star campus. Shawn, Phil, Kony, May, Zeydar none of them had returned. Europa hovered in the doorway, speaking to Rayda and Layla. Andre sat at the table with Endwin reworking plans if Zeydar had failed. Estashia was off somewhere in the house discussing with the council members as Maverin worked on the planet predictions for Uly, who was supporting Evester.

The Star betrayal had arrived.

Crass held Karla and Kori who had cried themselves to sleep at the news that there was a chance that Kony was controlled by the Stars. Onyx and Lynx walked around the room giving people food and drinks. The ballroom had been changed into their place of operations since Heia and Evester had been captured. Now that they had returned, no one wanted to let them out of their sight. Robee gave Heia a hot water bottle as Trace spoke soft to Uly.

Heia watched as Uly placed his hand on Evester’s back protectively.

“You can go to him, if you need to.” Heia told Kim for the seventh time.

“No. I’m holding you.” Kim told her. “Evester has Uly.”

“But if Zeydar is dead…” She needed Kim, but Evester would need her more. 

“If that is the case, then I will hold him. Me and Uly will take care of it.” She said as if it were another task, if it were everyday that her best friend lost the person he loved. Kim breathed out against Heia’s temple and kissed her. “I almost lost you.”

Heia grabbed her tighter. 

“Eat.” Lynx handed them food. “Drink water.”

“Thanks Lynx.”

Heia grabbed the cup, placing the hot water bottle on her lap, as Kim took the plates of food. Heia sipped at the water watching as Evester continued to sleep. She picked at the food when Kim handed her a plate. 

“I’m not hungry.” Heia admitted. The moment that Zeydar had sent them back to the manor, without him, they’d been left in the dark. Heia could only remember the pain. She remembered Zeydar throwing the tea cup and then there had been a moment where he grabbed a man, before pain. 

She felt sick.

Evester had been able to give a better account of what happened. That Zeydar had done something, to break free of their control on him. He too could not remember everything: pieces. Zeydar healing them both. Zeydar sending them away. Pain and then healing, with little time between. All they knew was that Zeydar had left himself behind to face them alone.

“You need to eat.” Lynx dropped to her knees before Heia. “Keep your strength up.”

Heia looked into her eyes and then nodded eating slowly. She chewed at it, as Lynx moved on to the others. Rayda was next over to Heia, talking with her about her experiences with the Stars. Heia had been ambivalent to the Stars in the past, but she hated the Superiors then. The torture clung to her bones and her mind, scars that would not heal any time soon. 

“She’s going to need professional help.” Rayda told Kim.

“We all will.” Kim sighed, holding Heia tighter, taking the plate that was half eaten from Heia’s hands.

Heia watched as Estashia entered the room and spoke with Europa and Endwin. She then walked over to Evester, speaking to Uly. The woman knelt down and moved her son’s hair. She looked at him with a pained expression.

“Go and take her to bed.” Estashia spoke towards Kim and Heia despite looking at Evester. “We’ve gotten word that Star Campus is still on lock down. No information in or out. We won’t know anything for a few hours. It’s best to get rest. Let’s move you all to another room, and we will continue working here.”

“Okay.” Kim said squeezing Heia. “Time to sleep then.”

Heia was walked by Kim to the room where the group had slept the night of Uly’s party. Crass and Andre carried Kori and Karla over as well. Crass then returned to help Uly with Evester. Kim laid down next to Heia. Heia grabbed Evester’s hand when he was next to her. Uly laid down next to Evester, and exhausted, Heia let herself fall into a restless slumber. Her body no longer could take the stress.

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