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40 Days Until Retribution And the Uncertain End (part 5)

Zeydar looked at the teacup in his hands. Every time he had ever taken the drug, it had dulled his mind, taking away the pain. It was like a lullaby whisking him away into happiness. But not always. Sometimes it was terror. He’d learned to change the dreams and now looking at the tea, smelling it, he craved it.


For days he had lived a life without the pain, able to circulate his magic in full without having to have it eating at him. He had learned what it felt like not to be burned with each breath. He had seen what his full power could do. He had learned to control himself. Although holding the tea in his hands, made his body crave it. He had found that he was worth something and that his magic was needed. He had learned to like himself. Perhaps even love himself, one day. Looking at the tea, he was filled with desire but so much rage that it made him take a deep breath.

He looked once more around the room.

“Stop stalling.” Superior Anthony demanded of him.

Zeydar looked at the man and then to the door behind him. He could make out the carvings, feel the way that the whiteshade berated him with dull fogginess. Zeydar looked back to the tea and then took one last deep breath.

Zeydar looked one last time at Evester and Heia. They were in pain, like him. They were hurt, like him. And they believed in him when he didn’t even believe in himself. The anger bubbled to the surface as he looked at himself. He would not be a coward.

What is the percentage? Uly had asked him over and over. What was the chance for success with Kony? High. Without Kony? Slim to none. But, any percentage meant there was a chance.

Zeydar did not intend for the tea cup to break the window. He figured that it would not. But as he threw it, the tea splashed against the runes etched into the glass, a powerful aura wafting and sizzling where the different variants of the whiteshade met.

“Fine! I’ll make the choice for you!” The Superior Supre— no, Superior Anthony said nodding to Majorie, holding out his arm. Zeydar grasped the man’s arm and felt the pulsation rush through his body. He focused on the magic, on the man’s magic and thought of himself. For years he’d been controlled by this man and the Superiors. Zeydar focused on himself. 

“What are you!” Superior Anthony shouted, as Zeydar pushed his magic through the man, ripping the magic from the outside world into the room through the scratches that had appeared on the glass. The tea dripped and pulled the whiteshade from the glass and creating a gap that Zeydar then used to blast into the man’s head. 

The man fought back against Zeydar as Majorie tried to pull him back.

Kony! If the connection was one way, he could make it two. He searched for Kony’s familiar magic in the connection that Anthony had wrapped around him. He felt the small flicker of Kony’s magic and tugged at it, trying to contact Kony, taking off the controls, the directive to stay away.

Majorie peeled him off and pulled him back. Superior Anthony stumbled back, his Staff began to glow again. His eyes were filled with fury that made Zeydar all the more angry.

“How dare you!”

How dare he? No. How dare the Superiors? He would rip Superior Anthony apart if it was the last thing he did.

“What did you think? You could latch on to me like you did through Kony? You will not and we will control you.” The man lifted his hands towards Evester and Heia.

Majorie contained Zeydar as he tried to get out of her arms and towards the two who began screaming. He focused on the sound. It was painful, terrible, and only made Zeydar think of Evester’s heartbeat. They trusted him.

Zeydar’s magic began to swell. The tea pulled apart the white shade. The cracks grew. Energy burst forward and consumed him. The world slowed. The sounds ceased. For a moment he was safer than he’d ever been in his life. All magic was at his fingertips. Hundreds of lives were laid bare for him to see, to touch, to grasp.

“Stop. Stop.” Majorie cried holding him back, her magic resonating with him in a way that he had never felt before. In her he found a familiar sensation, like home, like Tyler. 

He had never hugged Majorie, refused to touch her for what she had done to him. However, his magic knew her. She had carried him for nine months, her magic connecting to him and supporting them both. Calculations ran in his mind, new predictions, considerations, numbers, and then he focused on his last breath and ignored the rest. The familiarity was a warm embrace and through it, Zeydar was able to latch on to the connection, from the connection towards Kony and then in a second, he was everywhere and nowhere at once.

He knew that Kony had run back inside the Superior conference room and grabbed the superior tablet as it was being moved, connecting himself to it. Through Majorie, to Kony and through Kony into the tablet, Zeydar twisted the magic, pulled at it, shaped it to his will and connected himself to the tablet, stealing the control away from Anthony. It was a split second, nothing more than the distance between Majorie’s stop and his own.


Zeydar controlled the man, feeling as Majorie’s arms around him relaxed. He stood and broke the multiple controls over her, freeing her mind and her magic from the supreme control that had been placed on it for the first time in years. Superior Anthony looked at Zeydar horrified. He tried to get the control back but was unable to, without the tablet and even with it, Zeydar would never relinquish control.

Power swelled in Zeydar as he stripped Superior Anthony of it all, claiming all their minds for himself, and binding the tablet to him through Kony. He offered his mother a hand, and she stood up. He walked past her and Superior Anthony to teleport into the other room, harnessing the magic in the world to heal Evester and Heia. He washed their skin of the runes, and the dreams that had entered their blood. He healed their wounds, erased the multiple layers of spells that were carved to their bodies. All magic was erased from them, as if the magic and the dreams had never touched them. Heia passed out and Evester began to faed. Zeydar unbound them. 

Zeydar immediately transported them to Estashia far from him. He looked back to the two Superiors.

“A meeting has been called. All Superiors report.” He spoke to every Superior around the world. He woke them, controlled them, and then released them from the terror that had choked them for years. He then released them all, save the slightest contact to the connection that told them that he could rebind them if he deemed it necessary. With another step, Zeydar transported himself to Kony’s side. Kony looked up at him weekly. “Good work.”

“I’m sorry. I…”

“No. Good work. Smart move.” Connecting to the tablet directly had been faster.

“How?” Kony asked.

“The only person I have a stronger connection with, than you, is the one who gave birth to me.” Zeydar then looked to the Superior Supreme’s place the Patriarch chair and flew up to it. He sat as Superior Anthony and Superior Majorie entered the room. Zeydar opened up every video connection, and offered Kony a seat next to him on the right as Majorie sat on his left. In moments all of the Superiors of the world, looked at Zeydar with fear. Kony clung to the tablet, unwilling to let it go, with eyes of a cornered beast. Zeydar let his own fury slip and pour out from him.

“Now then, let’s discuss your new found freedom.” Zeydar said leaning back and crossing his leg over the other. Zeydar’s powers were ignited, blazing, flying off of him. He threatened them all with the lightest of touches via the connection and when they called him the Superior Supreme he shook his head.

There would be no supreme leader, no superior supreme, no patriarch. Not anymore. Zeydar would control them, because he didn’t trust them, but he would not force them to respect him. They already feared him, now it was time that he got their respect.

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