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40 Days Until Retribution And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Heia was shaking. One of them would die? Between the hallucinations and visions, she had heard the words. Evester’s consistent tapping, and chanting had settled her on the present. It was something he’d never done before, and was the only reason she knew it was real. Upon the arrival of Zeydar, Heia had felt ease. She could not see him but hearing his voice had been enough to cut through the dreams. Then the Stars had begun talking about things she could not fully comprehend between the echoing voices.

She was not certain of the implication when it was first said, but when Zeydar confirmed she dropped her head. Her or Evester, one of them had to die? No. Zeydar would chose to hinder himself. He would never chose one of them to die and the Superiors with him knew that. Zeydar had seen enough death, it traumatized him. He’d pick hurting himself over hurting them any day.

“No,” Evester snapped from behind her. He stopped the chat, but continued to tap.

“Evester?” Zeydar asked.

“Zeydar you worked for this,” Evester whispered.

“I can’t chose between the two of you,” Zeydar answered.

“Then don’t. Pick Heia.”


Heia could hear Zeydar’s heart breaking. She stared at the mirror, watching as it turned from a mirror to a window. Zeydar stood in the room, devastated. He was with a man and the woman that– Majorie! Zeydar’s mom. How had she forgotten the name? How…

“No, that would reveal Maverin.” Zeydar disagreed. “We need him.”

“You can not go back on Dreams. Focus, Zeydar. The end war is dependent on you.” Evester snapped. The sound of Evester’s taps changed ever so lightly. Heia dropped her eyes, listening to the code, and understanding then. She then started paying close attention to Evester’s words. “Pick me.”

“Evester. I… I need it.”

“I know you do. I know it hurts.” Evester said. “One day you won’t need it. Three years from now. Five. Ten. It will not matter.”

“If I just…”

“If you take it, then our chance at winning disappears.”

“I can’t—“

“Pick Heia.” 

“I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t lose me. Chose to kill. Keep your mind, your focus. My life has never mattered, but yours does.”


“Listen to me Zeydar.” Evester then said. “One day you won’t need it. And on that day, you’ll have nothing that can hurt you. You gave me an oath.”

Heia glanced up to Zeydar. Evester was telling them both to focus on him. To focus on him. She didn’t understand the message, but she also knew that it wasn’t for her. He had been tapping before in the odd rhythmic heartbeat, and it was then that Heia understood. From the beginning, Evester was looking at it as an EverDanger mission. He had known there were calculated risks and now they had to put their full belief in Zeydar. EverDanger members trusted each other. She had to.

“Listen to me, Zeydar.” Evester pleaded to the window. “Remember. You gave me an oath that no one would take your clarity ever again.”

“You swore you’d never do anything stupid,” Zeydar disagreed.

“I never promised that.” Evester laughed. 

“There is no guarantee that they will…” Zeydar stopped talking. It was then that he stopped talking. Heia recognized the tapping changed. It was the rhythmic ba-dum from before. There was silence in the room as Zeydar stared at them and Heia knew what it was. A singular heartbeat that Zeydar had memorized.

“Is that not charming.” The Superior man laughed. “Trying to remind him of a heartbeat Evester?”

“I gave you all that I know.” Evester told them.

“Kony is not here, Zeydar. Your plan will not work. Make your choice. Evester. Heia. Or yourself.”

Evester stopped tapping. He faced the window and Heia faced Zeydar with him. EverDanger for life. It did not mean that they were forced to pick EverDanger forever. It meant that they needed to trust EverDanger if they wanted to survive. Take the risk, calculated, and know everything would be okay. She’d trusted Evester. She could trust Zeydar. No…

“I trust you.” She told Zeydar. “I always have. I always will.”

She met his eyes behind the glass and saw how he shuddered at the words and folded in on himself. 

“Three of us as one, Zeydar.” Heia told him.

“Three of us as one.” Evester agreed. “I trust you. I love you.”

Zeydar closed his eyes.

“Give me the tea.”

Heia’s heart sank as Zeydar turned to Majorie.

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