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43 Days Until Abduction And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar felt as if the world had broken. He looked at Maverin, at Estashia, at all those in the room who were staring up at him. The words resounded in his head, but they didn’t exactly make sense. It couldn’t be possible. There was no way. There was no way. There was no—

“Say that again.” Zeydar hissed.

“He was…” Europa said clearing her throat, tears at the corners of her eyes.

He had not felt it? Wasn’t someone supposed to know when their loved ones were hurt? Wasn’t he supposed to be powerful enough to sense it? How had the Superiors pulled one over him? How had they gotten through his defenses without him knowing? Why had he not expected them to attack Evester and Heia? Why had he been so selfish to think that they’d only focus on him. They’d pulled one over him, and he was furious.

“I’m going to kill them.” Zeydar had no idea where they would have taken Evester. He knew no such place on the Star campus that could be used as a dungeon. What other secrets were they hiding from him? Were they already evacuating Stars into space without warning? No, Uly would have noticed. Right? He was not too late, was he?

“No.” Kony grabbed him. “We have a plan.”

“The plan doesn’t matter if they have Evester and Heia. They’ll use them to control me too.” Zeydar could see it now. They were doing something magically to the two of them. 

“Which means that you are the winner.” Estashia directed Zeydar’s attention to her. “They were desperate enough to get onto the property to take Evester and Heia.”


“You told me you could win if they had me.” Kony insisted.

“That’s because I knew the magic they’d use to control you. I won’t know what they have on Heia and Evester. It could take me months to find out. I can’t just connect to them like I can with your magic.” Zeydar told him. He looked to them all. “If I try to take over the connection, it could cause the magic on them to activate. We don’t know what it is. Until that is broken I won’t be able to use the connection with Kony.”

“No.” Shawn hissed. “You can do it. You have to be able to do it.”

“I—“ Zeydar began looking too May. She shook her head. She agreed with Shawn? Or was she disappointed that it had taken him so long?

“It will be too late if you wait,” Phil agreed. “We need to go forward with the plan.”

“What plan?” Layla asked.

“I know where they might be held, however we will not be able to get in there,” May spoke softly.

“I don’t think you understand, I don’t have a one hundred percent—“ Zeydar snapped.

“What are the chances of failure?” Uly asked.


“The percentage of failure.”

Zeydar paused. He shook his head not wanting to even think of the error.

“Everdanger.” Uly stood up. “Always operates on a margin of error.”


“Zeydar. The longer we wait the more daring they become. The more they will do. They are scared.” Kony urged him. “We have to strike now.”

“I don’t want to risk them.” Zeydar had never wanted to risk any of them. He had done everything in his power to ensure that he’d have a guarantee.

“And you stopped the tower from collapsing based on instinct. You hid us from the Aralax while you were detoxing. You found out how to break and control a spell that has existed for a millennia.” Kony stepped forward to face Zeydar. “They acted because they know you can win. We still win. You need to stop being afraid and calculate the risk and do what you do best.”

“They’re going to…”

“They will expect you to want to wait to figure out the magic on them. We can’t let them have that. We strike now, and take control.” Kony shoved Zeydar’s shoulder. They had not just taken Evester but Heia as well and Zeydar knew Kony was scared for her. This failure was not solely on Zeydar but on Kony too, who believed him without question.

“I could—“

“Percentage?” All of the original EverDanger members repeated. Zeydar opened his mouth and shut it again. He knew the success rate and the margin of error, but he did not want to say it. Only a one hundred percent was acceptable.

Maverin coughed. Zeydar looked to the man who had instilled and implemented the EverDanger protocols. “Do you have an idea of what they might do?”

“No.” Zeydar had no idea. He wouldn’t until he saw them.

“Then you adapt.” Maverin answered. “Listen to them. We plan in retaliation.”

“What is this plan for Kony?” Europa asked.

“I’m going to be his in to the superior connection.” Kony answered. Much to Zeydar’s surprise, no one reacted to the words. Layla sighed and Andre nodded solemnly.

“You will protect him?” Layla asked Zeydar.

“It was my intention but now…”

“Now? Nothing.” Uly shook his head. “We have this game almost wrapped up. We push forward. There will be no casualties. EverDanger never allows for that. Turn the percentage of failure into a perfect success for survival. A lost limb? An injury? You are alive. That’s what matters.”

Zeydar looked to them all. He calculated the numbers, thought of all the potential spells and the counter measures, and then sighed. He needed to act when he was emotional, to make it more believable than planned. He needed to catch the Superiors off guard. “Kony. We are leaving.”

“Where?” Layla asked.

He straightened up his Superior uniform and then dragged Kony over to May, and without answering a question he teleported the three of them to the Star campus.

“How long…” May asked, but Zeydar started in to the Superior building. “May. Kony. Follow.”

He threw open the doors, and then opened the conference room to find it filled with the black hoods of the Superiors. Zeydar was not sure how long they had been waiting, but they were not startled by his arrival, as if they had predicted and wanted it. This was his war, their war, and he’d win. Even if he weren’t one hundred percent ready, he would. He had to.

“Superior Zeydar, you know…” Superior Anthony started.

“Shut it. May is here to protect me. Where are they?” Zeydar snapped.

“We are to be civil in this room.”

“Where are Evester and Heia?” Zeydar rolled his eyes and then brought down his pressure on Superior Anthony, letting them all know that he was angry.


“I will not ask a third time.”

Zeydar felt his magic crackling against their magic. He was ready to kill them all if necessary. He’d save Heia and Evester if it was the last thing he did.

“Killing us, will make them die.” Superior Anthony warned him.

A bluff? Zyedar was not sure, however he knew which spell could make it possible. He had to refrain until he say them both. “What are your demands then? Whiteshade? Kony to become a Superior?”

“Both or a test.”

“What test?”

“A test of our making. You will learn more in the coming days.” Superior Anthony then declared, “Kony’s Superiorship will occur regardless, immediately.”

“What is the test?” Zeydar shifted his weight. If it had to do with whiteshade there was no way he’d win. He knew that.

“Leave now. We will begin Kony’s testing tomorrow.”


“Leave.” The Superior said, and Zeydar felt the pressure of the room bear down not on him, but on Kony and May who were gasping behind him. 

“Fine.” Zeydar hissed, pulling himself together. He walked to May and Kony, helping them up and teleporting away. When he was back in the living room where the others remained talking, May and Kony started coughing. Zeydar collapsed to his knees with silent sobs. 

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