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43 Days Until Abduction And the Uncertain End  (part 1)

Evester pressed his cheek against the table, groaning and exhausted. He wanted to sleep, but no matter how much he tried, all he could think of was how little time they had left and when the next big attack would happen. Zeydar had decimated the army and everything was too quiet.

“If Zeydar is wearing you out then you need to tell him.” Uly spoke from next to him.

“This is not a question on my stamina.” Evester chuckled. The predictions had it that the big fight was still on time. They were risking a lot with how slow they were moving to get everyone into space. They needed to speed things up or there was a chance that they could get blindsided by changes. “I’m tired of this all.”

“We don’t get to be tired.” Uly reminded him.

Kim was with Endwin and Andre, working on the upper class individuals ensuring loyalty. Europa and Layla were with Estashia at the council building. Zeydar, May, Shawn, Phil, and Kony were off at the school. Lynx and Onyx were working on different videos while Rayda was going over preparations for travel. It seemed that every one had something to do but him.

He sat up a bit, staring at the window, seeing his reflection and sighing again.

“Stop that.” Karla kicked him from the other side of the table.

“I can’t help it.” Evester laughed.

There was the sound of a light beeping that immediately cut off. It had been high pitched, a pitch and chirp that sounded like an alarm but more than something had broken than a true siren.

“What was that?” Kori asked.

Uly shut his laptop immediately and Evester jumped to his feet. 

“Crass, Uly, get Kori and Karla to the bunker.”

“What was that?” Kori repeated.

“Someone crossed the property illegally.” Uly answered. He collected his things, and handed them to Crass. “You go down. I need to lock the Igilistal rooms.”

“I’ll get the west then.” Evester decided not to argue with his brother-in-law. Uly nodded and quickly, Evester hurried off, leaving the girls with Crass. He knew that Rayda, Onyx, and Lynx would know the sound and would react. He hurried to the panels to lock up the labs and the files. He typed in his access code and locked it with his retina, before hurrying off to find Heia. She would not know what had happened.

He found Heia in a room, listening to music and making plans in a notebook. “What?”

“We got to move.”


“I don’t–“

There was the sound of an explosion. Evester jumped. Who would be daring enough to attack the Igilistal property? Not only that, but it was broad daylight. Who ever it was, was willing to risk everything for the attack, as there was no way they’d get away. Anyone would see the smoke.

Evester grabbed Heia and pulled her into the hall, towards the secret passages that they could take to get downstairs. They rounded a corner and saw the hall filled with people in Mage uniforms and the Igilistal staff being forced to their knees and knocked out. One by one the five staff members were left on the wall passed out. In the swarm of Mages were three black hooded figures. In their hands they had different types of Staffs as Evester had seen in Kony’s books. 


Question answered on who would be daring enough, Evester knew that there was a chance that the Superiors could get away with the destruction. Magic changed things. Evester tugged at Heia racing her back around when a wall of flames cut their retreat off.

“No.” A woman’s voice sounded. “You don’t get to run.”

Evester glanced back, searching for the entry. If they could getting into the passages then— His mind began to swim, his vision waving, and his body grew heavy. 

“We don’t have time for your antics, Evester.” The woman repeated. Evester fell to his knees squeezing Heia’s hand. Zeydar would get them out of it. When he collapsed down into the tiles, Evester pictured Zeydar’s face when he found out what the Stars had done. This was the beginning of their coup, Evester knew. Was the Project wrong? Was the Star’s betrayal coming early, or was it being set up early?

Evester could picture his father’s handwriting on the documents. Change. Stars. Betrayal?

“Grab them.” The woman said as Evester’s mind fogged more. What sort of magic was being used on him? 

“Why?” Heia asked.

“Why? Because we need a guarantee.” The woman answered. “Zeydar is trying something with that boy, and we need to make sure that what he is planning does not work.”

Zeydar had cornered them, fully. They knew it and were acting in the only way that they could to contain him. This was their betrayal. It was happening. Zeydar had not failed yet, but it was looking bleak. He needed to let Zeydar know he was safe. He needed to tell Zeydar to fight in full and not to hesitate. They could not let the Stars win.

“Should we bring the girl?” A Mage asked.

“We already have her.” The woman nodded. Did that mean that Evester was the only target?

“And the staff?” Another Mage asked.

“They can face the repercussions of failing at their job.” The woman lifted Evester’s chin. Evester could see her face under the hood, similar to Zeydar’s. “Why does he like you?”

Evester’s initial reaction was to be sarcastic, to make a joke, to laugh in her face. He was not scared. He wanted her to know that, however he realized that he wanted to make her afraid. He wanted to warn her what would happen if he was hurt instead. So he gave a threat. “I can make him feel safe.” 

The woman grimaced and then dropped him. “Let’s go.” 

Evester was hoisted up and dragged out. In the windows, he saw Heia being dragged out as well. There was not a vehicle outside but a circle of Mages, waiting to teleport them. They needed a group to do what Zeydar could do on his own? Thinking began to hurt. Evester shut his eyes and let the magic take him

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