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44 Days Until Finality And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia watched as Zeydar drilled Kony on concepts with open books. Kori and Karla sometimes looked over, but both had given up on trying to read the text books written in a different language. Heia had not realized that magic was written in a different language until she had arrived at the dining room filled with books opened and Kony writing at his papers. He was writing quickly, passing over notes to Zeydar who corrected points. Kony compared his answers to booklets and other essays written in what looked to be Zeydar’s handwriting.

“They’re advanced study books.” Karla said from next to Heia, eating fruit. “And Zeydar’s old tests.” 

“Why?” Heia asked.

“Kony is going to be tested as a Superior within the next few days, and while it is rigged against him, Zeydar wants his scores to at least be decent.” Shawn answered.

“I get to do flashcards of plants and their magical properties later,” Phil said from where he sat drawing and coloring note cards copying from another book. His drawings were more accurate than Heia would have been able to accomplish.

“Doesn’t the process to become a Superior take years?” Kori asked.

“It does,” Phil answered. “Kony agreed to be Zeydar’s back door into the control tablet and what Zeydar calls the superior connection. We need to control the Superiors and they kicked Zeydar out.”

The words had Heia snapping her eyes to Zeydar. He hadn’t told her that he’d been kicked out of their control. Her brother was to be a “back door?” No. Wasn’t the connection a control that would make him —

“I agreed.” Kony stated.

“What will it require? I will not allow you to put my brother into—“

“I agreed.” Kony glared as he looked up. “I know the risks better than anyone else in this room save Zeydar himself. You don’t get to make this choice for me.”

“You are sixteen.”

“Yeah? And the world is ending. Either I do this, and Zeydar can stop and control the Stars. Or, I pass it up and we run the risk of them fucking everything up for everyone. We have four days until their predicted betrayal.”

“They could kill you.” Heia shook her head.

“They can kill me now.” Kony shrugged. “The only thing stopping them is Zeydar.”

“Control you. They can control you.”

“Twenty-four hours under their control, and I’ll be acclimated. All Zeydar will have to do it touch my hand and he’ll be in.”

Heia hesitated, looking at Zeydar. “You swear it?”

“Yes. And in the interim, he will have everything he can at his disposal,” Zeydar answered avoiding making eye contact with her. She was not sure if she should ask for more clarity regarding the matter or not. 

She decided to let it go and focus on what was needed of her. This was Zeydar and Kony’s mission. She had no right to interfere. 

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