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44 Days Until Finality And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar looked at Kony one last time, noting the way that the boy looked at him worried and ashamed. Zeydar glanced up to the stands where only a few Superiors watched where more students waited. He then looked back to Kony and hurried over. There were enough Superiors that the news would soon spread, and enough students that the rumors would spiral.

“Good keep your head down.” Zeydar whispered to him, as if he were chastising Kony.

“Are they really stupid enough to believe this?” Kony asked looking up with wide eyes. His voice was even but the mocking was clear.

“You’re a good actor.” Zeydar refrained from laughing by grimacing further. He then put his hand on Kony’s shoulder and ushered him away from the practice grounds and quickly back towards their private rooms. Once Zeydar knew they were far enough away, he surrounded them in a bubble. “Keep your chin low as if I’m reprimanding you.”

“Yes sir.” Kony said with a jovial tone, but eyes that looked like he might cry.

“How did you do on your tests?”

“I finished the comprehension tests and history tests.” Kony sighed. “I have not gotten to the literacy test.”

“The other two will be enough.” Zeydar knew that with the practical demonstration that it would be enough for them to see that Kony was acting outside of Zeydar’s guidance. The comprehension and history tests were public tests and they’d had a public argument that ended with Kony storming out of Zeydar’s classroom as the students filed in. The practice had ended in Kony refusing a direct order by Zeydar, and anyone on the grounds would have heard that.

Even if the Superiors had a suspicion that Kony was acting under Zeydar’s guidance, they would take the risk. It would be easier to control someone who they believed they could control, when he was not yet fully trained. By exposing all of Kony’s weaknesses, they made him a dangerous but appealing bait. Kony had failed the tests. He’d messed up in practice. He’d spoken back, and acted indignant. The Superiors would assume that Kony was acting like a teenager. After all, they didn’t know him outside of the cocky and self assured persona that Kony had carefully cultivated over the months.

“They may suspect I will try to use you for something.” But Zeydar hoped the Superiors believed that the superior connection would nullify what ever the plan was. “But they want to control me more.”

Kony nodded. Zeydar saw Majorie standing outside the dorm hall, and Zeydar dropped the sound barrier.

“Go up. Find Shawn and Phil. We are not staying here tonight.” Zeydar said pushing Kony forward and stepping before Majorie. Once Kony was inside the building, Zeydar addressed her. “Yes?”

“What are you planning?”

“What do you mean?’

“Anyone can see that what you’re doing is trying to make him appealing.” The way that she said appealing was almost as if Kony were an animal and Zeydar was trying to sell him.

At least the Superiors were not idiots even if the phrasing sounded wrong. “And?”

“What are you planning?”

“If you think you can control him then try it.” Zeydar laughed. He let his anger seep through, hoping it would reinforce that he may not have control over Kony as they suspected.

“Are you waving this in front of us as a dare? To prove to us that you made him just like yourself.”

“He’s not like me, but I do want to prove your principals are wrong. By completing those tests the world will see where his capabilities lie. I have focused on theory and application with him. History not memorization. He can write you a magic essay, but fail at quizzes regarding the exact year something was discovered. It’s the why’s that matter not the what’s.” 

“Zeydar, this vendetta—”

“So you agree it is a vendetta.”

“We might have pushed you.” She suggested, as if she could get on his good side.

“You kept me from being a Superior for years. Years.” Majorie glared at him and Zeydar ignored it. “If you have anything else to say to me, then have at it. Otherwise I need to get ready to leave.”

“They will make him a Superior. You know he is not ready.”

“No. I know that. He knows that. You know that. They all know that. They’d never dare.” Zeydar shot her a glare and walked by her, hoping that whatever tests they gave to Kony to make him a Superior would be quick. Long tests taking the standard week would be more frustrating to act through. They needed to go quick. There were four more days until the coup and Zeydar was not ready. He needed the in and he was desperate, as desperate as they were to destroy him. The fires of destruction were beginning to swell and Zeydar needed control.

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