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46 Days Until Parties And the Uncertain End (part 2)

When the others had told Heia that they were going out, she had not expected for it to take all day. She also didn’t expect for them to splurge in the way that they were. Evester was laughing loudly, pouring drinks down Uly’s throat, who was so inebriated that he needed Crass to help him walk. They were wasted, and were planning to keep going. It was horrifying.

Heia sipped at her water, disgusted in them all as they cheered and laughed. Phil, Endwin, and Evester were the two who were currently drunk while Lynx and Rayda were both high. Kim, Crass, and Onyx were sober with them, pushing them further. It was as if they had reverted to the image that she’d always expected of them. This was the EverDanger she had seen when they’d first arrived in Valaria. Only unlike in Valaria, this group had no plan, no calculation, and were a terrible.

“This is a mess.” Heia whispered to Shawn.

“Yes.” Shawn kicked back next to her. On the dance floor, Heia found Robee and Trace dancing with strangers.

“How can they do this?” Heia asked.

“It’s a right of passage.” Zeydar answered. Turning back, Heia found Zeydar with May with water in hand. The last she had seen Zeydar, he was being held by Evester who was kissing his neck with wandering hands. Zeydar’s neck was covered in marks, but he did not seem to mind. “Uly is joining the Igilistals and this is a tradition.”

“We are at the end of times.” Heia reminded him.

“And this is perhaps the last time that anyone is going to be able to celebrate. Any of us at least. This is the end for us all.” May reminded her. “After this, we will have to be straight laced and focused for survival of a new type. How many times do you think we’ll be able to celebrate in the new world like this?”

Shawn sighed. “Yes. It’s not just for him, but us. Although…”

Shawn was staring at Zeydar.

“I’m keeping my distance from everything.” Zeydar shook his head. “I’m here because—“

“Zeydar!” Evester raced between them all and launched himself back onto Zeydar, clinging to him for life. “Where did you go?”

“Drink.” Zeydar pushed a glass to Evester’s face. “When does your shift end?”

The shifts were decided by staying on Uly’s level. There were those who were drunk, and those who were sober as their companions watching them. Evester had graciously taken the first shift of drunkness, and he was incomprehensible.

“Mmmm.” Evester answered as he drank the water.

“Two hours and then they switch,” Shawn answered.

“How much longer are we here?” Heia asked.

“Until Uly passes out. But they are doing this in a strange regulated way, that he doesn’t pass out from the over drinking, but rather from all the energy lost.” Zeydar answered. Heia wondered how he had learned so much. Kim hadn’t said a word. Did Evester tell Shawn and Zeydar everything because of Zeydar’s state? “They want to exhaust him and then get him sober again.”

“Dance with me.” Evester said after he emptied the glass.

“Yes. Yes.” Zeydar said taking his hand. “We will be here for a while. Heia can you take his place at Uly’s side?”

“And leave these two together?” Heia pointed to Shawn and May.

“I will have you know that we can keep our hands off each other.” May’s eyes narrowed.

“You might.” Shawn said with a straight face, making May flush red. Shawn wove her away. Rolling her eyes, Heia walked towards the others as Zeydar took Evester to the dance floor. Hovering next to Kim, Heia let herself brighten from the excitement and looked to Uly who was telling stories and laughing. 

“Hello.” Kim kissed her cheek.

“Evester is preoccupied.”

“Let him be. This is his celebration too.” Kim laughed. “Considering that Zeydar will not have a party like this.”

“Is he okay?” Heia whispered to her.

“We are going to go get food soon.” Kim nodded. “And then we probably will return home for a nap, and then head out for the late afternoon and evening.”

All day then. It really was an all day thing. Heia was already exhausted thinking about it. She doubted that she’d be able to get out of doing it, too.

“If you want to call it quits, you can.”

“No.” Heia looked to those who were laughing and shook her head. She had to have faith in them, and perhaps, let go a bit herself. “This is a celebration.” Now, if she could believe that.

For thirty minutes, Heia watched, letting herself have fun and loosen up. In time Zeydar dragged Evester, Shawn, May, Trace, and Robee back over and there was a last toast given accompanied by water, and they stumbled out in the middle of the day towards a lunch spot to get food.

“I love her so much.” Uly said as he leaned on Evester and Endwin.

“I know.” Evester laughed. His eyes however were on Zeydar, who did not look back, and instead took Evester’s hand. Evester seemed comforted and when Heia felt Kim take her hand, she felt at ease. Regardless of if it were a waste it was something she had to try to understand. Judgement aside, Heia decided that that after noon, she’d let herself get drunk with Kim. She should be allowed to have fun. Especially if they all were.

By the time that the first shift was over, they were back at the manor and Uly was passed out.

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