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47 Days Until Tempering And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Evester walked into the room, seeing faces of a number of Circles who he knew well enough. Of them, Graceon looked at him and did not stop staring. The last time they had seen each other Evester had been acting as Aether. The others looked at him as if they hadn’t seen him in more than a year. Graceon looked at him as if he were a liar. Evester wanted to ignore it, but feeling the heated stare had Evester twisting in his own skin.

“Zeydar will not be joining.” Endwin sat down. “He has Star things.”

Evester took the last empty seat next to his brother and far too close to Graceon for comfort. How he wished that Zeydar was there. Evester had a feeling that Zeydar scared Graceon, at least a bit.

“Instead Evester is here?” Graceon asked.

“Yes. He’ll tell Zeydar everything.” Endwin answered. The meeting then began, discussing things that Evester had gotten a brief run down about before arriving. They discussed both plans on current activities with getting the Circles to act. They also spoke about how they would establish the new world government and plans for development from there. Skills would be weighed more heavily than managerial positions, because things had to be built. A new world plan was underway, and Evester stuck out his neck arguing with them in the best way he knew that Heia would. The new world could not be more of the same. That would go against the basic principal of saving everyone.

This world could not happen again.

He said what he’d heard Heia say. He thought of what her opinions on matters would be and stood by what he thought she would support. He knew that after the meeting he’d need to talk to her about what it was exactly that she wanted, because he had a feeling that there was no way that Endwin would let Heia into the meeting if Andre was not there and Andre was supposed to be assisting Endwin. The meeting itself was neither a sham or a lie, but concealed on purpose to give the Circles an edge. It proved everything that Heia did not want, and Evester had to make sure that he believed her and worked in her best interest when she was not there to defend herself.

He also needed to find a way to get Andre and Heia into the meetings, even with Kim if necessary. Kim would be able to explain things to Heia that the others would not, but they needed to be there. The meeting could not be Circles only, not anymore.

As soon as the meeting was called to adjourn, Graceon was standing next to Evester’s chair. Evester knew that he wanted to speak, and dread began to run its course through Evester. Evester glanced to his brother who nodded. Standing, Evester followed after Graceon to another room in the establishment. Evester leaned against the table as Graceon faced him from the door.


“It fooled you.” Evester smiled. “Don’t act like it did not.”

“I noticed immediately.”

Evester did not call him a liar. He remembered how suspicious Graceon had been about him. Graceon had caught on immediately, but it was Zeydar who had confused him. There was no way that Graceon did not notice that Zeydar recognized Aether. At the time Evester had not known why, but now that he did, he felt embarrassed for himself. How had he been so stupid as to forget Zeydar’s face? “Is that why you are targeting Zeydar?”

“Targeting?” Graceon repeated.

“From what I hear, you positioned yourself for my hand.” Evester let the heavy words mingle in the air as if they were feathers. 

“And you want your freedom?”

“Yes.” Evester sighed. 

“Freedom?” Graceon repeated. “In the form of one person of whom you are loyal too.”

“Graceon.” Evester sighed. “I never intended to—“

“It’s not on you. And that’s not why I called you out.” Graceon rolled his eyes. “Are you sure you can trust him?”

“Yes.” Evester nodded. He paused waiting. There was no continuation from Graceon so Evester asked. “Why then?”

“In the next world, we are going to have to cooperate a lot.”

“Bygones be bygones?”

“Something like that.”

“I can do that. Simply don’t mess with Zeydar and we’ll be good.” Perhaps even friends again, more than they had been before. 

“You’re serious then? What about freedom?”

“Zeydar allows me to be free.” Evester knew that it was then that he needed to leave. They were not friends again, yet. “Simply by existing outside of the rules. Besides you’ve seen what he can do with magic, you think anyone can stop him?”

“No, but I fear the Stars may try.” Graceon warned him. 

“I’m not.” Evester placed his hand on Graceon’s shoulder. “They could never hurt him.” Evester walked out from the room tossing out words for Graceon to contact them and they can discuss more later. Perhaps he could be friends with Graceon. There was no reason for him not to have normal friends. He’d made new ones in the form of Shawn, May, Heia, and Zeydar. Graceon he’d known forever. It would be easy.

Smile on his lips, Evester whistled as he walked back to Endwin thinking of how to convince his brother on expanding the Circle meeting.

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