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47 Days Until Tempering And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

The notes were harder to create than Heia suspected. There were too many inconsistencies in the Circle culture that Heia had to navigate, and without a native to the culture she was not sure that she would be able to do so easily.

Additionally, there was not going to be a concept of money as things were in the current world, and instead trade would be the most important considering that there would not be much value in paper. The people who controlled the resources would be in charge of everything. Which meant Estashia. In many ways it was good, but it opened her up to assassination. In the past, before the Towers and the UnderCities, there were political systems that could be toppled by assassins and elaborate planning. Once the world was divided, and power segregated, things became more difficult, as people kept to their own until they had little interaction with each other, resulting in the current world.

If Estashia had all the power, all one had to do was kill the Igilistal family, which seemed easier to do than Heia had once given it credit. In a new world, they would not hold the long established power. They’d have to rely on their preexisting connections, who could topple them at any moment. As much as Heia hated it, she would have to trust Estashia with the plan, and in that Europa. 

When Heia found Europa, she was moping about in her office, head tilted towards the ceiling. As Heia knocked, she straightened up and acted as if she had not been sitting moments ago doing little to nothing. “Yes?”

“I need your help.”


“I want in on what you all are planning.”

Heia watched as Europa calculated the conversation and then sighed. “That’s on Endwin. He’s the one ensuring our relations for the landing.”

Was that where Endwin and Evester were at that moment? How many meetings had she missed? “I want in.”

“And?” Europa asked. “I can do that, but making them listen will be on you.”

“Okay. I’ll do it.” Heia nodded. Somehow it felt way too easy. Or perhaps, Europa knew that her voice was needed and Heia had simply just needed to ask.

“I’ll add you and Kori to that and let Endwin know he can bring Andre as well.”

Heia watched as Europa turned from her, as if dismissing her but did not do so. Europa looked extremely distressed and distracted. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Why?” Europa turned to her nearly startled. She was flustered and Heia had never seen Europa flustered before.

“Can I help?”

“No.” Europa answered waving her away. 

“Are you sure?” Heia knew she had to get in with this young woman, if she wanted to get what she wanted in the next world. Looking at Europa told Heia that the distraction was not something political but emotional. Heia thought of Kim and from Kim she thought of Uly.


“Is it about Uly?” Heia might not know much about their situation but she had thoughts. “If you like him, then tell him.”

“You—“ Europa’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t understand.”

“No. But I know that whatever issue you’re having is the same one that Evester and Zeydar are having and why Kim was trained. No?”

Europa bit at her lips.

“If you like him then make it clear.” Heia hoped that she was saying the right thing and not digging a hole for Kim and herself. She wasn’t even sure that she was supposed to know anything, either.

“It doesn’t work like that.”

“No? Isn’t that what your mother did?” Heia tilted her head. She knew little about Estashia and Maverin but she knew that their relationship had caused mayhem. “You’re the one who knows the best for your family, as the heir. I’d say you’d make the choice.”

“It’s not logical.” Europa shook her head.

“Sometimes emotions are not, but I doubt that your emotions can overwhelm you considering…” Heia laughed. “Good luck.”

With that she walked off, hoping that even if her advice meant nothing, that she would be able to get on Europa’s good side. 

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