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47 Days Until Tempering And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar tapped his fingers as he graded the papers. He was nervous, more so than ever before. His late night had revealed nothing. He had not realized how much he had expounded from the texts based on a feeling and calculation that were no longer possible. The books were vague at best and misleading at worst. In general they held a lot, so long as Zeydar looked at them objectively and cross referenced details and designs to confirm theories and calculations, that were purposely left out. Reading books that had given him enlightenment before, gave him nothing in how to join the connection again. He had even found how it “worked”, but everything told him he would never notice the magic unless he was a part of it. No matter how he pushed and pulled with the abilities he had, he could not feel it at all.

“You needed me?” Kony asked as he sat down next to Shawn. The moment he did, Zeydar threw out the barrier for sound. Kony looked around and then sat straighter.

“I need to use you.” Zeydar slowly looked up from the latest book and snapped it shut.

“That’s a way to start a conversation.” Shawn opened his eyes and yawned.

“How?” Kony asked.

“The Superior connection.” Zeydar watched Kony’s eyes searched for an answer. Kony stared at Zeydar for a long second and Zeydar did not look away.

“Oh. Got it.” Kony nodded. Zeydar knew that the boy was smart enough to understand. He also worried that Kony had agreed too easily. Kony believed Zeydar at a level above an instinct. He’d blindly follow what Zeydar told him, and the idolization might lead to his downfall and they both knew it.

“With what?” Shawn asked.

“The Superior connection,” Kony repeated. “He wants to use me as an in, a backdoor.” Yes, Kony knew far too well. “That means revealing that I am controllable.”


“You want to put a teenager in the hands of adults so they can twist his mind as they want? Yes. Tell that too Layla.” Shawn laughed in an angry way, that was followed with him sitting up straight and glaring. Needless to say that Shawn was against it. Zeydar was against it for the same reason, but he needed an in to the connection and Kony was the only way.

“We won’t tell her.” Kony smiled.

“No. He’s right. It’s too dangerous.” Zeydar sighed. Was there someone else? No. He didn’t know anyone else’s magic the same way he knew Kony’s. Maybe Tyler’s when Tyler was alive, but there was no one that he’d shared the same sort of intimate magical connection with. Kony was his only option.

“Not if you immediately cut in and take over the connection from them.” Kony disagreed. “If you do that, then I won’t be at risk at all.”

“You haven’t become a Superior in knowledge yet.”

“No. But, if you take over the connection you could break me out. Besides, I think they are already suspecting I’m not all that you’ve made he out to be. The time we got from the fight was going to run out at some point.”

“Are you sure you can even break in?” Shawn asked.

“Yes.” Zeydar felt that he was confident in that, and even if he were not, he did not think that it was a good thing to tell Shawn.

“Then I agree.” Kony nodded.

“Are you sure?” Zeydar asked one last time.

“I trust you.”

“It will be dangerous.”

“And I’m an EverDanger member. This is no more dangerous than anything else. We’ll plan it out and then… Wait. Can they read my mind?”

“No. It just controls you.” Zeydar hoped at least. They could not be broken on something like that. “No. They can not, because I could keep secrets from them.”

“You or your magic?” Shawn asked.

“I’ll look into it.” Zeydar at least had an idea of where that answer was. He’d read that bit in a book and had ignored it because it had been a dive in the wrong direction, away from the way that the spell worked.

“Then how are we going to do this?” Kony leaned forward ready to prepare.

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