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48 Days Until Respite And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Zeydar huffed and racked his brain for an answer. He had another half hour before he had to race across campus to get to his next class. He would have to stay the night on campus and abuse the late night hours as well as his position. There were too many books to read, in an attempt to find more information on how to get back into the tablet. Who knew that getting the information would be so difficult?

He was exhausted and he had little time before the supposed rebellion by the stars. The Project suggested that there were eight days until the Stars unraveled and showed their true nature. Eight days until they fled, as Maverin suggested and Zeydar suspected. He knew of their Ships, of their evacuation drills and plans. They were gearing up for something and there was not much time. The Stars could not abandon them. Worse, there was a chance that the Stars would betray them. Maverin said that the Project said that the Stars would shift the paradigm, and Zeydar had to make sure it did not happen.

“You okay?” Phil asked.

“No.” Zeydar grimaced as he read.

“Late night?” Phil’s humor had Zeydar looking up flushed. “That means I win the bet.”

“There was a bet on how long it would take?” Zeydar shouldn’t have put it past EverDanger to come up with the most childish bets. 

“I said that the soonest opportunity you had. Some had more faith that you’d try to establish the relationship formally first.” Phil laughed. He rolled the pencil he had with him across the desk. Zeydar instantly wished that Shawn was there instead of back with Estashia helping Heia and the others. Shawn would not have asked. “The thing is, your relationship has been a mess since the beginning.”

“It has.” Zeydar had to admit. 

“But that’s not what is on your mind.” Phil stopped rolling the pencil.

“No. Ever since I was kicked out, things have been more difficult.” Before he had been able to investigate the connection and validate his assumptions. He had not had to make conjectures based on limited information, because he had been connected.

Phil nodded, knowing better than to bring it up further. “In my opinion, you need to convince him to let you back in.”

Zeydar thought for a moment and then realized that Phil wasn’t using code but rather altered words. He was implying that Zeydar was talking about Evester still even when they both knew that Zeydar was not. Zeydar glanced about wondering who Phil had noticed to be listening. Zeydar had not noticed any listening spells. He knew he could not cast a sound bubble in the library, and had been prepared to speak in code or openly. However if Phil did not use their EverDanger code that meant that he was worried that the person might be able to crack it. Was that possible? 

Zeydar figured it would be easy to determine, with enough exposure. Zeydar had picked it up quickly, although he picked up languages far easier than his peers, so he was not certain. There were language spells, but those required a base understanding of the root of the language and historical and cultural development.

Regardless, they did not want the Superiors to understand the code. Zeydar decided to play along, just to be safe. “He doesn’t love me. I don’t see what I did wrong.”

“No?” Phil laughed. “Impossible. He’s been searching for you left and right since the beginning.”

Zeydar was caught off guard. There were more than one? How were they avoiding his notice? A spell? There were a few that he knew, but the library made it so that specific spells were impossible, unless the Superiors had changed that and made loopholes for themselves. “I just want to understand.”

“Can’t you go about it in a different way?”

“He kicked me out.” Zeydar paused. He was not going to be able to go home for a few days in order to play out this bluff. He’d need Phil to assist him. Watching Phil continue to push the pencil, told Zeydar that Phil would do so without prompting. With a bit of hesitation, Zeydar admitted where he was stuck. “I can’t beg to be taken back.”

“No. That would not work.” Phil sighed. “What about force? I can open up a path for you.”


“Or someone else.” 

Someone else…?


Zeydar could never use Kony in that way. However, if Kony was in the connection then Zeydar would be able to find it easily. He knew Kony’s magic so well, and Kony knew his own magic better than most. If Zeydar could latch on to the connection and take it over through Kony, then their problems would be solved. It would be easy enough to do, as Kony was a direct link in. Kony would agree, which was the worst part. The problem was whether Zeydar over estimated his abilities. Was he certain that he could take control of the connection by force, through Kony?


“I couldn’t do that.” Zeydar shook his head.

“What other options do you have?”

“Not many.” Zeydar had to admit, there were no others.

“And once you have the opportunity will you tell him you love him?”

“I will do whatever it takes.” Zeydar answered.

Phil nodded. “I’ll try talking to him. You stay here with Shawn and Kony for the time being.”

“Thanks.” Zeydar shut his book. “I should go to class.” Phil nodded and stood up. The two of them left the library, and it was only when Phil relaxed that Zeydar threw up the sound shield. “I will talk to Kony. He’ll say yes.”

“What will be the factor that will make you fail?” Phil spoke serious, with a gravity to his tone that was unlike him.

“They believe Kony is like me right now. I’ll have to reveal that he’s not. They might not believe it.”

“Then make them.”


“Let them see Kony’s weaknesses. You’ve hidden them by working at Estashia’s. I know that he’ll agree if you tell him why.” Phil then smiled. Zeydar felt that he should trust Phil, but he’d have to walk it through with Kony completely. There was no way he’d allow Kony to make the decision blind. He needed to know exactly what he’d get into. more than anything, however, Zeydar was afraid that they’d ruin Kony. If Zeydar was wrong and he over estimated himself and Kony… The result could be disaster.

The two continued their way to Zeydar’s next class as Zeydar thought of all the defenses he could give to Kony in the meantime.

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