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49 Days Until Marriage And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The paintings were beautiful. Zeydar had not expected Evester to be able to do so much with such little time. His best ones were the blue paintings, depicting water and the sky. As Zeydar stared at them, he listened to Evester’s shorter overview of what he had done in the time that they were apart. Zeydar’s own overview had taken the better part of three hours as he explained the political happenings and the hoops he had to jump. He had explained how the Superiors had tried to contain him until they no longer could and had separated him from the system. Zeydar had been unable to find a way to get back into the tablet’s control. He knew it had taken a lot of energy for him to get kicked out, but none of his studies had allowed him to get back in. Luckily, however, it meant they were apprehensive about adding Kony to the system.

“Like them?” Evester asked from where he sat on his bed.

Zeydar looked up to him. Evester had spent the afternoon helping his mother and assisting Heia and the others with other aspects for the exodus. He looked tired. They had spent hours talking and the majority of the house was deep into sleep for the night. Zeydar had work the next day, and he knew better than to take too much time staying awake. 

Looking at Evester, however, he was willing to pull the all-nighter. How many all-nighters had he pulled before? This would be easy. 

“What?” Evester saw him staring. 

Zeydar placed the painting aside. Evester’s dark skin was shinning under the blue lights of the room. His eyes flashed when he tilted his head. As he sat back, Zeydar wanted nothing more than to press him back to the bed. Resistance had to be maintained however. There was one more conversation waiting to be had. 

Zeydar leaned against the chair, his arm on the top of the back, and his fist under his chin. “The gold book.”

Zeydar watched how Evester squirmed at the words. “Yes?”

“When was the last time you read it?”

Evester seemed to pause. “Today.” At least he had not lied. Zeydar smiled at the words. “What are your questions?”

“I have none.” Zeydar watched how Evester recoiled at the words, as if he had not expected them. “I’ve had the majority of my questions answered and I had time to think about it.” He had wanted to confirm that Evester wanted him, but he’d gotten that answer earlier that morning. He had the answer after examining the paintings that were rumored to have been created with his face in mind. “We will do what we want. And if it doesn’t work out then it does not work.”

Evester nodded. Zeydar thought of what Estashia had said about it. Zeydar would never operate under guarantees, but seeing Evester before him, he knew he was willing to act as if it did not matter. Sobriety hit him in the form of a glow under his skin, and the fluttering of his heart. He settled into it feeling ease. Evester was something a dream would never portray fully.

“Are you…” Evester had noticed the slight change. He shifted his weight on the bed as if anticipating Zeydar’s next move, a move that Zeydar would give willingly.

“Heia told me something today.” Zeydar stood from his chair and walked over. “That you are insufferable. As if that were no open secret.”

“Insufferable, but you like it.” Evester smiled at him as Zeydar approached.

“Everyone is concerned for you.” Zeydar said as he leaned over Evester.


“They think I’ll eat you alive.” Zeydar answered, placing his hands on Evester’s shoulders and his knee on the bed between Evester’s thighs. 

“I look forward to it.” Evester’s fingers were light as he gripped Zeydar’s wrists. 

“Everyone in EverDanger has a history.” Zeydar whispered. “Indulging on outsiders when necessary. Will you continue to?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.” Evester answered. 

“I should have forgotten you. The feelings should have been due to the whiteshade. I kept telling myself that.” Zeydar wanted to see every part of Evester and to memorize him. He knew that he could take it as long as he wanted. He had all the time in the world. “Yet…”


“Emotions are unnecessary for EverDanger members. They get in the way. That’s your rule.” Zeydar whispered.

“It was.” Evester chuckled. “But rules are meant to be broken. From EverDanger to the gold book. Right?”

The way that Evester said it told Zeydar that he was screwed. There was no way that he’d ever escape. Evester meant too much to him and had for so long. The childish teenager in Zeydar — who had wanted Evester when the Evester was a teenager himself — was elated. Tumbling emotions were spilling over as Zeydar felt the anticipation rising. How long had he wanted this?

Greed? Obsession? Fear? Who cared? He might have had the emotions at one point, but at this time being with Evester felt more right than anything else. Had he been wrong to take the time? No. But now he was certain. Evester felt the same way for him that he felt for Evester, and the gold book could be damned. Their relationship was between them. In Evester there was freedom waiting to be tasted.

“I’ll go down this hell with you should that be what you want.” Zeydar pressed them closer.

“Even though there is not much time?” Evester confirmed. “We’ll have nothing but stress.”

“Here and the new home, but I…” Zeydar paused. “Focusing on you has gotten me this far.” He pressed Evester down to the bed, so that he hovered above him. “And you here with me is better than any dream.”

“We should be sleeping.” Evester taunted him instead of addressing the fact that Zeydar was using him for support. Evester already knew that Zeydar depended on him. 

“Yes.” Zeydar laughed when Evester let go of his wrists. One arm wrapped around Zeydar’s waist as Evester’s dominant hand traced Zeydar’s neck. 

“I lo—“

“Don’t say it.” Zeydar stopped him. “Not yet.”


“Not yet.” Zeydar already knew it. He already felt it with every part of who he was. 


“Because I like to try things before I buy them.” Zeydar smirked at Evester. “And I strangely remember being interrupted by a stupid boy’s actions years ago.”

“I’d like to remind you, that you are the one who disappeared.” 

“I never said the stupid one was you.” Zeydar said as he bit at Evester’s lips. Evester kissed him back and in a moment Zeydar wanted more. Zeydar had always wanted more since the first day they met as teenagers and danced in the club. Zeydar had wanted this. Wanted him. Wanted his lips. And finally Zeydar had it. 

“I heard you’d come in her alone sometimes.” Evester whispered as he broke the kiss, pulling Zeydar fully onto the bed, to straddle him. “Doing immoral things?”

“Jealous?” Zeydar teased him. “You’d better live up to your reputation.”

“If I don’t.” Evester’s fingers were far more nimble this time, as he unbuttoned Zeydar’s Superior coat. Almost too nimble. Had he practiced? “You have many long years to train me the way you want.”

Zeydar felt his heart caught in his throat. He knew he had far less experience than Evester and for a moment that worried him. Yet the look in Evester’s eyes made him relax. Evester wanted him and was not hiding it. “Excellent.” 

Conversation mattered little after that.

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