YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 49 (CHAPTER 309)

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Reunion (Part 3)

Zeydar stood shivering. He hadn’t slept in more than a day. His body felt reinforced by magic, but his mind ached. When was the last time he had pulled an all-nighter? Had he lost the talent? The single night of lack of sleep should have been nothing. All of the Igilistals, Layla, Uly, Andre, Shawn, May, Kony, and Zeydar stood waiting for the others. The planes had landed, but they had to get through security, and each moment was driving Zeydar nuts.

“Worried?” Shawn nudged him.

“Give him a break. He saved twenty other Towers.” May got between the two of them. She pulled Zeydar closer. He wanted to relax and sleep on her shoulder, but knew better than to do that. The moment he relaxed it was over, he’d sleep the rest of the day away.

“We can take you home to rest.” Kony reminded him from the other side. 

“KONY!” Kori’s voice was the first thing to shatter the mood of those around them. Immediately Zeydar stood up. Walking from the immigration exit was Heia’s group. Her soldiers, important X leaders, and at the front EverDanger standing scared, dirty, and stronger than they ever had before. Kori ran towards them, arms expanded. Kony froze up next to Zeydar.

“Go.” Zeydar pushed him.

Rushing to his sister, Kony hugged her. He picked her up and squeezed her tight. Seeing them together, Zeydar could see the physical changes that they had, separating them in appearance. Kony was bigger than her, and she was more muscular than he was. Zeydar suspected that she could probably out lift him, but in his arms she looked like a little girl. Kori cried as she clung to her brother. From where they stood Zeydar could hear them both.

Kony told her that he had been perfectly safe fighting the large Aralax teams virtually alone. Kori told him that she killed lots more Aralax than he did. Estashia and Europa sent people to greet the others. Zeydar’s eyes landed on Heia who stopped walking. Hurrying forward with Shawn and May, Zeydar approached her.

“You’re alive.” She tilted her head at him, examining him. “And you look good.”

“You too.” He smiled at her. He knew that he had to look much better from the last time that she saw him in person, even if he felt like a ton of bricks were weighing down his mind.

“What did you do to get them to go away?” She asked him point blank.

“Its not something I can exactly explain right now. It’s not the place.” Not that he was exactly sure how to explain the theory, spells, and application he’d done in order to analyze and learn their language so that he could communicate with them. Zeydar sighed before hugging her. She hugged him back, tightly. “Welcome back.”

“KORI! KONY!” A new voice lit up the area. Behind the crowds of those who had arrived, were four familiar faces. Rayda, and Crass jogged over as Karla sprinted to Kori and Kony. Where Kori had cropped her hair short, Karla had her hair tied up in long curling locs. Kony was a gemstone refined by magic, where his sisters looked like goddesses sculpted by battle. Karla had an aura deep and mysterious where Kori was sharp like a blade. The three of them clung to each other, Kony began crying.

Off to the side, Trace and Robee met with Layla. Crass and Andre stood speaking to each other. Andre placed his hand on Crass’ shoulder looking to Kori. Zeydar suspected that Andre was thanking Crass for protecting Karla. Crass shook his hand and Andre walked to Layla, Trace, and Robee. Rayda smacked Crass’ back as if teasing him.

Eyes narrowed, Zeydar looked between Andre and Crass, wondering if he had missed something.

Zeydar felt arms wrap around his waist, snapping his thoughts from Crass and Andre to the warm breath that was on the back of his neck. Zeydar felt all tension drop from his body the moment that he felt Evester hold him tightly. Evester rested his head on Zeydar’s shoulder. Zeydar felt the sleep overwhelming him. he could not fall asleep there. Peeling off Evester’s hands, Zeydar’s cheeks grew warm. “Evester.”

“Don’t.” Evester held him tighter. “Please.”

“I didn’t die.” Zeydar stopped and relaxed into the hold.

“I know.”

“I’m fine.”

“I know.”

“Then why are you clinging to me?”

“Because you look like you’ll collapse at any moment.” Evester answered. Zeydar turned so that he could look Evester in the eye. Their eyes met as Zeydar placed his arms around Evester holding him back. Ignoring the multitude of looks he knew they were undoubtedly receiving, Zeydar focused on Evester and Evester alone.

“You’re safe, so I’m okay.” Zeydar gave Evester a quick kiss. When he pulled back, he saw Evester blinking in surprise.

“I was supposed to….” Evester’s brow furrowed.

“Beat you to it.” Zeydar laughed. “You need to be quicker on the draw.” He then leaned closer and whispered into Evester’s ear. “And as your elder, I have a responsibility to act first.” Evester physically shuddered in his arms.

When Zeydar pulled back, Evester let him go without protest. He smirked at Evester whose cheeks were red. There was a brief moment of silence before Evester laughed and stepped back. He wiped his expression, and then turned to Heia with a normal smile.

“I love you both.” He took one hand of Heia and one of Zeydar. “Great to see you.”

“I wish I could say the same.” Heia rolled her eyes. Prompted by Evester, the three hugged. With a laugh, Zeydar found his heart at ease. Let alone a coup or the end of the world, he felt safe. For a moment he let himself forget all the worries in the world. His family had returned home.

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