YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 308)

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Reunion (part 2)

Evester looked back to the soldiers. Rayda continued to give them instructions on where to take all the people of the city. All of the cities had been cleared, but the soldiers needed to double check the safe houses, and to make sure that they got all people. No one could be left behind. Once it was done, then they would be able to leave. EverDanger, however, would leave before that.

“Its been a long night.” Karla yawned from next to Evester. 

“We can sleep on the plane,” Evester told her. He too was tired, but ancy. He wanted to get to Zeydar as much as he wanted to sleep. Getting back to Ovaria, however, took precedence.

“Are we going to be accosted when we land?”

“My mother won’t let that happen.” He hoped at least. He did not want to spend the night being interrogated, for show. After all, it would not be a real investigation.

“And we won’t be sneaking into the sewers?” She joked.

“Last I checked, only I had to do that, out of the two of us.”

“I’m only asking.” She lightly hit his shoulder with her own and then yawned again.

“Everything will be safe.”

“It’s been so long.” Karla leaned against him. “How much do you think Kony knows?”

“For magic?” Evester thought back to the fighting that Kony had displayed that night. He thought of how well Kony had adapted and assisted Zeydar. He had a feeling that the boy was skilled. “He might be more powerful than you could hope.”

“Excellent. We need a powerful member of the family, in something other than talking.” Karla said as she wrapped her arms around his, to support herself.

“Everything is packed up.” Crass announced to them both from behind. Evester turned to the man who had circles deeply set in his face, from lack of sleep. Karla immediately let him go and reached to be picked up. Crass picked her up and swung her around before putting her down. He looked more exhausted and her, renewed.

“Did you steal his soul?” Evester laughed.

“Sure. I’m a vampire.” Karla bared her teeth and joined him in laughing.

“I’m just tired.” Crass admitted.

“Then we should load up.” Evester nodded, looking to Rayda once more and waving to her. She gave her goodbyes to the soldiers and hurried over. 

“Time to go?” She asked as she walked over.

“You seem excited?” Evester eyed her.

“A real bed? Please. I need it.” Rayda stretched. “And a bath. Oh. And a dress. I haven’t worn a skirt in forever. I want to use soap. Evester my hair can be cleaned up nicely.”

“I did my best.” Karla pouted.

“And you did well, but Karla. Shampoo… Conditioner. Soap.”

I could use a bath.” Crass agreed. Karla agreed and poked at his side. He swatted her hand away but smiled.

“We will when we get back.” Evester thought of the heat against his skin. He had not realized he’d missed it so much.

“Do we know what to expect? Will you be arrested? Will you be okay?” Rayda asked him.

“Why do you all think that?” Εvester shook his head. “Zeydar expects the worst, but I am not sure in what. We are preventing a coup.” Evester shrugged. “With that in mind. Get rest. Get safe. Get good, and then help me with everything you’ve got. This has been a great team.”

“You say that like you never want to work with us again.” Karla cocked an eyebrow at him.

“When did you learn to be sassy?” Evester coughed.

“Let’s go.” Crass rolled his eyes leading them towards the plane. He dragged Karla, who had raised her fists at Evester ready for a fight, after him. After a moment she laughed and then began skipping. She whispered things to Crass, and he shoved her away before she began giggling again. Evester shot Rayda a look. She shrugged and the both followed after him.

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