YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 47 (CHAPTER 307)

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Reunion (part 1)

Heia kept her head low as she rushed ahead with her units. Aralax fell around them as they pressed further. Once it had been reported to the military to take out specific targets, everything had begun to go all the more fluidly. The attacks were pointed. Aralax retreated. The battle turned in their favor.

When Heia saw the white striped Aralax, it was as if she saw the dawn for the first time in years. Cursing under her breath, she danced around Aralax as she made her way towards it. It turned towards her team, screaming at them. 

“I’ll kill you,” Heia said to herself as she ran. The Aralax continued to fight, surrounding them, before suddenly stopping. Every unit, stopped all at once. Heia found herself skidding to a halt before one. It stared at her with lifeless eyes. She had never been so close to an Aralax before to see anything, but its blood lust. However this one seemed like a doll to her. 

A doll that was moving on strings, jolting its body away and running away from her and her team. In fact all the Aralax were fleeing. The White Striped Aralax continued to scream.

“What is going on?” Heia asked.

“Are they leaving you?” Zeydar asked.

“Yes.” Heia didn’t understand, she couldn’t understand. What had happened?

“I killed a few of their Generals. Ten, exactly. I then told them to flee, each time. I think that’s enough of a sign. If you got close, its’ going to retreat.” He laughed. “I don’t think they know that I’m the only one able to do what I can.”

“They are retreating everywhere.” Evester disagreed. “The message you sent, has been delivered.”

“Good.” Zeydar sighed. “I’m going to clean up those that stay behind. You should as well, but let them flee. The goal is to survive not to win.”

“We won.” Evester disagreed.

Heia felt her knees going weak. Kim’s arm was under her body, holding her up, in seconds. 

“Good morning,” Zeydar whispered. “I’ll see you both in a few hours.”

Then once more he was gone and Heia had switched to another connection where she heard cheers. Then to Uly’s where reports were coming in for the retreat on a global scale. Zeydar had traveled across the whole world to make it possible. For the first time since the Catastrophe, they had successfully navigated a world ending event. She looked to the sky, as all of the EverDanger members reported into Uly’s chat.

“We did it.” Kori cheered.

“Zeydar did it.” Heia explained. “He convinced them to leave us alone.”

“How?” Lynx asked.

“Not sure, but he did something.” Heia answered. 

“What ever it is, he should keep it up.” Phil laughed. “We should wait for May and Kony to respond, they may know more.”

“What I can tell you is that we have no clue.” Shawn said. “Shawn, reporting in.”

“Nothing?” Phil asked.

“Kony here. We know that he needed help with his Staff. He was using magic weird.” Kony said.

“May, reporting in,” May cut in. “Not just weird. Wrong. Think of it like this. You turn on water, and try to fill a bucket. You keep on draining water from the bucket to fill balloons, but the hose to fill the bucket is splashing next to the bucket instead of inside. He wasn’t using magic from the outside world like the rest of us do. It was all internal. The moment he started doing it correctly…”

“Explosive ability.” Heia understood.

“Remember to get the bodies for research.” Maverin reminded them.

“Yup! Already on it!” Trace cheered.

“Then, everyone. Let’s go home and get rest. We have to be in Ovaria in twelve hours.”  

Heia looked to Kim who smiled up at her. They were both a mess but they had made it through the night and that was what mattered.

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