YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 46 (CHAPTER 306)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 6)  

Evester flipped between channels, listening to his team, and then Uly’s voice. He gave out commands, and issued reports to those who reported in. Everyone was working together to fight against the Aralax, and as much as Evester had faith in their survival, it was looking bleak. There were tens of cities under assault, with Aralax that were overwhelming their defenses.

Evester’s own city had already used the bombs and fences. They were keeping the breaking of the dam until the last minute, but Evester was not sure how much longer they could keep up with the constant assault. The’d need to release the waters and then shock all the Aralax soon, so that they could take out the survivors and clean the city of all dangers for the humans.

That time, however, was a few hours away. Instead of his own predicament, Evester watched streams and listened to the chats, panicking for the rest of the world. He watched his mother deliver information and lead the people of the Towers. He watched as Heia destroyed Aralax. He watched as the news from the other Towers came filtering in, with casualty and protection counts. 

“He went out again.” Uly announced, and Evester’s eyes drifted to Zeydar’s camera. Zeydar was teleporting and with each time his camera and location were lost. It took a second after the spell for the camera to recalibrate and connect. When his screen turned back on he was, once again, surrounded by Aralax before the magic spread out about him, decimating the army before him. The soft grasses were painted in acidic blood.

Evester’s eyes went wide. “That’s not Ovaria.”

He hadn’t meant to talk over the connection reserved for Uly and EverDanger reports. There was an aching silence before Uly respond. “He is at Havoria.”

Havoria had only requested back up ten minutes ago. Had Zeydar connected in? Or had he assumed? Evester was not sure what Zeydar was doing. He had his headset off for more of the last few hours, than it had been on. He had teleported half way across the world to assist another Tower?

“What is the situation outside Ovaria?” Uly asked.

“No forces to be seen,” Endwin reported. 

“All sensors are clear,” Maverin continued.

Evester felt his shoulder being shaken. Glancing back to Karla, he flipped to the team channel. “What is the situation?”

“We are clear, but we will need to release the waters sooner than predicted. All civilians are protected for now, but that may not last. Other Towers?”

“Hold on.” Evester flipped to the one with Heia and Zeydar.

“Fuck!” Heia cursed.

“You okay?” Evester looked back to her feed. 

“I’m good. I’m good.” There was flames about her, but she was unscathed from the way she was running. “Just a car being set on fire.”

“Zeydar. Are you acting as assistance?”

“I cleaned up the mess at Ovaria. You had better not be asking me for assistance.” Zeydar hissed. “I have Towers to take care of. Kill the white stripe and the army will fall apart, Heia.”

“I know.” Heia laughed. She connected off.

“Are you okay?” Zeydar asked Evester.

“I’m fine. We still have hours to go.” He hesitated. “How did you know about Havoria?”

“I asked Maverin. I am switching between him and you all, giving him information. He told me.”

“How did you…” Evester did not know how to finish the question. He knew that it was magic, and Evester also knew that meant he’d get no real answer. “Take care of yourself.”

“You take care of yourself.” Zeydar huffed before going silent. Evester switched back to his connection with Karla. “They are okay.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Our job has always been to reinforce and help other colonies. If everything is okay, then we survive.” They did not need to fight on the front lines. Protection was their job. Evester’s eyes went to those who were staring at the screens of the battles, frightened, and worried. Rayda and Crass were acting as decoys sending Aralax in other ways towards traps set up by the soldiers.

“Release the dam, let’s clear this up.”

She nodded and then motioned to Rayda and Crass who jumped into action. Their battle would be over soon. 

Once more he flipped into the channel with Uly when he noticed a commotion happening about the safe room. Hundreds of people were freaking out, as they pointed at the screens. He looked back up to where they were pointing. Cities all over the world were reporting the disappearance of Aralax as Uly stated the same information.

Zeydar had been to four more cities, decimating the Aralax forces to assist the Tower defenses, since Evester had started to talk to Karla. He was getting faster and faster. Whatever he had discovered, had powered him up. One by one, cities were beginning to see daylight. The night was over in many parts of the world, and in others Zeydar was like a paragon upon the earth. He disappeared again.

“What is he doing?” Uly whispered moments later.

Evester looked back to Zeydar’s live that had snapped back on. Zeydar held an Aralax’ face between his fingers. There was a white stripe in the center of the head. Flipping to the trio channel he heard nothing. He watched as Zeydar pushed the Aralax back and then with his magic threw back all the Aralax in the vicinity more than five hundred feet. 

“We are leaving. Let us leave.” Zeydar’s voice came across as a whisper. “If you continue to fight us, we will kill every last one of you.” Evester knew that unless he was there, he would not know for certain what Zeydar was planning. It was less than a minute later that the forces began to retreat. Zeydar’s camera went back. Once again he threw Aralax back, but without him having to speak the Aralax continued to flee.

“What?” Evester asked. “What are you doing?”

“The goal was not to kill them all. It was to survive. I got samples for your father, but I can’t do this forever.” Zeydar huffed. He then flipped off the channel and Evester chased him to Uly’s. “Where next Uly?”

“Are you sending them running?”

“Who needs my help Uly?” Zeydar repeated.

“Jaix.” Uly reported.

“Understood. Going off.” Zeydar went silent and he disappeared from the cameras, before arriving in a new location. 

“What is he doing?” Evester asked. “Does anyone know?”

“Talking to them.” Maverin answered. He then began laughing. “I had suspected this would happen, but even this is beyond what I expected.”

“What?” Uly asked.

Maverin breathed out with a low voice. “This was the unpredictable variable that I couldn’t understand. I should apply that to all further calculations.”

Evester was not certain what Maverin meant, however he knew better than to ask now.

“I need all forces and teams to begin end plans and procedures. Begin evacuation processes and movement procedures. The first people to leave the planet will take off in twenty days.” Uly’s voice directed Evester back to his team channel, standing up and turning from the streams. He had Aralax to kill so that the city could be evacuated in the morning.

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