YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 43 (CHAPTER 303)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 3)  

The night began the moment that Karla called in the report of dusk, and the announcements in the city began to play.

“It is now sunset. All citizens please report to your approved locations. All people not in evacuation centers will be impossible to protect. I repeat. This is for your own safety.” 

Most people were already evacuated and safe. There were a few stragglers who had not made their way to the safe houses, and Evester could hear the reports of soldiers clearing sections of the city, in the final calls as they prepared for the attack. Evester glanced to the drones that were supervising the outside world. Heart pounding in his chest, Evester bit his bottom lip.

“What to do Cap’n?” Rayda sat next to Evester from where he sat atop a building. Evester clicked from the drones to the streaming sight, checking on every EverDanger in quick succession: just long enough to confirm that they were alive.


“Wow. What a surprise.” Rayda sighed. “How is the fighting going for the others?”

“Zeydar’s doing well last I checked. However, it is a lot to ask from him.” Their situation would be far easier in comparison to Zeydar’s fight. They weren’t supposed to be hit hard. As long as they hid and played safe, they could pluck out any and all Aralax that came their way. They had copious traps. All Zeydar had was himself, Shawn, May, Kony, the Tower’s fallible but natural defenses, and a few explosions provided by the military. Only, the explosions could not be used, as there was a chance that if used, they could disrupt the Tower’s protection field.

“Worried?” She nudged him.


“You are clicking through channels like an obsessed person. You had the others set up a viewing station for you with all the streams.”


“The world can hear us right now. They are expecting you, The Immortal, to do something amazing, great,” She reminded him, tapping at her headset and camera. For a moment Evester was at a loss, and then he sat back, looking up to the stone painted with the sky at night.

“This isn’t a game this time.” War at least was not, even if Rayda wanted to make a show of him in that moment. “I did what I did then, and now, I need to make sure everyone stays safe.”

“That Zeydar stays safe.” Rayda laughed. It was an off handed comment that she would never give normally, but with part of the act it was necessary. If the world was not already talking about how much Evester had worried over Zeydar, they would.

“And Kim and Heia and Uly. When we are reunited I’ll be more reckless. But until then, I need to be safe.”

“For Zeydar.”

“Shut it Rayda.” Evester rolled his eyes, turning off his tablet. He then changed his headset to the private channel, hearing Heia cussing things out and Zeydar speaking spells. He stood up and jumped down from where he was sitting, wanting to see their fights. Rayda followed after him. They walked amongst soldiers who saluted them and then ran off to continue clearing locations. Once the city was completely sealed into safe houses, then and only then would the soldiers retreat. Glancing back at Rayda, he saw her giving orders in her microphone that he could not hear.

“You guys doing okay?” Evester asked as he turned back, headed towards the headquarters where he’d be stationed. His wrist buzzed and he looked at it to check on the drones. One had been destroyed. He stopped walking.

“Evester. I do not have time for your nonsense.” Heia hissed.

“When will you?” He joked, as he turned his tablet’s screen back on and checked.

Zeydar sighed. “Are you even preparing?”

“Of course.” Evester showed Rayda the screen of the drone that had been shot down. She nodded and started saying more orders he could not hear, as he checked the drone’s last footage. Evester’s heart thudded in his chest.

“I doubt that,” Heia snapped, and then there was the sound of gunshots. 

“Found an answer to your problem?” Evester asked Zeydar.

“Not anywhere close,” Zeydar answered. 

“Talk to me. How can I help.”

Evester was pushed down by Rayda. In a swift motion, Evester let his tablet fall to the ground and drew out his Holoblade. He rolled along the ground, out of the way of the attacker, springing up to his feet. He searched for Rayda who had rolled to the other side. When their eyes met, they both started running. With his free hand, he maneuvered from the private chat to the team chat.

“Aralax inside,” Rayda said as she slid under one Aralax, and Evester spun around the second.

“Second form,” Evester told her.

With a nod, she jumped up and they killed the first Aralax before changing tactics to kill the second. The two stood in silence for a minute.

“How many more sectors to clear for human life?” Evester asked.

“Five,” Someone reported.

“Lock the others down,” Evester ordered.

“Understood.” The word came from everyone in succession. Evester picked up his tablet, which was cracked and checked. Three more drones had gone down. With a groan, Evester returned to the private connection.

“You good?” Heia asked.

“Just Aralax earlier than planned.” Evester sighed. He then motioned to Rayda, and the two started running through the city.

“Stay focused.” Zeydar’s voice had worry laced in it, before he once again turned to spells. Evester changed back to the team channel and issued orders, prepared the city for the traps to be activated. The first few were scouts, and soon the formal attack would come. They did not have much time.

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