YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 42 (CHAPTER 302)

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51 Days Until Magic And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia took a breath before studying herself. Then once, more. One breath after another after another she centered herself. She was at the front lines of the largest civilization of people on the continent, as one of the most important teams. She watched the sky turn dark, and the sun disappear, and wanted to hold her breath but knew she could not.

“And we have sunset.” Kori announced over their connection.

“Kori keep the line clear.” Heia reminded her.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Evester and Zeydar?” 

Heia was supposed to be on the channel, but hearing Zeydar’s voice was like listening to an incessant metronome. He was too even with his spell casting, too unhindered by the events that were going on around her. “I will when we begin fighting.”

“She doesn’t trust us with orders.” Robee laughed

“She is nervous for us.” Trace laughed once more.

“Oh hush.” Kim said when she connected back in. Unlike Zeydar or Evester’s teams that only had two channels (save the boys who had three to talk with Heia), her groups had four to talk to their individual teams and the group at a large. Heia had four. Heia and the other EverDanger members had five, with which she could communicate with EverDanger as a whole.

“We have gotten word of sightings.” Kim announced then. “Everyone switch over.”

Their private team channel was to be used for chatter, while the official one would be for reports. One person for each partnership had to be on the formal channel, always. Heia did as Kim asked to hear the reports coming in with the sightings. 

“Everyone be on your toes. Kori we’re headed south to scout and then circle back.”  Kim ordered.

“Yes.” Kori answered. 

“Trace and Lynx, take the west. Robee and Onyx, east.” The others agreed to their orders. “Stay alive. Stay well. Protect your allies and units.”

“Yes.” Everyone reported at once and Heia watched as her team separated away. Kim gave Heia one last kiss before running off with Kori, leaving Heia on her own. Her battle unit was the front lines of the back line mages. Her mages were combat situated now, willing to go out to do more, but the majority chose to stay in the back. Heia hoped that one day they would go on. Heia looked back to her team. 

‘I’m going off.” She warned everyone, tapping at her headset to signal what she meant.

“Understood.” She heard everyone respond to her, before she switched over to Zeydar’s monotony. “I’m back.”

“You begin?” Evester asked.

“We just got our first sightings. You have another hour to sunset?”

“Something like that.” Evester answered.

“Is Zeydar doing alright?”

“I’m fine. Still thinking.” Zeydar answered. 

“Pleasant evening. Is it clear skies for you Heia?”  Evester asked.


“That sucks.”

Heia shook her head with a laugh. In the distance she saw the first explosions light up the sky. “Ah. There they are.”

“I’ll do my best to get them to leave.” Zeydar sighed.

“If you kill enough of them maybe they’ll run home scared.” Evester joked back and Zeydar snorted. Heia too laughed as she stood waiting, knowing that they’d go out soon. Her blood began boiling ready for the fight.

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