YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 40 (CHAPTER 300)

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52 Days Until Unity And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Heia fiddled with her headset, checking once and then twice that everything was working. She flipped about the channels listening for a bit as Uly gave out instructions. Her eyes glanced to the stream site that Uly had set up for the fights, specifically. Unlike the coordinated single stream, or the edits that they had given, Uly had set up a continuous streaming site, so that people could watch as many as they wanted at once. They’d be able to flip through different channels for the different EverDanger members, or the ones dedicated to switching between footage from all those on a single team. She was not sure who was creating subtitles for it all, but they were there. Nor did she know who was coordinating the shot switches on the team pages, but someone was. Most cameras were down, and Uly’s page had prerecorded footage of orders.

In a way it was scripted. In a way it was real. Her screen was black, waiting for her to turn it on and show the true bloody carnage that was about to happen. 

“There is a five minute delay, in the event of censoring the dead.” Kim wrapped her arms around Heia. “Worried?”

“No.” They still had time, unlike Zeydar. Although, his stream had not yet gone up.

Heia looked up at Kim who seemed serene in the moment. “We are flying out in a few minutes.”

“We are going to be okay.” Kim and her were both confident, however Heia still worried for Kim’s safety. “Trust in us.”

“I do.”


“I don’t trust anyone else. A Star rebellion, Kim. The X’s are in contention. Everything could still fall apart, tonight.”

“Zeydar will stop it.”

“For what its worth, I’m not sure how much that will do.”

“If the stream works, then it will work far better than we can hope.” All because an idol was greater than rules. EverDanger had picked Zeydar’s names to inspire hope. She would not be able to watch his stream for long, but she hoped that his actions could only support their belief. Kim then pointed to the computer. “There goes Kony.” 

Kony’s stream went live. He was walking through what looked like outside the Tower. He turned to Zeydar who was standing looking at the horizon Staff in hand. Heia had never seen magic in its base form. She had seen the effects of spells, but had never seen or understood the world the way that Zeydar saw it until that moment. It looked as if light was physically bending around him and being absorbed by him. Likewise darkness was being absorbed by him, making him shimmer and change like an illusion. It was almost unreal, save the fact that it looked more like a camera trick than some added effects.

The world around him was moving, fracturing, and being drawn in. She wondered what he was doing. How did it work? Would the effect disappear the moment he began moving in full? Or was this how it always was for him, and due to the Dreams and his weakened body, it had not appeared in the same way until then. Was this the true Zeydar in a way that she’d never seen before?

Zeydar didn’t move much as he looked out talking to Evester. She had given them privacy, to speak on things that were better spoken and then ignored. One moment just for them before the world was privy to their every action.

“Be at ease.” Kim pulled Heia up, before moving from her to shut down the computer. “We are going to be okay.”

“You stay safe okay?”

“I will.” Kim kissed Heia before adjusting the headset. “Now go break their lovely moment.”

“Time to go!” Kori called out, as Heia switched to the other channel, breaking apart whatever moment they had moments before.

Talking to the two of them, she flipped on her camera, staring her live stream, as they walked from their room towards the transports that would get them to the worst of the war zones. Salutes were given to her and Kim as they walked on headed to war. Kim held Heia’s hand unhurried to move quickly. They had hours left to prepare even as Zeydar’s fight had begun.

“You had not let me down.” Zeydar spoke to them both.

“I know I won’t.” Heia laughed as she heard Evester groan. 

Zeydar’s battle began with the sounds of rumbling and explosions, about thirty minutes after dark. As she sat in the transport, listening to the echoes of the sound, she could only imagine what he was facing. She had heard the story from Shawn, but she knew nothing would be the same as actually witnessing it. For two hours she listened to his fighting, waiting for her helicopter to land. She was one of the few people who knew what was happening on his end. 

The moment that the transport doors opened, Heia was itching to fight herself. On the horizon the sun held steady in the sky.

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