YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 39 (CHAPTER 299)

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52 Days Until Unity And the Uncertain End (pt 3) 

Zeydar sat out breathing the fresh air, meditating. The world tasted different in the open world. It steeped with magic, seeping into his body, and filling him completely. No one had bothered him since they had gotten outside of the Tower. He could feel the tug of the connection he had to the tablet, scratching at him like an itch. Not because Elder Anthony was using it, but because for the last hour he’d be searching his body for the lingering connection trying to find it.

Zeydar fell completely into the sounds of the world, letting them guide him and surround him. The world was so bright, so loud, everything was vibrant and grand. Two decades of Dreams had blinded him to the majesty that was around him, and as he greedy took in the magic that existed around him, he fell further into peace. He probed the connection, ripping it, repairing it, manufacturing it so that he held the control over it and no one else.

“You ready?” The voice came over the headset. There were three settings for rooms that Uly had set up: the complete EverDanger room, each individual team, and the Heia-Evester-Zeydar private room. There was a fourth for Zeydar to contact Maverin, if necessary, not that Zeydar would use it. He had a feeling, he’d be too caught up in his own powers.

Zeydar had not wanted to listen to the main channel where everyone was talking and communicating with Uly like robots. He also hadn’t wanted to listen to the chatter of May, Shawn, and Kony, so he had sat in silence on the other connection alone.

Until Evester had spoken.

Evester’s voice was filled with the sound of sleep. Restless sleep, a familiar tone that Zeydar had grown used to waking up hearing. It was lethargic, and soothing. It made Zeydar want to close his eyes and bask in the glow of the morning. Only, the sun was close to setting and unlike those dangerous days, the one he faced was a night of true terror.

“Zeydar…?” Evester asked tentative.

Zeydar realized he’d stopped breathing. “Are you?”

Zeydar would face sunset first, followed by the other two. Uly had said that Evester and Heia’s preparations were well done, but Zeydar felt apprehensive and worried all the same.

“Of course.” Evester’s voice softened. “Once you go live, we go live.”

“I will soon.”

“Take your time.”

“Where is Heia?”

“She’ll be here shortly. I wanted to talk to you alone.” The words sent shivers down Zeydar’s spine. 


“I just want to hear your voice in a situation where no one else can hear you.” Like the times he had locked them in a sound bubble while on the run. Zeydar thought of himself falling asleep on Evester, and getting comfort from the other body who had been support for him through too much. he thought of Evester humming without a formal sound, but the vibrations in his chest that helped Zeydar clear his mind. He thought of Evester’s steady heartbeat and hands that supported him through everything.

“Oh.” Zeydar’s voice fell to a near whisper.

“When I see you again, can I kiss you?” Evester asked.

“I’ll consider it.” Zeydar laughed at Evester’s unabashed forwardness. If Evester did not kiss him, then Zeydar knew that the moment that he saw Evester, he’d kiss Evester. “Get through the night first.”

“I’m the Immortal, of course I’ll survive this.” Evester said, usual tone appearing. Pride reverberating in each word.

“Even immortals can die.”

“Not immortals who are loved by gods.”

Zeydar could hear the smile on Evester’s face. 

“Since when was I a god?” Zeydar asked.

“It’s your EverDanger nickname. The Heavens. As a Star and the power you have used.”

“Odd. I didn’t think that the population would pick something so cheesy.”

“EverDanger selected this nickname for you, not the people. You weren’t involved in the choice, but when you go live, your camera will have the nickname associated with it, just as ours have the names we were given.”

“EverDanger or you?”

“Me.” Evester laughed before his voice went serious. “So there is no question that you love me?”

“Perhaps. I certainly don’t hate you, at least.” Zeydar was not sure he wanted to admit to feelings when he could not see Evester’s eyes. What he felt was more than a crush or simple care or even a like. It was powerful, and he knew that. However he needed to see Evester’s eyes. He wanted Evester to like him for who he was and not his magic — there was no way he could be such a fool to not know what that meant. He needed to see Evester’s eyes to be certain.


“You done?” Heia asked as she connected in, cutting off Evester’s words.

“Yes.” Zeydar laughed and stood up facing the fading light. “Sunset is here.”

“Then. It is time to go live boys. Put your best smiles on.” Heia ordered them both and Zeydar did as he was told. His magic was not back at full, but it was better than it had been for the last few days. He turned back to the explosives that were outside the Tower, hearing the buzzing start from the Tower for the electric field, as Kony waved at him. Zeydar turned on his camera and then looked back to the fading light. 

Kony stepped up to him, reminding him how to switch between the channels quickly. Zeydar flipped on over to his team’s channel. “Stay alive. I’m going live with the others.”

“I have your back.” Kony held out his Staff to Zeydar, who lightly tapped it with the Staff he held for show.

“You stay alive.” May snapped back. 

“Good luck.” Shawn told him. 

Zeydar flipped back to the other channel and took a deep breath. 

“Focused?” Heia asked.

“Of course. I have you both here. I’ve never felt more calm.” Zeydar admitted to them both, knowing that its admission was more than he had hoped to reveal about himself so early. However its admission was the one truth he had to understand about himself. Heia and Evester’s voices had calmed him, and the mild fears he had about not being at full power, disappeared. He would survive. He would win. He’d done more magical things with less certainty.

And then, he’d go home.

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