YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 38 (CHAPTER 298)

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52 Days Until Unity And the Uncertain End (pt 2)  

Evester tossed his Holoblade between his hands, listening to the white noise over the personal connection. It was still early morning, and he doubted that the other two would come on any time soon. The only reason he remained on the connection was to wait, in the event that Zeydar came on. He wanted to air out what needed to be said, before the whole world heard them talking.

The shadows of the room moved as his door opened. He heard nothing even when he was tapped on the shoulder. Slipping one side of his headset out of his ear, he looked back. Karla stood a bit confused at his actions.

“What are you doing?”


“By being on headset already?”

“I’m trying to catch Zeydar.” Evester watched as Karla’s facial expression softened. “Crass and Rayda ready?”

“As ready as they can be. It’s still the morning Evester. We have hours.”

“I know.” He shook his head. The soldiers and Drones were doing their job with escorting people into the city. They had gotten the city to stay over night and if everything worked out, everyone in the general vicinity would be evacuated either to other cities or into the one they were protecting, in the next few hours.

“You adrenaline racing already?”

“That obvious?” He was hyped up on it, ready to sprint into action at any moment. It was a new high, not like the ones he’d had before. It had him awake, alive, and ready for anything. He was trying to settle into the feeling, like he had for months, living on the edge of tension but not using too much energy. Unfortunately, he was caught more giddy than reserved.

“You are almost bouncing.”

“I should probably run some laps and take a nap.”

“Will that help?”

Probably not. He shrugged. “Can only try new things and hope.” Karla nodded and was about to speak when he heard static in his headset. “Hello?”

“Evester?” Heia asked.

“Hey…” Evester wasn’t sure why, but hearing her voice deflated him more than he expected. He shouldn’t have hoped for Zeydar to show up so soon. “Quick question. Later today, can you give me some time?”


“Zeydar will switch in later today before he goes live. To adjust and talk to us. Can you give me a minute or three to talk to him privately?” Evester spoke quick, catching the way that Karla giggled silently.

“Were you waiting on the line to try to catch him?” He did not respond. “Sure. What, you want to tell him you love him?”

“That’s bad luck. Its asking for one of us to die. No. I just want to hear his voice and talk to him.” To make sure he was confident. To hear it. To speak with Zeydar intimately the way they had for weeks, protected by his magic. He wanted to give Zeydar support, when he had a feeling that Zeydar needed it. Mostly, however, he just wanted to hear Zeydar talk to him without fear of others hearing them.

“Sure. Sure. Do whatever you want. I was just checking the connection, so if you don’t need anything else…”

“Tell Kim I say hi.” Evester then quickly added before she could retort. “And I know she will be there, because you are sleeping together in both connotations of that phrase. So please. I want to make sure she is safe.” Evester did love her. He wanted to make sure his best friend was safe on this dangerous day.

“I’ll protect her.” Heia told him.

“I know you will. Tell her I love her.”

“I thought you said that was bad luck.”

“Oh please. She’s my sister. Me telling her I love her before a stunt is the best good luck we can give each other.” Heia laughed at his words and he smiled. “How did your tournament go?”

“Well. We will see how the fighting goes, based on it.” Heia sighed. “Okay. Gotta go. Later.”

“Talk to you later Heia.”

“Don’t get too wound up. Three minutes? I can do that. But, I’m connecting in as sunset begins for him, regardless.”

“Thank you.”

She disconnected and he pulled off the headphones to smile at Karla. “Let’s prep for the day.”

Karla laughed, and agreed. The two walked out, to go help the soldiers with the new refugees, and check on all of the traps one final time. By the time that Evester went to take his nap, he was ready to pass out. When he woke up however, he realized that the restlessness did not go away.

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