YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 36 (CHAPTER 296)

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53 Days Until Blessings And the Uncertain End (part 4)   

Evester had gotten the okay to break the dam the moment that his plane landed. His forces had made a second line of security electrical fences and a bomb line under Rayda’s guidance. With everything being implemented, Evester felt more certain that they’d take out the majority of the Aralax forces well before they got to the city. 

The surrounding towns were evacuated. Soldiers were returning consistently with all the survivors from all around. The massive cities had put out their alerts that they’d be closing their gates soon. It was in order to protect those inside, but Evester did not know how to fight them on it. He had not been at the town for his request to keep the gates open was rejected. They did not much care for those that they did not know. They wanted to protect their own, and thus Evester was worried.

His first mission upon landing was to make sure that his city kept their gates open until the last minute. 

Drones flew outside, watching the area and making sure that there were no Aralax in sight. Soldiers escorted dozens of people in, putting them through customs and records so that they could get their placements and food. Stragglers would be left behind in time. Evester had a hard time believing that places that were not protected would survive the initial onslaught. He needed them gathered, and quick.

“Will we send heat signature drones over the world to see if they find people?” Karla asked.

“After? Yes. We don’t want to miss anyone if we can help it.” Rayda nodded.

“People will die.” Crass reminded them. “We can’t protect everyone.”

“No.” Evester agreed. They had been lucky so far. Evester hoped that their luck would follow them to the end of the battles. Fifty three more days, Evester reminded himself. The Uncertain End would arrive in 53 more days. He hated repeating it, but he couldn’t stop. If he didn’t then he’d forget and perhaps… Perhaps…

“You should rest.” Rayda suggested. “you’ll be on national television and leading EverDanger again soon.”

“And?” He had only just arrived.

“And you haven’t shaved and you look a mess. You look like Uly.”

Which meant he looked terrible. “I will. But it won’t be restful.”

“I know, but try.”

“I think I’m going to see if I can paint.” That seemed like it would be a better use of his time and it would actually calm him down. When Rayda walked away, Evester was left to go off to his own devices. he quickly turned into the city, headed towards the mayoral and council offices. Entering the building, he found it well staffed.

“How can I help you?” A person asked.

“I need to talk to the mayor.”


“I’m not giving you an option. I’m Evester Igilistal. I am protecting this city.” He cut him off and stood as tall as he could. He looked at Evester with a grimace and then called it in. Evester was escorted back minutes later.

“Welcome.” The man smiled at Evester, when Evester walked into the office. “How are preparations going.”

“Well.” Evester glanced around, seeing a set of familiar silver tickets on the wall. Suddenly, Evester felt a lot more confident in asking. “I’ll cut to the chase. We will get our drones out there today and tonight, and get everyone in the vicinity, back here before tomorrow afternoon.”

“Evester…” The man’s smile faltered. “It’s been a long day for you.”

“Don’t coddle me. You are closing the city early.”

“To protect those who are already here. The attacks could come—“

“Early? No. They will not. It will be on schedule. They are trying to eradicate us, and by locking your doors, you are giving them the possibility to do so. Give me the next twenty-four hours to get everyone here. I can do it.”

“We can’t take that risk…”

“I have saved multiple cities and thousands of people already, evacuated a whole city in two days. I can do this.” He narrowed his eyes. “I have the dam, and the security in place. Let me save people. Is that not what we are trying to do?” As the man bit his lip, Evester walked closer, using his EverDanger voice. “I set out to save everyone. Let me try.”

The man was a fan. Evester had assumed that the moment he had seen the live tickets for one of their heists, hanging on the wall. A man who was proud of what he had been able to go see. Evester did not remember the event, but he knew how to work fans.

“The council will not agree.”

“Help me talk to them. It’s twenty-four hours and I’m swearing my life on this.”

The man nodded. Evester motioned for the man to call, and sat down as he called an emergency meeting. Evester closed his eyes thinking of the sky, head pounding. He needed sleep, but not yet. Not until he was certain everyone who could be safe, was.

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