YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 35 (CHAPTER 295)

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53 Days Until Blessings And the Uncertain End (part 3)  

Heia collapsed into her bed. After recording the video for the better part of the morning, she had to facilitate the tournament. The first day of the knockouts had taken the twenty-one teams down to ten. They had more battles the next day, but they were close to figuring out who would be fighting as the face of the group in less than forty-eight hours. The report on the new “end battle” date had not been given, and Heia had a feeling that after their actions in two days, it would be moved up substantially. 

Heia listened to Lynx editing the propaganda video with her audio, Evester’s, and Kori’s. She was adding footage from the fights and other captured events. There were small audio additions from the conversations earlier that morning. Heia had seen the plan for it, and already it made her uneasy. When it was revealed to the world, she knew a new mess of issues would begin. It sounded empowering. Any time they made her feel more epic that she was, she felt as if she were an imposter.

“How are you feeling?” Kim sat next to her, placing her hand on Heia’s back.

“Nervous,” Heia answered her, placing her head on Kim’s lap.

“For the battle?”

“For everything. When we go to the Tower what are we going to do?”


“And then what?”

“Depends on what the project says, but most of the world is going to be going up to space, so we will do what we have to.” Kim placed papers down on the nightstand near them, and turned to Heia in full.

“I feel like we have to be here on the ground.”

“Doing what?” Kim moved Heia’s hair. Heia knew that the question was worth asking but hearing it made Heia angry. They had to do something. Although the teams could act on their own without her. She needed them to do something rather than to wait in their ivory castle waiting for their turn to go to space. “We’re going to help with the Stars.”


“Was supposed to take care of it, but it does not look like it is happening.” Kim sighed. They were not so sure why it was the case, but Zeydar had slacked off and there was no clear answer on why.

She and Evester had done what they needed to, but Zeydar had not gotten the Stars on their side. He’d gotten them to bend, but they were not aligned. What ever was holding him back, seemed to be out of his hands. He needed them, and she wanted to be there to support him.

“It still feels wrong,” Heia admitted.

“We will get the Stars to work with us.”

“They might use magic to attack us.”

“And then it will be war, but for now, I doubt that will be the case.” Kim kissed Heia’s cheek. “It will be okay.”

Heia grumbled to herself.

“I know you want to do more, but we do need to relax,” Kim whispered. “Once we survive and get going, we are going to have to focus on what happens when we land on the new home.”

“I know.” Heia turned over and hugged Kim’s waist. “I just don’t want to mess up.” Kim rubbed her back and then laid down, pulling Heia to lay with her. The two cuddled as Lynx and Onyx worked on the video in the background.

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