YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 34 (CHAPTER 294)

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53 Days Until Blessings And the Uncertain End (part 2)  

Zedyar looked over his rations: water, food, energy refills. It would be enough to get through the fight, not that Zeydar was certain that he’d remember to consume any of it other than the energy refills. Guns and ammunition were loaded up into the vehicles, necessary or Shawn’s participation in the fight. May was adding blankets, jackets, and pillows into the back, creating a nest for Zeydar’s hibernation in once the battle was over. There was not much time left before they had to leave.

“Have you taken leave?” Kony asked leaning over the cases.

“No.” Zeydar looked at him. “Why would I?”

“To not piss off the Superiors.” Kony smirked. Zeydar tapped at his uniform and hair line, it had gotten out of regulation. Kony rolled his eyes and backed up. “So?”

“They can be pissed off. They pissed me off for more than six years with their terrible procedures.” Zeydar packed the bag. He placed his hand over his heart wondering if the oath still tugged at his soul and alerted Elder Anthony. Zeydar, however, doubted that the man held the tablet at all times. Besides, Elder Anthony could only control him, when they were close or touching. “They will not be happy either way.”

“Is that why you are going to stream it live?” Kony asked, holding up the pack with their cameras and headsets.

“Yes.” Zeydar answered. Before, they had only used the camera from the Towers, and while it had an effect, it had not been as powerful as it could have been. This time, Zeydar agreed with the others. He needed the Stars on his side, and in order to do that, he needed to impress them. “It is also the reason why—“

“They are on,” Uly called from the door, walking in with a laptop in his hands. For a moment Zeydar’s heart threatened to leap from his chest. Pulling back all his emotions, he walked from the cases of water, and personal ration pack to the table where Uly stood. On the screen were the faces of Heia and Evester.

“Hello.” Evester smiled wide as he saw Zeydar. “I hear you’ve been preparing for war.”

“Hell,” Heia corrected. She looked sharper around the edges, battle hardened. Evester, likewise, looked rougher. He winked at Zeydar and Zeydar knew he had to control himself. Uly nodded from behind the camera. The conversation was being recorded, for the sake of using it for recordings later.

“You two should come to Ovaria.” Zeydar cut to the chase, saying his lines even when it was clear that Evester wanted to break character.

“When?” Heia asked.

“The day after the attack. Gather everyone and reunite.” Zeydar watched as the two of them grew in confusion. Heia’s acting was a bit worse than Evester’s that looked seamless and natural. “Bring world leaders as well.”

“Why?” Heia asked again.

“The final stand,” Zeydar answered. “The ships are almost ready. The people are afraid. We are all live streaming this attack, to show our power. United, we will send a message.”

“Are you overthrowing the Stars?” Evester’s eyes narrowed.

“What?” Heia gasped. “But— It’s not time.”

“They will escape before that.” Zeydar fought back a laugh from Heia’s blatant gaping at the news. She quickly turned it to anger, but all the same, it made Zeydar shake his head. “They are planning to do so, and so I need a coup and I need it now. I need your backing.”

“You are—“ Heia laughed. “Using us as a distraction?”

“Essentially. Before they can reprimand me for controlling the connection in the way I have, I want them to use you against me, in an attempt to control me. Then, I will take them over.”

“Do you know what they will plan to do with us?”

“No clue.” Zeydar saw Uly hold out his hand the signal that they needed to wrap up the recording. “They will realize with the joint broadcast that I am loyal to you two.”


“Uly is going to connect the three of us through a call,” Zeydar answered. “Officially, we will be coordinating together, live.” 

“Then I suppose if I flirt with you, you won’t kill me?” Evester leaned forward, off script. Zeydar could not stop his eyes from growing wide. He glanced to Uly who was shaking his head exasperated.

“He’ll still kill you.” Heia laughed, improvising. For a moment, Zeydar was at a loss, before he decided to join in.

“The more banter the better. We need to prove our relationship.” Zeydar joked. “And then you will come here, and the final acts will begin.”

“You are certain they will abandon us?” Heia asked.

“From their own mouths.” Zeydar did not yet have a formalized recording, but as a Superior this would be enough for the other leaders to believe him.

“And the Project.” Kony added, stepping up and leaning over Zeydar’s shoulder on cue. “Maverin is going through the ‘lesser’ predictions right now. He says that there will be X and Star issues, but nothing we can’t mitigate.”

“You are talking like a Star.” Kori called from behind Heia. “I don’t like it.”

“I am a Star.” Kony rolled his eyes. “And we need to take this chance.”

“I will get the world leaders.” Heia nodded.

“You know, when I started EverDanger, I never expected us to have to work within politics.” Evester sighed.

“But saving the world was in your realm of possibility?” Heia glared at him.

“It was. After all, that was why it was created.” Evester smiled back. “I will see you both in three days.”

Evester was the first to disconnect, then Heia, and then Uly stepped forward and cut off the recording. It was no more than thirty seconds later that the two called back.

“What was that?” Uly snapped at Evester.

“What? We are exposing this conversation early.” Evester shrugged. “If they are going to be listening in, they should have a heads up.”

“We need to do it again,” Kim said from next to Heia, script in hand. “Add back the bit about how much effort we’ve been putting in, for Heia and Evester.”

“Yes. We might need to cut the part for the stars escaping again, hearing the new lines out loud seem too forced,” Uly agreed.

“Flirting remains?” Evester smiled bright.

“Keep acting like that and you won’t have anyone to flirt with.” Zeydar grinned at Evester who blinked and then leaned forward.

“Are you sassing me?” Evester laughed. “Okay. Okay. I’ll stick to the script.”

“Is anyone going to believe this?” Kori asked. “Everyone knows that we are going back to Ovaria in three days. That’s been clear for weeks.”

“Not everyone.” Uly corrected. “Okay. I’ll restart the call. This time, Zeydar drop the line about how the Stars are planning to escape. Make it more grave, but don’t answer the question.”

“Avoid it? Or act as if it’s too dangerous to talk about?” Zeydar paused. “No. As if the connection is controlling me.”


“Okay.” Zeydar nodded and pulled Kony away to restart again. They made their way away, as Uly walked back into the house and the act began again for the fifth time.

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