YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 33 (CHAPTER 293)

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53 Days Until Blessings And the Uncertain End (part 1)  

Evester spoke with the representatives about how they were reinforcing the city and making sure that they would keep everyone safe. The city had its own military and lockdown procedures, but Evester had to make sure that every location was controlled. Evester was happy to find that the soldiers for the city were both mages and non mages. He was also happy to find that they had been taught and trained in the Aralax take down procedures. His soldiers were off doing what needed to be done, as Evester hurried to the last location that requested his aid.

From the video, the city itself was rather large, not that Evester minded that. There were millions of people there, all waiting on bated breath for the information on how Evester was planning to protect them. Rayda had her drones out and circling the perimeter. They had installed additional defenses further out and Evester wanted to be walked through how each one worked.

The furthest layer was a moat and set of trenches. They would place poisonous gasses in them before the Aralax came. The next line was an electric fence, followed by an automatic firing line. Those that got through that, would have to face the magic defenses that the mages had laid down. Most of the Aralax were expected to be picked off with those. From there, they would have the next line of soldiers and mages, prepared to fight. Evester wanted to eliminate that step.

He knew that they would require a few more traps and methods, but Evester wanted to make the face to face contact as minimal as possible. The more secluded and contained they were, the better off they were. He knew that the two did not have infinite resources, so they had to use what they had better than any of the other cities. 

Most of the other cities were preparing their people to take off up to the skies. They had gotten the go ahead from space earlier that day, that the majority of the Ships were completed and ready for humans. The process of getting everyone into space was going to take far more time than the process of getting everyone to the cities. They would make it, Evester reminded himself. They had to make it.

“Will that work?”

Evester blinked and then shrugged. “I will think of an additional measure. We want to limit the number of human casualties as far as we can.”

“We are certain that they will attack?” The woman asked over the video call.

“Yes.” Evester felt it in his bones. They would come and they were going to try to kill everyone. Evester felt it and wanted to make sure everyone was safely behind the metal doors in all cases. He needed to figure out additional defenses and small strike teams. They would work better than an all out attack. “It’s why I’m in Celestia before getting to you.”

“We await your arrival.” The woman nodded, before the call was disconnected. Evester sat back in the room and huffed. There was not much left to do for the city, but he was going to lose time. Even with his assistance for Celestia, the earliest he could leave them in a better position than he found them, was in six hours. Most of the inhabitants had already left, and with Evester’s preparations those that remained would escape to other locations in time. Luckily it was an evacuation, rather than an attack. Once he got the heads up, he’d leave and hurry over to Rayda.

Another call came in. He answered.

“You okay?” Rayda asked him, the moment the call connected.

“We need to contain everything. What are the chances that we’ll take out most of the forces with those first few lines?”

“Not high.”

“I want the place on full lockdown by tonight, we need to erase our tracks and scents, maybe you can mask your…” Evester stopped. “Do you have those armored bodies?”

“The ones your dad made? Yes.”

“We could use those, to infiltrate if necessary.” Evester wondered if then by taking the bodies of the other Aralax, they could knock off the scent of their people. It would be possible. 

“Do you want to use them?”

“Who is our best tactical team?”

Rayda gave the names. “Why?”

“We are going to act, probably outside of our best interests.” Evester laughed. He looked up to the false sky of the UnderCity. “I never thought I’d say we need to lock ourselves in.”

“You want to do a war of attrition?” Rayda asked.

“We save more lives that way and this is what it’s about, saving lives.” It was why he was on a plane halfway across the world to help a city that was struggling to flee to one of the determined bases.

“Will the defenses hold?”

“That’s why we need to come up with a few more, perhaps flooding?”

“You want to break the dam?”

“We’ll be protected inside.”

“Yes, but the water supply.”

“Get everyone to fill their bathtubs, and to prepare water now. We are going to be breaking the dam.” They would not have to last too long without the water. They had a large reservoir. It would last at least a month, and if they needed longer than a month to evacuate all the people here… They were already in a problem situation.

“I’ll tell them.”

“Are you worried?”

“With you? No. Are you?”

“I just want to sleep in my bed.” Evester said. “I’ll see you What he didn’t say was that he wanted to sleep in his bed hearing the soft snores of everyone he loved. But that was implied. Rayda agreed. 

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