YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 32 (CHAPTER 292)

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54 Days Until Warnings And the Uncertain End (pt 3)

Evester watched as the plane with the last of the survivors went off. He sat in the mayor’s building, looking over final information and plans that Uly had sent over early that morning. All of a sudden a call rang on his computer. He glanced to it and then groaned. They were supposed to leave within the hour, and he did not have time for a long call.

“Hello?” He looked at the tablet, seeing Uly with Europa.

“You got the order to return home, yes?” Europa asked pissed.

“Of course.” Evester answered with a smile. What was wrong now?

“Then why are you going half way across the world?” She snapped.

“They need our assistance.” 

“That is a major city. They can take care of themselves.”

“I know, but they need our help. Everyone needs our help. And as soon as we return to Ovaria, the mass exodus begins. I need to ensure that the infrastructure is there so that no one is forgotten.” They had to get the cities down to thirty-nine in two weeks time, in order to make the next major offensive date. Eighteen Towers and Twenty-One X Cities, in fourteen days. They could get the current numbers down to it. However, they’d struggle to protect everyone, and he could not risk leaving anyone forgotten even now.

“That’s not your job.” Europa reminded him. “They will be okay. They will be moved. You need to get to your last location, and prepare there.”

“I will, once I’m done helping these people. Now why did you call?”

“The coms are up, and the full live stream will be up.” Uly answered. “There will be a few different set of channels. You’ll need to use your switch.”

“I don’t have it.” Evester shrugged.

“Which is why I’m sending the tech to the city.” Uly answered. “All will be recorded once they are live. One for you and Heia and Zeydar. One for each of the private groups. One for the full connection to everyone where I’ll be calling the shots. Maverin will have a private channel for people to report all findings of the Aralax to him.”

“Have we got the predicted numbers of what we’ll face then?”

“Desolation it’s their first all out attack. If we survive it, they’ll send more, but millions Evester. Millions according to the report.” Uly hesitated to say more.

“I can deal with that.” Evester knew it was optimistic. No wonder, Europa wanted him to get to his final defensive location early.

“Hide. Please.” Uly repeated.

“I will. We will fortify the city.” Evester started calculating the number of soldiers he needed for the current mission and who he could send ahead. He wouldn’t need half of his group, would he?


“I won’t be as daring as I have been.” Evester smiled at him. “And you all will be prepared to welcome us.”

Uly sighed. He then looked to Europa. “Your father was going to tell you, but he got caught up in his research, but if we can survive the night and do something then there is a chance that this will be the Penultimate battle.”

“What about the one in fourteen days?” Evester perked up.

“It might not happen, so says Maverin.”

“I wouldn’t believe him.” Europa shook her head. “He won’t tell us what we’re looking for, so there is no way to prepare for it.”

“If we did get the reprieve.” Evester looked at Uly. “Would we save everyone…?”

“Your father believes that if we can make this the Penultimate, then the last battle will be twenty-three days from now.” Uly answered.

“Which can not happen.” Europa reminded him. “The final battle is the day of the Uncertain End.”

Evester kept eye contact with Uly. “How many cities could we get down to by then?”

“Twenty-One, if we do all out evacuations.” The number for EverDanger. It was a sign. “And if it is the last battle. We could get everyone else up into space five days before the Uncertain End.”

Evester sat back, reeling in the information. If they were able to do that, if they were able to save the fighting… The amount of lives that would be saved. They’d have a reprieve.

“The Stars will not bend.” Europa reminded them.

“No.” Uly agreed.

“So they will break.” Evester’s eyes narrowed as he started thinking of what it was that his father was searching for. He could not tell them, in fear that it would interfere with the idea. It was the same as with the Project. Maverin had not told Evester what he was training for, so that he was ready. This time, Evester had to figure it out again on his own. “Is Zeydar ready to do that?”

“He got blocked from the connection, so he has to do more work…” Uly explained.

“Blocked?” Evester repeated. “The connection they had over him. He was released?”

“Yes, and now he’s trying to get back in to control again. If not take control of it himself, but while he’s blocked out he will not be able to warp it as he wants. He is working on it.”

“Is he okay?”

“He’s thriving. And… Well, you’ll see when you see him.”

Evester nodded. “I’ll talk to you when we get there.”

“Are you going immediately?” Europa asked.

“No, sorry sis. But after this city, I promise that I’ll get there without any other stops.”

“You better get in, on time.” Europa warned him. He laughed at her and then said his goodbyes, before he hung up the call and packed up the last bit of what he needed to before he turned off the lights to leave.

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