YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 31 (CHAPTER 291)

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54 Days Until Warnings And the Uncertain End (pt 2)

They had managed to find all the mages they needed in order to complete the full twenty-one teams. Twenty-one teams with nine units of three people groups. They had been able to get the Mages to work and learn the new techniques. They had received a surplus of Xs who wanted to join and more than enough Circles who had offered up their skills. The Mages were all strong enough, from what Heia understood, but if one of them dropped they’d struggle to find someone else.

“Excellent.” Kim stood starring at the twenty-one teams who were working on the practice techniques and maneuvers. The teams had to train the new units in order to ensure that they would be able to train future units and teams at their respective cities. Heia knew it was all on purpose, but watching them made her ancy. She wanted to correct at all moments, however Kori kept her back. EverDanger could not help.

The goal was to attempt to implement Kim’s plan for a single team special force, in the upcoming battle. Only one of the teams, the best in a knock out battle, would get the opportunity to act. They would then be supported by the entire army for the large battle. They were to make the decision the day before the next battle. Heia knew all the teams were trying to get a leg up.

Lynx handed Kim a paper. Kim looked over it before handing it to Heia. Curious, Heia took it. There was a list of names and the cities associated with them, along with a symbol. Heia recognized a few of the symbols as the symbols associated with the EverDanger members, but she did not know all of those listed.

“The EverDanger website has been updated.” Kim told her.

“Twenty-one symbols?” Who? Who were all the EverDanger Members? 

Kim nodded and then looked to Robee. Robee called out for all the teams to stand at a attention and to listen to Kim who picked up the microphone and turned on the speaker. “When I call the name of your team leader please go stand in order.” Kim pointed to the twenty-one numbers that were to form lines, that they had created when they first separated the teams. Kim called out each team leader one by one and they then stood in their lines.

“You have received your placements. In four days, you will fly out to those cities and will be expected to defend and to teach them in time for the end war.” All eyes were on Kim. She then went in order, listing out the cities to each person and team. There seemed to be resigned way that they nodded to her, as if they were being sentenced to their deaths. Heia did not want to think of it in that way, nor did she want them thinking that way.

“As you all know, starting tomorrow, the knockout tournament will begin for who will showcase the new planned technique.” Kim stepped back to Heia’s side. “Prepare yourselves for it. What you do there, will enlighten viewers and inform all future tactics and operations.”

There was a solemn silence as they waited for her to dismiss them.

“Unfortunately, your uniforms are not completed.” Heia looked at Kim as Kim said the words. “Tactile locations are closed, but I was able to pull a few strings, and you will be receiving custom military uniforms, within twenty days.” 

There was a new energy buzzing about them. Heia, herself was amazed by the news.

“They will be identical, save one thing.” Kim then nodded to Onyx, who walked to the first team with a stack of papers. “Welcome recruits to EverDanger.” Heia felt her skin tingle as she watched Onyx. “While we can’t give you, your own names as you are not full members, we have decided to give you ours. Each team here will be protected and represented by an EverDanger member. We will defend you. We will protect you. You are our’s now.”

“In order.” Kim looked to Team One. “Team Immortal, Team Talented, Team Genius. Team Shapeshifter. Team Strong. Team Calm. Team Creative. Team Shadow.” Evester, Kim, Uly, Phil, Rayda, Crass, Lynx Onyx. “Team Heart. Team Heavens. Team Wit. Team Honest. Team Powerful. Team Star. Team Hero. Team Storm. Team Fairy.” Kim smiled to Heia. Heia tried to place which nickname was for which member. “Team Princess. Team Secret. Team Healer. Team Knowing.”

Onyx walked through all the groups, handing them a piece of paper with the symbol. “The symbol, will be the mark that your uniform will carry. As honorary EverDanger members, we follow a few important rules. The most important of which being: protect your own. You are EverDanger now. That means we protect each other. We support each other. We trust each other. And we save each other. Am I understood?”

“Yes. Ma’am.” The soldiers answered.

“Then get practicing.” Kim wove them off, so they could get working again. The saluted and hurried off to their practice groups, to prepare for the next day.

“New nicknames?” Kori asked, stepping closer to Kim when they were out of earshot.

“We are still finishing all of the website updates, but yes, everyone has one.” Kim answered her.

“Who is who?” Trace asked. “What is mine?”

“The Wit.” Kim smiled at her. She then pointed to Robee. “The Honest. Andre is The Knowing. Layla is The Healer.”

“Layla and Andre got in?” Trace grimaced.

“They’re helping Europa, and we needed teeny-one names.” Kim laughed.

“What about me?” Kori asked.

“The Hero.” Lynx answered.

“Shawn is The Powerful. May is The Star. Europa is The Princess. Endwin is The Secret.”

“Kony? Karla?” Kori asked.

“The Fairy.” Trace whispered. All looked at her. She then laughed. “For Karla right? It fits her carefully curated image.” Heia thought of her sister who had an image as refined as Uly’s image, for how she constantly portrayed herself in videos: skirts, blouses, dresses.

“And The Storm for Kony,” Robee went on. “Because Heia is The Heart and only Zeydar could be described as The Heavens, if he’s not The Star.”

“Many sky references for the Stars.” Trace nodded.

“Exactly.” Kim nodded.

“We have nicknames.” Heia whispered before the weight of it sank in.

She knew they had and people had been speculating them, but she hadn’t realized they’d all gotten them officially. New nicknames and teams that would be supported by them. Even when they were up in the Towers, their names would carry on defending. They were still watching. They were still there. It was a smart move and a logical one. Framing it as the new honorary EverDanger members made it exclusive and respectable. Kim and Uly had done it again, and Heia could not even be angered by it. They were doing what they could to remind the world that they were still watching and Heia was an EverDanger member. They supported their own.

Yet, what felt the most refreshing was not that they were threatening the world and placing their support. No. It was that for the first time Heia felt like a full member of EverDanger. With a nickname she was one of them forever.

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