YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 30 (CHAPTER 290)

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54 Days Until Warnings And the Uncertain End (pt 1)

The dinner table was bustling with silent conversations of the eyes and the scraping of metal against glass. Zeydar saw how Kony read a book under the table, and May and Shawn continued to share gazes. Europa whispered to Layla, as Endwin reviewed papers that Andre had given him. Maverin ate loudly as Estashia was perfect and silent. Uly’s immaculate behavior was caught off guard by a few stares from Europa who seemed to be eyeing him over. There were tens of conversations happening amongst them all as they saw the way that Europa continued to stare at Uly.

“Is there something wrong with my face Europa?” Uly called her out on it, resulting in a blush forming at the tips of her ears and nowhere else. She coughed once and moved her hair to cover her embarrassment.

“No.” She answered eating once more. Her eyes landed on some things that Layla had passed her way, and she continued to ignore Uly in full.

Once more the silent conversations took center stage. There was a look shared between Maverin and Estashia. Zeydar had no clue as to what any of the signals meant, besides the ones between Shawn and May — those he chose to ignore. Most of what was being said were things that he suspected had to deal with something highly Igilistal in nature.

“Based on the final predictions of the Project, the next of the large joint attacks will come in three days.” Maverin broke the silence, with a resounding crack. A glass shattered on the table, from released magic on Zeydar’s part. Everyone turned to Maverin, even Estashia who looked exasperated by him. He continued to talk with a jovial smile. “But we have not changed the date for the supposed end of times battle. This is good news.”

“When were you going to tell us?” Zeydar asked calming himself.

“I just did.” Maverin shrugged.

“My love, your timing is horrible.” Estashia sighed, placing her dinnerware in order before wiping her mouth. Zeydar wondered how she kept herself so composed, being married to such a man.

“The Project predictions were only finalized this afternoon. When was I supposed to tell you?” Maverin defended himself.

“After this, what are we to expect?” Uly asked, jumping on the news, without protest.

“If we win all of the battles that will be waged, then it is reason to believe that the Aralax will back off. This will mean that we do not have to worry about another immediate attack after, which gives Heia’s teams more time to prepare. They will not want their numbers dwindling more before the last all out assault. Additionally, they will want to know why we are predicting the attacks.” Maverin glanced to Zeydar. Zeydar had told the man about the fact that he thought he could talk to the Aralax, as well as the connection between their minds that he suspected.

“Where are they attacking?” Uly asked.

“Everywhere that they can.” Maverin answered. “I have a whole list of locations. If we can make it happen, this will be the penultimate attack.”

“Penultimate?” Europa repeated. “Within twenty-five day’s time, will be the final? Is that not early.”

“Yes. There are a few more things I need to do in preparation and research before that day. predict that there will be, depending on the results. A world ending attack is suspected, on the day of the Uncertain end. After all the Uncertain End comes not only from Catastrophe, but the Aralax. However, based on speculation we can make these last two the last. This will be dependent on…” Maverin glanced to Zeydar once more. “The collection of information.”

“We will be at far less cities by then.” Uly nodded. “We can’t get the world to flee in three days, but we can begin preparations immediately after.”

“How many will die?” Endwin went on.

“If we begin preparations in defense now, we should be able to save most lives predicted to be taken. We may still lose soldiers, but no civilians will be harmed.” Maverin answered. “You have mitigated the others in a likewise manner, thus far.” Maverin once more shot Zeydar a look, before looking at his wife. “I plan to tell Heia and Evester tonight.”

“Agreed.” She nodded, before turning her attention back to her food, signaling that the conversation was over and done. Zeydar’s eyes met May, and Shawn’s. He had work to do to prepare, and he wondered if he would get filled with his magic by then. His body felt like an empty vat, crying for more energy, unable to get all that it desired. 

The next battle would be far greater in terms of danger than the one before him. Not only that, but Maverin expected something out of him, something that Zeydar did not know. Somehow the prospect scared him little. It instead inspired a great desire to see the challenge.

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