YP – B5:SfaMiSR – CHAPTER 28 (CHAPTER 288)

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55 Days Until Life And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Evester had never been one for dramatics in his relationships. However, he was one for dramatic acts. Being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic always struck him as excessive. Being dramatic because it added entertainment? If it could make the people sit on the edge of their seats, then he was willing to do it. Relationship and friendship drama? That did not work with EverDanger. Dangerous acts?

Evester stood atop the highest point outside the entrance to the city. Unlike the last city they defended, the terrain for this city was majority a forest. Evester had never cared about the environment, but the idea of destroying a set of trees like this did make his heart ache a bit.

“Incoming.” Rayda warned him.

Evester leaned over a bit, and looked out to the horizon as far as he could see. “Go ahead.”

All at once, the forest was set in a blaze of explosions followed by flames. The shrieks and screams of the Aralax shattered the otherwise loud roar of the flames. He felt the heat on his face, knew that his shadow fell upon the tree line, and that he towered over them all. His shadow tossed and moved in the flames as they consumed the trees and the Aralax that were hiding within them.

“Report?” Evester asked.

“Looks as if we cut down half the forces.” Rayda answered.

“Okay, begin the lockdowns.” Evester shifted his weight. He adjusted his straps, checked his weapons, and checked that his camera was working before taking one last breath.

“Be safe.”

“I’ll be fine.” Evester touched the thin invisible line from where he stood to the ground. It would send him flying down in a second. Then plan had been simple. They had planned and prepared to take out the majority of the forces through the explosions, and once it was done, everyone would retreat. The city would be locked, leaving Evester as the only one left ready to lead the Aralax into the secured city for final destruction.

It was, however, still too big of a force to go into the city.

Evester turned his attention to the middle of the burning forest left deliberately open for the Aralax to approach through. Evester prepared to propel himself down the wire. Clearing his mind of all unnecessary thoughts, he focused on the landing, jumping and tumbling to the ground, right before the tree line.

“Incoming.” Rayda repeated.

Match box out, Evester lit a match, and threw it down on the ground. He watched as the line sparked and immediately set the forest’s middle path into flames and explosions again. Before he could see the true results of his actions, Evester hurried into the caves headed down towards the city. He got into the car, and raced on ahead, hearing the patter of feet behind him.

“About a third of the initial forces remain.” Rayda’s worry was his own. The numbers were still too high, but they were going to have to manage. He raced on ahead down into the UnderCity that had been cleared of all civilians. They had not needed to stay, but Evester had wanted to send a message, and he planned to make sure that the message hurt.

“Let’s begin.” Karla ordered, as Evester raced by her. She started her counter attack, and thus the battle for the city continued further. They knew that some of the Aralax would slip through the cracks, but for now, Crass and Karla would take out as many of the forces that they could. All while Evester and his team would pick off the stragglers. Evester parked his car near his team and motioned for them to follow him out into the fray. Eyes narrowed, Evester breathed out and then lit his holoblade ready to let none of them go.

The epic battle for the “safety” of the city was manufactured, as all EverDanger stunts were. Dramatic, for the sake of entertainment but no one would get harmed. Thus began the show, that Evester wanted the world to see and worship, that would hopefully terrorize the Aralax.

“Humans adapt.” Evester glared at the Aralax with the strange stripes off in the distance. “You will not kill us.”

He raced ahead.

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